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  1. trigger2

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    The lad who bred him seemed to think so as well mate. Damn was a half cross. Sire was a saluki Wheaton grey x whippet grey. My pup stands at 24tts 50+ pounds so he’s a decent size really.
  2. trigger2


    Personally I think that may be a deterrent having to lose the pound. How we got away with joining and keeping it in the first place I don’t know. We would be f***ing mad giving the pound up just to re join the EU IMO.
  3. trigger2


    If we get out and they call another referendum do you think we would have to lose our pound to get back in. We’ve been lucky to keep our own currency unlike others who have had to have the euro.
  4. trigger2


    I’ve just read that the cabinet have agreed with mays divorce deal, It makes me wonder what’s been agreed as a lot of her cabinate are pro remain at heart.
  5. trigger2

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    I’ve got a little dog here just 16 months he’s got a bit of Wheaton blood in him. 5/16 on paper the rest is saluki whippet grey blood of different percentages. It’s my first Wheaton blooded dog he’s showing some good signs so far but time will tell.
  6. trigger2

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    Nice enough looking little bitch. How do you find Wheaton blood?
  7. trigger2

    All good then?

    f**k me lads I’ve just sat and read this thread through from start to finish and some of it’s nuts lol, made some great reading though.
  8. trigger2

    VHD set to decimate our rabbit population!

    i think I saw something on the t.v that there is studies being carried out in areas of the country due to the decline in rabbits and they are actually trying to replenish numbers. It may well have been country file I seen it on. They were counting catching and weighing rabbits. Hopefully we can help them to get back a healthy population all over the country.
  9. trigger2


    I’ve beat you to it black neck, He cooks a good bit of scran does bill. Very hospitable
  10. trigger2


    That sounds a decent bit of snapping that. I had a bloody mc Donald’s with kids lol.
  11. trigger2

    Coursing video

    I didn’t expect to be watching something like that. Killed it in under 3 minutes as well
  12. No not having it. We all know It’s photoshopped those cute little foxes don’t hurt a thing
  13. trigger2

    Lost my bitch Kura

    f**k me they are at you. it usually me that gets blamed for everything that goes on round here looks like your getting some of the shit now. Not sure how many folk you have anything to do with in the area but there’s some sort of Chinese’s whispers go about. Keep on plodding on but just be careful. You been around long enough to have a decent knowledge of the ground you hunt just use it to try and keep one step ahead of them. Happy hunting kid.
  14. trigger2

    Pleasant morning

    Looks a decent enough trip out. Tidy pics too