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  1. jayjay

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    lovely little pup that mate...…. looks well..... all the very best with her. jay.
  2. jayjay


    it is aye...….this bitch in question would quite happily go to ground and bolt a fox one day and another day she would piss about whine and stamp her feet and scratch at the entrance to the earth, so I would have to use a different dog to get the job done, she was by no means a digging dog but would bolt the occasional fox, but if it stood its ground she wouldn't be long coming out..... I like Plummer terriers and would never slag them off, like any terrier there's good and bad in all breeds, just speaking from the experience I had with the one I had..... cheers. all the best jay.
  3. jayjay


    one day I could take her out and she'd be keen as mustard and do everything id expect of her and then another day she wouldn't leave my side like as if she got a cob on, at first I thought it could be bad scenting on the off days, but when your out with other dogs on the same day and they are flying about and she weren't interested, it used to boil my piss......but she'd quite happily start a fight over nothing...…..
  4. jayjay


    hows that little cocker cross terrier coming on ???? I had a plummer a few year ago...….not to bad at bushing but had quite a few off days and blow hot and cold, reasonable marker......good with ferrets and livestock......her biggest problem was she used to be over possessive over a hole or over a rabbit that had been caught and would get a little punchy...….
  5. jayjay

    Mother +Daughter

    nice pair them...…..they look bigger than you say, all the best.
  6. jayjay


    cracking pics them mate...... all the best, jay
  7. jayjay

    countryfile tonight

    aye......thinking about it, you could very well be right there...…...
  8. jayjay

    countryfile tonight

    the idiots that are in the game will hang themselves, given enough rope and will no doubt drag the rest of the genuine ones down with them...... they seem to be a minority that are only in the game for 5 minutes, create a storm then move on to something else...……. internet, cameras and social media was always going to be the down fall, especially when things get portrayed in the wrong light...…. all the best jay
  9. jayjay

    Harness for carrying purse nets

    im sure I read somewhere that mick dadd also sells them, so if you could get hold of him somehow or contact pakefield ferrets and perhaps ask simon whitehead how to go about buying a set...... all the best.
  10. jayjay

    Harness for carrying purse nets

    I think the guy that makes them is called torchie.
  11. jayjay

    Bushing Terrier Pup

    In the very near future I will be looking for a decent Russell pup or crossbreed for bushing out and marking buries...……... looking for a bitch pup..... just wondering are there any planned mating's or pups about now ???? cheers jay.
  12. nice looking pup mate, hope she works out for you, I do like a beddy cross...... the older bitch looks handy sort...... all the best jay
  13. jayjay

    One life.

    very true video that and hits the nail on the head about everyday life...…. thanks for sharing..... all the best jay.
  14. nice pup that mate...... seems nice and steady for its age...……. all the best for the future with it, jay.
  15. jayjay

    Any good for bushing

    cracking job mate...…. I do like the old beddies……. all the best jay