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  1. kelpieferreter

    To shoot or not to shoot

    The vixen never gave me a clear shot. I could hear her in the hedge calling them back. Didn’t see her until she was crossing the field behind.
  2. kelpieferreter

    To shoot or not to shoot

    So went out with the farmer this evening and shot 3 of the cubs. Even with their siblings dropping they still came into the call. The last one disappeared with its mother. I have nothing against shooting cubs as I know to shoot them 3 when grown up wouldn’t be as easy, just wanted peoples views on the matter. Since November I’ve shot 32 foxes on this single permission. So never a lack of foxes here. Thanks for the replies
  3. Was called last night by a farmer. He was cutting silage and 4 foxes were playing in the newly cut grass oblivious of all the machinery. He wanted me to come over and shoot as many as I could. So off I went rifle in the landrover over to the permission. By the time I arrived he was in another field, didn’t take long for me to spot the foxes. There were indeed 4 foxes but they were young cubs not much larger than your neighbourhood cat. I decided not to shoot them as they were so young. I know if he found out he’d probably think I was an idiot. I do agree they may not be a problem now but when they grow up they will be creating havoc. I’ll give them a few months and tackle them when they are wiser and had time to grow. What’s everyone’s opinion on this? No shooting done but with a night like this does it really matter?
  4. kelpieferreter

    Pays to be patient Finally got him!

    I wasn’t sure about the step into the world of night vision as I enjoy the lamping process. But it has proved itself. Won’t be retiring the lamp anytime soon but to have that under my sleeve for the lamp shy is a bonus. MOD is a wildcat can’t remember which one, with style and functionality i would highly recommend one. Only issue I have is having such a large mod and night vision unit I have to remove the mod to fit it into the bag. But the wildcat fits nicely in the leather pulsar bag the scope comes with. It’s acceptable to go out hunting with a man bag isn’t it?
  5. Recently got a new permission through work. Farmer was constantly having his lambs chewed but not killed. Which resulted in vet bills and his valuable time having to tend to the lambs in the shed. Went out with the lamp first night, called for 20 mins with just a quick glimpse of some eyes. Great a lamp shy fox! Farmer had warned me of this as a few people lamp over his hedges. I left it for a month or so as he was nearing the end of lambing so the pressure was off slightly with stronger lambs out in the fields. Went out with the lamp again and after 10 mins of calling had a fox at 80yds. Was only a young one so didn’t think that was the lamb muncher. I bit the bullet and invested in a new .223 and pulsar night vision. I was bouncing with anticipation to go out with the new kit as I’d never owned night vision before. (Longest day in work ever!) went out that night and got him at 130yds after 25mins of calling. Probably one of the biggest foxes I’ve had picture doesn’t do him any justice.
  6. kelpieferreter


    I had a cheaper mod on my .17 hmr (can’t recall the make without checking). Did the job no noise apart from the sonic pop. Being a bit of a tart I thought I’d buy the wildcat panther for the .17, more for looks and matching my .223 which I’m very impressed with. Went out on the bunnies to try it out and must say was the best investment I’ve done lately. It’s light so gun balance is lovely for standing quick shots on the bunnies. Customer service is amazing and the fact they can be completely stripped down to clean is also a bonus as I put a good amount of shots through the .17 they are pricey but once bought it should last forever as it’s so easy to modify for other calibers and replace any worn parts (if ever needed!) hope this helps
  7. kelpieferreter

    Crow decoying an how to get movement

    I’m probably putting between 15-20 flocked decoys out on the sprung pegs. But on newly turned ground they don’t stand out that well. I shall look into the enforcer decoys thanks. Have ordered a couple of bouncers off a1. See if they make a difference thanks for the advice.
  8. Hi, just after some advice. How can I get movement into my pattern when crow decoying? I have a couple pigeon bouncers, will these work with crow decoys or are they smarter than that and spot them as imitations? Haven’t had trouble in the past but the crows aren’t taking any notice and flying right past my pattern on to the next field which is exactly the same as the one I was shooting over. They aren’t even coming in and spooking so I know they aren’t seeing me or the hide. Thanks
  9. so lad I go lamping with managed to drive over my lamp this evening. (partly my fault as I lay everything on the floor so he could unlock the vehicle, although I did say they were there. Anyway!) Shows how tough they are as it only suffered a smashed bulb and filter (I hope ). My question is do I replace it with the standard 75w bulb or do I put a 100w in it. On most websites I have looked they say the 100w will do for the 170 and 240 blitz. My concern is will it burn out anything and will it actually make that much difference in light. Thanks
  10. kelpieferreter

    .223 advice/recommendations

    Not my first venture, just wondering what other people’s experience with thumbhole stocks are. As I wanted a change and wanted to look down that route. I have one on my hw100 (air rifle) and really enjoy shooting it but never used a rifle with same style stock. Regarding buying new, was asking for opinions because I know the .22-250 suffers more with barrel wear, haven’t had enough experience with a .223. Thanks for the reply
  11. Hi. Has anyone got any albinos north wales area? Thank you
  12. Hi, im looking to buy a .223, ive been looking at a Howa or cz as they seem to be fairly priced but well made. My question is can anyone recommend a rifle that comes with a thumb hole stock in a similar price range. I know both brands I’ve mentioned are available with thumbhole has anyone got any experience of them? Also should I lean more towards buying new with the concern of barrel wear? Thanks
  13. kelpieferreter

    Mk3 collar batteries

    I found the box I bought and as suggested above they are rayovac. I shall look into the tester. Thanks!
  14. kelpieferreter

    Mk3 collar batteries

    Good evening. Could anyone recommend the best batteries for the mk3 magnetic collars? I bought a box a few years ago and they were brilliant but can’t remember from where. I’ve read that the cheaper ones off eBay aren’t the best at lasting. I usually change them regularly although deben state that they should last 300+ hours. Rather replace them than lose a ferret. Thanks
  15. kelpieferreter

    First day out this year

    its attached to the fence. couldn't push it into the ground as the top line would have come down to low. Its a 5 yard net so wouldn't wind up around the pole to make it shorter as id lose tension on the top and bottom lines. Had enough tension and bag. Caught the rabbit so did the job . Rabbits couldn't have ran along the fence line as there were some off cuts of blackthorn stuck in there by the electricity people renewing the pole. Had two long nets running out into the field to catch any rabbits that would have run out to avoid the blackthorn.