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  1. trigger2

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Where’s it at?
  2. trigger2

    Silly feckin' schools

    Can’t possible do that surly. It’s offensive to say that one parent is number 1 and the other number 2. Mum and dad are true. What if you got a step parent is that number 3 ffs.
  3. trigger2

    Vet ,and dog temp ?

    That’s a large bloody splinter for the vet to be missing lol, she didn’t look at the foot to hard by the seems of it. I would be on the phone to that vets moaning about the service the have given
  4. trigger2

    Mobile speed camera laws

    44 on the clock when I looked.
  5. trigger2

    RIP the Labour Party

    Probably. I’ve herd she’s seen the list of people who have left and with her maths she as got the total to 1
  6. trigger2

    Mobile speed camera laws

    Can anyone help me here, What’s the rule on where a mobile speed camera can set up. I’ve just been over the local level crossing and there’s a mobile speed unit there and out on the side of the road is a camera on a tripod. They have just altered the speed limit there in the last week or so. I thought all mobile cameras had to be within clearly marked speed camera areas and this one is not. I Think I was doing 45 in a New 40mph limit up until the other week it’s always been national speed limit through there. 60mph
  7. trigger2

    strange sightings when out and about

    I got dropped off lamping one night in my late teens on a walk I had done loads of times anyway a few fields into my journey I got to a road where I had a choice to walk over the river bridge and cut through a old church yard or keep on a straight route up the side of the river and eventually come to a bridge and cross over there. Anyway I decided to cut through the church yard as I had done umpteen times before. I got so far through the church yard and the dog began to growl and snarl to which I i told him to shut up by this time he was stood still and wasn’t easing with his growling and snarling so I flicked the lamp and scanned the surrounding area and couldn’t see a thing except the dogs Hackels at which point my ass fell out and I started to run and didn’t stop until I got back to the house. I always felt safe with that dog and would go anywhere with him he was a lump of a dog too.
  8. trigger2

    Self employed

    As has llready been said said get yourself a decent accountant. They are just legalised crooks and a good in is worth his weight in gold.
  9. trigger2

    Up for stud

    Sounds like a good honest post catch wise. Just a little young though
  10. trigger2

    It’s all ways the good uns

    That’s a run of bad luck trev. Not the best way to be coming to the end of what Appears to be a decent season for you rabbit wise.
  11. trigger2


    . Was that called my next Facebook victim or something along those lines.
  12. trigger2


    You can read threads in the lurcher section from 2004. I ain’t sure how much longer the forum has been running for. As some of the lads have pointed out there have been some funny/entertaining threads on her over the years.
  13. trigger2

    Skint Britain, channel 4

    Anybody watching skint Britain. What do you think of how the new government payment system is treating people? (Universal credits)