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  1. I will try that, just don't understand why she stopped.
  2. No other dogs there's just me and her mate. Its just confusing why she gone off the boil after going so well. I done a days ferreting with another dog there and she would run off with the catch and drop it down the field. She had already stopped retrieving on the lamp by then.
  3. My old dog would know the crack he’s kennelled next to her. No swelling or usual signs of a season so I’ve Sort of ruled that out.
  4. Its funny you say that, my dog showed some interest in her for about a week 3 weeks ago then nothing. Her sister broke down but my bitch didn't.
  5. My young dog I have here who has just turned 18 months has stopped retrieving, she’s had well over a 100 rabbits and use to either retrieve to hand on occasions or within 10 yards. Slowly but surely the retrieve after about 90 rabbits has gone down hill with a retrieve of 2 within 20 yards out of 14 last night. I’ve never known a dog just stop like she has, shes got no interest with playing with a ball or toy to practice retrieve training at home. has anybody got any ideas on how to get her to start retrieving again. She’s had a 10 night rest before going out last night and was still the same so it’s not down to being tired. i could do with getting a bit fitter so it looks like I will be getting of retrieve training exercise of me own lol.
  6. RIP poor old lad. I thought you mentioned he was going for a op a while back socks.
  7. There’s a chap I know who always says find one that can cook, they can all do the rest.
  8. What’s wrong with you man. As long has she can cook, smash it
  9. I am sure could make room here for her if your struggling katchum . That’s the dog not ya misses
  10. Is there nothing like that on ebay max?
  11. I don't think I could manage that sort of session these days blacky
  12. Saluki collie bull Grey of what ever percentage with perhaps a splash of whippet a generation or 2 back
  13. got to meet the breeder of my bitch tonight who I didnt know from Adam as I've had the bitch from 12 months of age. He brought the pup he kept back which is the sister to my bitch, we had a steady walk around a couple of spots chatting away about dogs and generally having a relaxing trip out. Both the dogs had a bit of running and we ended on 17 out of the 18 caught for the night. Thanks for looking.
  14. Just tell him the truth and if he's a decent sort he will take it on. Bloody nice looking young dog that.
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