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  1. View Advert Dog now gone I need to find a good home for my 10 month old dog please. Im not in the best of health & im struggling to even get him out on the lead & its just not fair on this cracking bred pup. Hes been bred by Popps off here, out of his very good working stock & hes Collie/Grey/Whip/Bedlington bred. Hes 10 month old & had a few rabbits while just out walking but he responds well to my commands & return. Hes fully jabbed up & chipped & hes FREE to a good working home only. Please PM me in the first instance if your inte
  2. Had a great morning out pal & the young lads had a cracking morning. Cheers bud
  3. My 9 month old dog out of Popps dogs on here. Just picked up the odd rabbit & squirrel while out walking but hes going seeing his Parents on the lamp on Sunday hopefully.
  4. I buy this from poundstrecher, a bag fills 2 of my bucket feeders, once a week. So its costing me £6 a week & with that im taking roughly 8-10 squizzers from my once a week visit.
  5. I make these out of old feed stuff buckets, they hold roughly 7-8kg of mixed seed & i refill them about every 6 days.
  6. View Advert Pups have now gone. Thanks to everyone who got intouch. Cheers I need to find a good home for this brother & sister pair of 7 month old pups. There Collie/Whippet/ Bedlington/ Greyhound & bred by Popps off here, from his good strong working parents. Theyve got good recall & respond well to my commands. Theyve both picked up a few rabbits to date & thats about it upto now. I dont want anything for them but theyve got to go to proper homes only & as a pair, im not splitting them up. All jabs are upto date & there chipped. Shes 21t
  7. Litter brother 25tts. Will get in touch soon popps, im still away from home pal.
  8. One of the pups litter sisters, 21 tts.
  9. Hi all, i posted an earlier post about the recoil on my .177 97kt & i took onboard all the advice & help, but now im in a bit of a dilema ! I stripped my 97kt down & squared off the spring ends, gave a very light polish to the piston, resized the piston seal & a liner made from a milk bottle for the piston & relubed as Charlie Caller advised. Well after just one tin of FAP, this is a 15 shot string. 808,810,808,813,813,813,812,813,813,810,813,812,813,810,813. Its bog standard inside apart from the liner but ive got a TBT drop in top hat & spring guide sat
  10. Just a quick update lads, i found the FAP were giving better grouping than the JSB Exact but they were taking it up to 11.94ft, so ive collapsed 3 coils & relubed how Charlie Caller advised. Its down to 10.6ft now after collapsing the 3 coils but the recoil is a hell of a lot less harsh & its a lot more easier now to shoot, with it remaining on aim now after firing it & im very happy about that, as that was my main aim to start with. Its still bog standard inside with no additions apart from a ptfe piston sleeve. A big thankyou to all the lads that got in touch & offered there
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