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  1. johnboynewt

    Banned school hairstyles

    If rules are set by a school pupils have to follow. Rules are all around us in adult life so i reckon its best we teach them early that sometimes you just have to get on with it regardless if you like it or not.
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  4. johnboynewt

    New Hunting Channel 👍👍

    the twitter police are all over this, numptys.
  5. johnboynewt

    A1 Greyhound Opinions.

    ill drop the lad a message, cheers.
  6. johnboynewt

    A1 Greyhound Opinions.

    Now lads just after a little insight here, has anyone or does anyone know of someone who has put their lurcher to a good racing greyhound in the past? And if so, how did it turn out? And what's the pros and cons of this. Cheers lads.
  7. johnboynewt

    Dog Names....what's Yours​?

    Mil til and lil. As you can see I'm not too creative with names!
  8. johnboynewt

    Theresa May Doin Her Bit

    Let me get this straight, the ban that was put in place banned dogs hunting game I,e hares foxes. So unless they specifically state its only fox hunting they want to reinstate then all will come back no?
  9. johnboynewt


    Now lads looking for some information on fettle, I'm sure someone has some. Looking to see if anyone knows how many litters were had and the history of what the dog won. Cheers.
  10. johnboynewt

    Stolen Saluki Uk

    https://m.(!64.56:886/groups/519122738255355?view=permalink&id=743329402501353 Is this the dog mate?
  11. johnboynewt

    Coursing Dogs Stolen Barnsley

    have just seen on chalky and the boys on fb you have got the dog back injured? youd think the bitch wont be far away! Dont give up lads!
  12. johnboynewt

    Coursing Dogs Stolen Barnsley

    horrible news, keeping my eye out in the north east.
  13. johnboynewt

    To Jump Or Not To Jump, That Is The ?

    My last bitch jumped without an issue, she jumped a barbed wire fence close to home, one she jumps regular and clears easily. Sadly she got caught on it one day ended up costing 400 at the vets and she was in such a mess. Same thing happened to my lab, out beating one day and she got her back leg caught on the horrible stuff. Forked out another couple of hundred again. To be honest I'm not overly bothered that my current bitch now doesn't jump, every time I see a dog approach barbed wire my hearts in my mouth!
  14. johnboynewt

    Shocking Mr Hancock

    mr handonthecocks sounds like a right twit.
  15. johnboynewt

    His First Season (Me Too)

    good luck matey, welcome to the jungle!