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  1. looking for a bit of rough shooting West Yorks area.Fully insured
  2. lets see the pictures of the 98 please
  3. the 98 is a break barrel
  4. i picked one up last week 2.5 x10x44 proper bargain it was too
  5. hi are these nylon ??
  6. my problem with this is the real reason there doing it.Is it because they don,t want it to get in food chain and its bad for animals.If so why are they not ripping lead pipes out of old houses if its a problem.I for one have been drinking water from a lead pipe for 30 years now and i guess that will never change because no ones gonna get rich by doing this.That is what i think is going on here to make somebody rich and try and get us to stop shooting.Or maybe they need the lead supplys to make all these so called green electric car batteries
  7. Hi me and my friend are looking for a bit of land just enough for target shooting up to 50 yards.The club we were in did a moonlight and it left us with nowhere to shoot.We don,t mind paying a little rent.could i also say we have both just turned 60 and shot air rifles most of our lives.TIA
  8. i will give you a bell tomorrow if thats ok
  9. i have a milbro frame and i do like the square elastic its what i know..Not used this modern gear
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