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  1. kelpieferreter

    Crow decoying an how to get movement

    I’m probably putting between 15-20 flocked decoys out on the sprung pegs. But on newly turned ground they don’t stand out that well. I shall look into the enforcer decoys thanks. Have ordered a couple of bouncers off a1. See if they make a difference thanks for the advice.
  2. Hi, just after some advice. How can I get movement into my pattern when crow decoying? I have a couple pigeon bouncers, will these work with crow decoys or are they smarter than that and spot them as imitations? Haven’t had trouble in the past but the crows aren’t taking any notice and flying right past my pattern on to the next field which is exactly the same as the one I was shooting over. They aren’t even coming in and spooking so I know they aren’t seeing me or the hide. Thanks
  3. so lad I go lamping with managed to drive over my lamp this evening. (partly my fault as I lay everything on the floor so he could unlock the vehicle, although I did say they were there. Anyway!) Shows how tough they are as it only suffered a smashed bulb and filter (I hope ). My question is do I replace it with the standard 75w bulb or do I put a 100w in it. On most websites I have looked they say the 100w will do for the 170 and 240 blitz. My concern is will it burn out anything and will it actually make that much difference in light. Thanks
  4. kelpieferreter

    .223 advice/recommendations

    Not my first venture, just wondering what other people’s experience with thumbhole stocks are. As I wanted a change and wanted to look down that route. I have one on my hw100 (air rifle) and really enjoy shooting it but never used a rifle with same style stock. Regarding buying new, was asking for opinions because I know the .22-250 suffers more with barrel wear, haven’t had enough experience with a .223. Thanks for the reply
  5. Hi. Has anyone got any albinos north wales area? Thank you
  6. Hi, im looking to buy a .223, ive been looking at a Howa or cz as they seem to be fairly priced but well made. My question is can anyone recommend a rifle that comes with a thumb hole stock in a similar price range. I know both brands I’ve mentioned are available with thumbhole has anyone got any experience of them? Also should I lean more towards buying new with the concern of barrel wear? Thanks
  7. kelpieferreter

    Mk3 collar batteries

    I found the box I bought and as suggested above they are rayovac. I shall look into the tester. Thanks!
  8. kelpieferreter

    Mk3 collar batteries

    Good evening. Could anyone recommend the best batteries for the mk3 magnetic collars? I bought a box a few years ago and they were brilliant but can’t remember from where. I’ve read that the cheaper ones off eBay aren’t the best at lasting. I usually change them regularly although deben state that they should last 300+ hours. Rather replace them than lose a ferret. Thanks
  9. kelpieferreter

    First day out this year

    its attached to the fence. couldn't push it into the ground as the top line would have come down to low. Its a 5 yard net so wouldn't wind up around the pole to make it shorter as id lose tension on the top and bottom lines. Had enough tension and bag. Caught the rabbit so did the job . Rabbits couldn't have ran along the fence line as there were some off cuts of blackthorn stuck in there by the electricity people renewing the pole. Had two long nets running out into the field to catch any rabbits that would have run out to avoid the blackthorn.
  10. kelpieferreter

    First day out this year

    First day back on the bunnies today. Quite a hard place to work as there are good fences, thick bushes and a road one side. Farmer was keen for us to do this one section as in his eyes the bunnies had dug this area the worst... was a good place for a quick session to get the ferrets back into it. The cover is still a bit high and was a warm morning so didn't want to work them too hard. Ill be back soon in the areas I noticed a bit more fresh marks between two permissions. I know there are a good number of rabbits here as I've had quick look with a lamp at night and the eyes in the field is promising. Only two today but was only a quick session, bolted one into the short net placed across the bank and one awkward dig on the roadside. Ferret had got the rabbit in a stop end.
  11. kelpieferreter

    Red/Orange spots on skin

    I had this on one of my older jills. Small patches of hair loss too. Healthy little ferret, no fleas or mites. I wasn't seriously concerned as she was still eating and drinking fine. Got myself some teatree shampoo for small animals from the local pet shop gave her a warm bath in that. It cleared up within a week with new hair starting to grow. But I'm no vet so please don't take my word on it that this is what your ferret has.
  12. kelpieferreter

    .223 vs .22-250

    Thanks for the replies, only added deer there because I thought a .223/.22-250 was legal for the smaller species of deer. For peace of mind I wouldn't personally go with such a small caliber. But I am a novice to that side of shooting (deer stalking). This is my first firearms after having a shotgun for years so Ill have to wait a few years before I apply for a variation for the .243. Bought a 17hmr straight off and love it as a small caliber, but only for bunnies and crows obviously.
  13. kelpieferreter

    .223 vs .22-250

    Would you say both perform around the same?
  14. kelpieferreter

    Hw100 in the sheds

    Had a call this evening off a farmer I shoot for regularly. The feral pigeons in his sheds had gone from the odd one or two to around 50 this summer. when I drove into the yard I could see them flying in and out of the sheds in numbers. So got the faithful weihraucht out and got to work. First look at the sheds made me realised why he'd called, there was pigeon dropping covering everything. Layered on all gates and anything horizontal (and the odd vertical object). Had around an hours shooting before it got dark and typically i'd left the lamp in another vehicle. Shot 28 this evening with the others left not coming anywhere near the sheds whilst I was still there. picked up 23, the local bird of prey helped me get the higher ones cleared up.
  15. kelpieferreter

    .223 vs .22-250

    I know there have been numerous other forums about this subject but thought id ask this question once again. The person I lamp with has a .22-250 and he swears by it, after seeing what this caliber can do, I am impressed. I have never been out with anyone that has got a .223 so can't compare myself. I know each calibre has its pros and cons. But which would be best for fox control and small deer? Thanks