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  1. jayjay


    cracking pics them mate...... all the best, jay
  2. jayjay

    countryfile tonight

    aye......thinking about it, you could very well be right there...…...
  3. jayjay

    countryfile tonight

    the idiots that are in the game will hang themselves, given enough rope and will no doubt drag the rest of the genuine ones down with them...... they seem to be a minority that are only in the game for 5 minutes, create a storm then move on to something else...……. internet, cameras and social media was always going to be the down fall, especially when things get portrayed in the wrong light...…. all the best jay
  4. jayjay

    Harness for carrying purse nets

    im sure I read somewhere that mick dadd also sells them, so if you could get hold of him somehow or contact pakefield ferrets and perhaps ask simon whitehead how to go about buying a set...... all the best.
  5. jayjay

    Harness for carrying purse nets

    I think the guy that makes them is called torchie.
  6. jayjay

    Bushing Terrier Pup

    In the very near future I will be looking for a decent Russell pup or crossbreed for bushing out and marking buries...……... looking for a bitch pup..... just wondering are there any planned mating's or pups about now ???? cheers jay.
  7. nice looking pup mate, hope she works out for you, I do like a beddy cross...... the older bitch looks handy sort...... all the best jay
  8. jayjay

    One life.

    very true video that and hits the nail on the head about everyday life...…. thanks for sharing..... all the best jay.
  9. nice pup that mate...... seems nice and steady for its age...……. all the best for the future with it, jay.
  10. jayjay

    Any good for bushing

    cracking job mate...…. I do like the old beddies……. all the best jay
  11. jayjay

    Any good for bushing

    nice...….is that a litter you got there is it ???
  12. jayjay

    Any good for bushing

    nice little pup mate...….is that a straight beddy or a cross ????
  13. jayjay

    GAME smock

    looks a tidy bit of kit for the price...…..
  14. jayjay

    point and shoot camera

    mine is a cannon powershot SX40 HS, 35 x optical zoom and full hd I bought mine a good few year ago now and its still going strong, but I should imagine there are newer an upgraded models of the same camera out now..... you wont go wrong with a cannon in my experience, one thing I did learn was to get a camera which has a rechargeable battery and not one which has the pencil type batteries, because when your using your camera and looking back at photos you have taken it soon sucks the life out of the pencil type batteries...... all the best, jay.
  15. jayjay

    point and shoot camera

    I have a cannon powershot bridge camera, takes cracking pictures and in my opinion a very good point and shoot camera for the money...….. all the best, jay.