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  1. Tidy mate. Orders placed. My only complaint is it’s now a 2 week wait instead of 2-5 days. Didn’t see it until I placed the order but they are the best priced at the moement.
  2. Sorry folk I meant to be asking about a firm called kennel space has anybody dealt with them. The site looks good the panels are plenty cheap enough but I just can’t find any reviews. As anybody brought from them?
  3. Has anybody off here brought any dog kennels or run sections from dogs kennel direct? I’ve read some of the reviews and they seem to be a bit of a marmite company. I was thinking about ordering my new run panels from them today or tomorrow. a lot depends on any feedback from any folks who have dealt with them. thanks trigger
  4. trigger2

    Rat bites

    Thinking about it I am sure it’s lepto that can cause a abscess on the brain upto 12 months later. So if there both the same thing there’s a possibility I could of had my abscess from the bite I had. You understood what I meant That’s the main thing lol
  5. trigger2

    Rat bites

    I don't want to worry you mate but we were doing some ratting on a farm a good few years ago and i got biten by a rat that was in a terriers mouth. Went to the local AE to get a tetanus but they said I didn't need one and there's nothing to worry about. Anyway a few days later all the glands in my armpit swelled up. Didn't know you had glands there until then. Don't know if it's a coincidence but a few months later I had a abscess on my brain and needed a 7 hour emergency operation to remove it. All on the same side as the bite. Either wheels disease or lepto from a rat can cause absesses on t
  6. Well done tyson lad. I thought itwas going to go the other way but tyson done what he said he would do.
  7. I got the same feeling aswell. Wilder to win. AJ and fury belt less. If it happens I reckon fury will retire.
  8. Thanks but I am after bars as I think it just looks that little bit nicer
  9. I know mate. It aunt going to get better anytime soon so I am just going to crack on and get it done
  10. I am looking into getting a new double kennel and run in the next couple of months and was just wondering if folk on here could put in the right direction to get decent set up at a fare price. i ain’t sure weather to buy a complete kennel and run. my other option is to buy a separate set of run sections then get the local shed builder to make me a kennel to fit the run. So where’s the best place to buy my new set up from?
  11. I like unusual crosses and personally after owning a lab cross and have worked a couple of Alsatian greyhound first x I would without try that cross if I was in the need for another dog. I’ve also owned a Alsatian/collie x whippet grey he caught bags of stuff but threw very much to the collie nature very hit and miss on teeth, stalked rabbits at times. Took a lot bigger quarry as well, was happy with does and prickets, would refuse a full set of head gear but always chased it. That may well have been the dog itself or the fact I slipped onto one that turned when he was 6 months old. the l
  12. On closer inspection you appear to be right. what f***ing dick I am.
  13. Big riffle killed that deer . Field full of sheep and it chose venison for tea. Takes a bit of believing that
  14. Fury will be beat by wilder this time around imo. Wilder will knock him out.
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