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  1. bad news that mate......at least she's still alive..... running dogs, lamps and stationery objects are not a very good combination...…... hope she makes a full fast recovery for you mate, all the very best, jay
  2. sad news that mate......hope all goes to plan and he recovers well...…..fingers crossed for him..... all the very best jay.
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY mate.....hope you had a good one..... your catching up now.....lol all the best jay
  4. nice types them...…... glad they keeping you happy..... all the best, jay.
  5. im not going to lie to you mate......my days of constantly going out and looking to give a terrier a shift below the turf are not far off long gone and the terriers that I kept for doing that are also gone all bar one which is getting on himself...…..but I am looking for something to push a bit of stuff about in the cover and get it moving for the runners, so that's why im enquiring on potential well bred litters...... one thing I can guarantee.....what ever pup I take on will get the best of looking after and will not dwindle away in a kennel...... cheers, all the best, jay.
  6. everything you say about BASC I agree mate......I was a member for a good while and called upon them to help me with a few issues I had with a firearm variation and to be truthful they were of no use whatso ever and didn't want to get involved or offer any info and the very little info they did give me was of no use.....so I cancelled the membership after that.....all your paying for is bullshit and glossy magazines...….. all the best jay
  7. anyone planning on breeding a litter of decent beddy pups in the near future ???? cheers, jay.
  8. yes mate, I did see the pics of the pups he had a while back and they did look a nice sort and most important seemed to be keeping him happy with their work..... cheers.....
  9. looked on his web page mate but nothing much on there at the moment...… cheers.
  10. aye I did see that when it was put up...…. im looking to take a pup on in the new year spring time if I can find a decent one......after a bitch pup I am...... thanks, all the best jay
  11. anyone breeding any well bred working cocker pups in the near future, or are there any about that are ready In the new year, from decent parents ??? cheers, jay.
  12. what about that nighthunter whippets...….he works his and might have a stud or possibly know for a decent one...... I think that he has his own website or is on the facebook…... good luck
  13. have a look on Aldi website, they got one there going on sale on the 27th, £69.99, I do believe it will connect to your mobile phone and send pics back to that as well, I don't know anything about them or which ones are good or bad, but its worth a look mate...... all the best jay
  14. cracking little pup that mate...... hope it serves you proud, all the best, jay
  15. had a few gingery fawn looking ones over the years, also had a bluey looking one once, there were 1 or 2 fawn looking ones knocking around up one of my farms last summer but they seemed to disappear for what ever reason......there was a place just down the road from me that many, many years ago held a lot of dutch looking ones as poxon has mentioned, they ranged from black and white, brown and white and the typical wild rabbit colour and white, they must of been the results of one or two that had escaped or been released, but over the years they have faded out and don't tend to see them now as the the rabbit numbers in the area have declined...…. all the best jay
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