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  1. I'll be f****d if I am reading all through this thread. Had both my jabs now, my 2nd wasn't due until the end of this month but they brought it forward and I had it fortnight ago today. No effects what so ever from the 2nd jab except I couldn't sleep on my one side for the first night as my fecking shoulder hurt.
  2. No permission makes it just as if not worse than catching it with a dog. The old shooting brigade are nothing but a bunch of hippocrits especially over poaching.
  3. We all knew it was coming at some point the dog lads have had a hammering over the years now it’s the shooters turn.
  4. 53 and a goose, I stopped at that because I had another hard night's lamping planned the next night and the same dog had already done 33 and a goose the night before. Had a good night with tomo we had 85 I think with 2 dogs a hare and a partridge between us. Wish we has carried on to do the ton that night. Best bag local 51 with one dog and 71 with 2 dogs, birds Bryn ran himself hard that night. Same dog used in all the above nights
  5. I do like that bitch Jacob. How big is she?
  6. Good course that. I don't do much daytime stuff. But I think I would be a little disappointed if my lamping dog run a hare for 7 minutes and didn't catch it during the day.
  7. A white cop killed a black man by kneeling on his neck. That's not reflective of all white people's behaviour. It's got f**k all with being racist. But guess what it apparently is. What she says is right. It seems to me these days that the only person without a say or any rights is the straight and average person. If your gay, Black, lgbt, etc etc its like the world owes them some special treatment. It's f***ing nuts
  8. My misses was offered it in the first week of role out as she worked ina care home. She declined the chance first time around but took the offer a few weeks later after a majority of the other staff members had has theres first and had all been fine.
  9. Al least it give us something other to talk about than brexit lol. You could be right. Delivery firms, hand sanitiser and mask manufacturers could have plotted it between them, as they are the only feckers that would have been making plenty of cash over the last year plus
  10. I know what your saying mate. But from my point of view I had to weigh up the what I thought were odds of having a blod clot which I thought I would be waiting in a room for of medical professionals against my chances of survival if I caught full blown covid. As you know I thought the jab was my safest and better option in the long run.
  11. I give it some serious thought mate but decided to go for it. End of the day it aint done me any harm. It was a little like a cattle market we were all lined up and pushed through. They didn't even get me to stay for 15 minutes to see if I was going to have any side effects. Just wrote the injection time and apparent release time 15 minutes later and sent me on me way. Didnt give a f**k about any of my medical history.
  12. I’ve had me first shot my second due end of July, if it helps get us all back to some sort of normal then I am glad to do it. must admit I was shitting it abit as there’s cases of blood clots and I have had brain surgery and was a little concerned about getting a clot. Done me bit for society now lol. I’ve had the Astra Zeneca
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