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  1. fort you might like this was taken at hull shopping center that is on stilts over an old Dock. Wouldnt mind fishing it lots have tried but never lasts long before getting a tug off the old bill.
  2. Thanks ill give it a clean. Any tips on cleaning would be much appreciated.
  3. no it was not a brand new riffle I got it second hand.
  4. Some reason my upload is not working ill try again later
  5. Well the wind has dropped a bit today with the odd gust. So got out in the garden shooting from inside my kitchen across the garden and through the garage door and onto the back wall of the garage so basically as far as I could shoot on my land hahaha. Its 35m was getting good groups with the odd flyer but that was more me and the wind than the gun. Target was drawn round a 5p so more than happy with the 20 shot group I did considering I've not shot for about 5 years and its a gun ive only put about 30 pellets through. All the small holes are bits of lead bouncing back off concrete back stop. Think I need to put a bit off wood behind it next time
  6. well finally got my self a hw 110 been after one for about a year but every time I get the cash something house or car related comes up. Well not this time typical get home and it windy as hell so wont be setting up scope today. Hopefully tomorrow I can stick some pettets through it and get it set up and get my eye in. I'm guna use this thread as my hunting diary so hopefully in a day or two there will be some pics and a write up. Then in a few weeks I'll have my night vision so I'll post some vids of my nights out on the rats and rabbits. its been a few years since I've had a riffle just been focusing on the catty and dog. Sure it won't take me long to get back into it. Chris

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    as above looking for an hw110 in 177 close to hull. Drop me a pm if you or someone who you know has one for sale. Thanks.


    Hull - GB

  8. Wanted hw110 177 cal View Advert as above looking for an hw110 in 177 close to hull. Drop me a pm if you or someone who you know has one for sale. Thanks. Advertiser Hullman Date 19/08/20 Price Category Airguns  
  9. Well ended up with about 12 biggest about 10lb so not to bad.
  10. Well this is not good think there starting to sporn.
  11. Well I'm finally getting the rods out tomoz booked on to grevesend pond. Cant wate just hope there not sporning I know they havent yet there but they have in other ponds in the local area so hoping they dont start tomoz. Plan for this season is a 20lb + carp I've had a 19.99 about 6 times now just cant seem to get a 20 gurrrrr. And once the rivers open try and beat my barble PB so needs to be a double. I'll let u know how I get on. I'm guna use this thread as this years fishing diary. I'll but places, swims, bait, and rigs on here is anyone is interested.
  12. It's ok clearing a hole to fish but the problem comes when you hook into anything of size and it shoots stright out that hole and into the weed. If you can I'd clear a huge spot so you have some room to play the fish. I used to have a 500m wide sharpened flat bar that I used to use it sits on bottom as you pull and cuts the weed off the pond floor do a massive area then used a rake style one to drag in all the cut weed.people say leave a few days before fishing but I used to fish stright away coz all the dragging exposed lots of natural food and brought the fish in.
  13. I was out on sat on the kayaks on the river Wharfe not fishing just peg and swim hunting checking depths and stuff found some good looking spots. Plus had a bit of fun on the wears. It's good to be out and about again.
  14. There used to be a very good eel spot near me called esk it's a big reservoir next to the river hull. Seals and otters have just about wiped it out now. Anyways me and a pal wanted to catch a big eel so went there sounded and looked perfect very large water within 20 feet of a big river so off we went. Had about 10 different baits worms, mussels, prawns, roach heads well bits of all sorts. So we got setup and casted out 5/6 hours later not a sniff. I was just moving my bank stick with my head torch on and seen loads of silver fish drawn to the light and seen an eel attack the group of small fish. So I put the light on the water and netted 10 or 20 of them they turned out to be small roach and used them as a live bait on a small helli rig hooked in top fin. Within 10 min or casting out we had our first eel over the next 5 hours we had over 20 eels between us smallest about 2foot up to close to 4 foot and thick as my arm ended been a very good night eel fishing.
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