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  1. trigger2

    How often to feed

    Depends on time of year, work load. I feed 3 times when working hard, once when they have done there shift, once when I get up and once again about 5 hours before they go out. In the Sumer I feed once a day and twice a day in the winter when not doing much.
  2. trigger2

    Midland game fair

    That’s where I met bird years ago. He had Bryan with him who stood out a little because of pics of the site that’s how I recognised him. Mind you buck stands out in a crowed. Birds as keen now as he was then FairPlay to him
  3. trigger2

    Longest living lurcher

    We had a lab x bitch when I was growing up think she made about 16 or 17.
  4. trigger2


    As King said it’s worth a punt for that money, if it lasts a season then you ain’t lost much
  5. Yeah The boy is. Listen to the vid he’s with his dad who should really have more of a clue
  6. trigger2


    What I was thinking is I am making my way up in the next 2 or 3 weeks all being well, if he’s willing to travel to mine for it I could bring one back with me it’s no hard ship. Depends If the mans in a rush for a well bred kit.
  7. trigger2


    you spoke to vin mate see if he’s got any spare.
  8. trigger2

    Lad n lamp

    That’s a cracking night out for the boy well done
  9. trigger2

    Help needed

    FairPlay lads it’s mighty decent you who have offered to help the lad. To lance82 hopefully your dog will be back with you soon.
  10. trigger2

    Martians and Ufo's

    I wouldn’t worry about Kerny they will soon drop him back
  11. trigger2

    Beddy in the mix

    Beddy/whippet can be a handy little dog
  12. trigger2

    This year's runners

    Something completely different to usual for me. His damn is a first x Wheaton/grey his sire is saluki /Wheaton/grey x whippet/grey. He’s 24tts
  13. trigger2

    This year's runners

    I hope so
  14. trigger2

    R.I.P. Johnny Kingdom

    r.i.p Johnny . use to make me smile when he was on the telly
  15. trigger2

    This year's runners

    My young dog coming up to 14 months. He’s only 12 months in the pic