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  1. Dont think it would work. I've seen vids on the tube of rats and mice eating very hot chillies
  2. Good thread that enjoyed the read. Dose sound like a pain in the butt tho with all the tags and rules.
  3. So woke up at sunrise this morning and fort right let's go for a shoot. So up dressed brew made and topped up the hw110. Got to the permission nothing about seen two woodies and missed them both was out about 3 hours total waste of time. So home I went. Gun away and out comes the catty and the dog. Back out i went was out hour and 30 and ended up with 2 woody's and 2 tree rats and seen plenty more but they were a bit shy today and were off and out of range. The dog is turning into best mooching dog I've ever had shes on the ball marking trees with woodys and tree rats in them.
  4. Yer in was been sarcastic 1k is not a budget scope lol
  5. Was looking to spend a bit more than that to be honnest seems a bit cheep to be any good
  6. I was guna ask same Q so any advice would be good I want 50mm so got max light when shooting a t dusk and dawn. Also needs to have parllax. Will be used for hunting rats rabbits and woodies. Will also be used with add on night vision. Thanks
  7. Pal went to jarasic park don't know much about it but seen the pics of some monsters. Said it was amazing https://www.jurassicfishingthailand.com/
  8. Thanks I'll give it a clean and see what happens after that.
  9. Oh it's not new I got it second hand. Be over a year old now.
  10. Hi what pellet dose your 110 like? I'm struggling to find a pellet that mine likes. I've tryed bisly long range gold, exact heavy diabolo and geco diabolos. Thanks
  11. fort you might like this was taken at hull shopping center that is on stilts over an old Dock. Wouldnt mind fishing it lots have tried but never lasts long before getting a tug off the old bill.
  12. Thanks ill give it a clean. Any tips on cleaning would be much appreciated.
  13. no it was not a brand new riffle I got it second hand.
  14. Some reason my upload is not working ill try again later
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