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  1. jayjay

    point and shoot camera

    mine is a cannon powershot SX40 HS, 35 x optical zoom and full hd I bought mine a good few year ago now and its still going strong, but I should imagine there are newer an upgraded models of the same camera out now..... you wont go wrong with a cannon in my experience, one thing I did learn was to get a camera which has a rechargeable battery and not one which has the pencil type batteries, because when your using your camera and looking back at photos you have taken it soon sucks the life out of the pencil type batteries...... all the best, jay.
  2. jayjay

    point and shoot camera

    I have a cannon powershot bridge camera, takes cracking pictures and in my opinion a very good point and shoot camera for the money...….. all the best, jay.
  3. jayjay

    Good 243 scope

    i use a hawke side winder on my 223 cracking scope for the money...……. I have if anyone is interested a S&B 8x56 scope 30mm tube, in near new condition, was literally on rifle for around a month genuinely...…..looking for £400 cheers jay.
  4. jayjay

    Little runners

    crackers them mate...... all the best.
  5. jayjay

    Bushing sproker

    nice looking bitch that...…….
  6. jayjay

    Bushing sproker

    did you have any joy with the mating mate ?????
  7. jayjay

    Kammo Gear ..anyone ?

    has anyone tried the keela munro jackets ???? I have been looking at these and they look pretty good as a cold, wet weather jacket and pretty good reviews on them too...….
  8. jayjay

    Great home made fly traps.

    cheap, simple and effective that mate, just what you need.......….good idea. all the best, jay.
  9. jayjay


    i was told the other day that a good prevention and repellent for horse fly and other pain in the arse flying insects is listerine mouth wash mixed with water and spray yourself over with that...…... whether this is true or not I couldn't tell you haven't tried it yet...….
  10. jayjay

    South wales

    sennybridge farmers hunt are holding there terrier and lurcher show on Saturday 5th may, really good show last time I went, good turn out and well set up...... all the best, jay null
  11. jayjay

    Pox ridden b*****ds

    to get on top of the flea problem, you need to break the cycle of the flea and as been said treat them all at the same time with a good bath in flea shampoo and treat the bedding and kennel sleeping area with a good quality spray or other pesticide, obviously one that is safe for your dogs and just keep using preventative measures like flea collars or a spot on solution to try and prevent re -infestation, apparently the worming of your dogs can also have an effect on the flea cycle...... all the best, jay
  12. jayjay

    Single pup

    I'm sure someone wiil be interested in the pup soon enough mate, fairplay they do look a cracking litter, judging by the photos I've seen...... come on men get it snapped up........i'm sure you wont be disappointed....... all the best, jay.
  13. jayjay

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    you spoiling them butt....... all the best, jay.
  14. just wondering if there's anybody planning on breeding a litter of decent Jack Russell pups for rabbiting and ratting ???? looking for a little bitch pup in the near future...... cheers, jay.
  15. good video that........quite interesting and different the way you go about it with a mink, are the mink your using good to handle and tame enough, or do their instincts kick in and they get a bit spicy from the hunting and killing ??? as I notice you don't handle them much in the video and just entice them into the carry box and then tip them out where you want them to go....... good work, keep it up...... all the best, jay