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    Diggen to my terriers ,out with the hounds, and carp fishing .,,happy days. f.ck the ban

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  1. ye i still got him mate did think they were 8 an half tho hahaha
  2. good job mate nice to see the old dog still working he must be 8/9 yrs old now??
  3. best wet weather coat i have had is kaiwaka storm coat not been wet in tha in the 2yrs i have had it didnt think the was a 100 percent water proof coat till i got this one think cost me £230 but money well spent got the kaiwaka pants aswell but only were them when i know rain is on for the day when out, or i use berghaus over trouser there not bad for the price aswell
  4. black dog is the brother to your dog an the tan dog is the son of the black dog mate,
  5. More than happy with my first season dogs one is 23month old with a 11digs over him an the other one has just turned 2yr old in January with 18digs over him aswell, both half brothers just hope they can keep the good work up
  6. Longers01 there you go mate pics of your dog tha you asked me to put up for ye
  7. bullpat its a bitch mate good little worker she is its a friends dog atb Ds
  8. ye mate probably the best dog in me kennelshe I took black and tan out of that litter has been a good dog atb longers01have u got any pictures of that dog what u got of joe54 mate That's him on the right,Atimage.jpeg thanks mate,
  9. ye mate probably the best dog in me kennels
  10. half brothers, to the other dogs
  11. looking good mate,can't wait to see how they turn out hopefully as good as the sire an dam to it mate is this the bitch out of Eric and stripe smart bitch ATye mate the sister to the one j,c got did u keep 1 of them back yourself DS that's the only pic I have of him mate lol
  12. thats The pup that f,e kept back aswell. Bfp
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