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  1. trigger2

    Bruce +Bell and his niece up the glen

    Cracking day that, much digging to be done? There’s still half grown rabbits about here
  2. trigger2

    Back on the hills

    Looks like a nice pleasurable ferreting spot. Well done, bolting to the dogs can be some good sport
  3. trigger2

    Back on the hills

    Nice one bobza. Did you just bolt to the dogs?
  4. trigger2

    Moose steaks anyone.

    He moosed have been driving like a c**t to end up like that lol
  5. trigger2

    Fury hanging up his gloves?

    fury is still f***ing shit and that’s real
  6. trigger2

    Funny Joke Thread

  7. trigger2

    Fury hanging up his gloves?

    He should hang his gloves up if it took him 2 punches to flatten that wrestler, the first punch he hit the bloke un aware and should have done the job coming from a man of fury size and fighting training. I use the word training instead of ability because personally I don’t rate fury.
  8. trigger2

    The ffs can't we get along thread .

    That’s easy to say mate but there is stuff that’s said on here that does spill out into real life and causes shit.
  9. trigger2

    Funny Joke Thread

    The misses as just shown me this on face book
  10. trigger2

    Testicle removel

    Thanks for the feedback folks, as I don’t see any evidence that says it’s definatly going to be a problem I will advise him that it’s not necessary to have the dog done but it’s upto him if he wants to pay the money and get it done.
  11. trigger2

    Working the hills

    Nice one bobza.
  12. trigger2

    Anti mole catcher

    I thought that as well mate. I believe they have got a fare old bite on them
  13. trigger2

    well here we go,

    I see the dog men got the biggest chunk of that write up as usual. They should be more concerned about the 1st case of a hare found last month with the rabbit haemorrhaging Virgus 2 disease that kills them in a matter of days which as been found in six counties of Ireland. Bigger problem than the dog man.
  14. trigger2

    Testicle removel

    This s why I asked, something tells me it wouldn’t effect the dog in any way or cause problems. I could do with advice from folk with experience in the matter as vets like to take advantage when possible imo
  15. trigger2

    Testicle removel

    Does a dog need a operation to remove its testicle if it hasn’t dropped or will it be fine as it is. Just asking as my nephews spaniel has only got the 1 dropped testicle and the vets told him he’s got to have it operated on ASAP or are they just trying to make a few unecaserry quid. I am amazed they missed it during examinations whilst having its jabs the dogs 14 months old now with no health problems.