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  1. Its been that shit for me with covid effecting stuff ive brought a labrador instead ffs.
  2. Yes mate donator. I can obviously post everywhere else it just won’t give me the option in the section I want to.
  3. For some reason I am unable to put a advert up in the miscellaneous section on the forum. Anybody know how I can do it, thanks
  4. Shes 10 weeks old so I've got time yet. I got a lab over the spaniel because they are a nicer family dog imo. Shes bright has a button learnt to sit before I used a whole slice of ham for a treat. Shes been learning the lye down command today and progressing well. Dummy training and when/how to do it will be my biggest thing to learn as ive always been a lurcher man. Gundogs are a little different.
  5. I've just got myself my first dog for doing a bit of beating with and was wondering if there's any good YouTube videos or books I can look at to get some idea of how to train it. Its a labrador ive got.
  6. My misses works in a care home, after she had our first child she went back as a cleaner instead of carer and it was only 40p a hour less. f***ing unreal with all the responsibilities that come for caring for folk.
  7. I have to agree with you there blacky. Good thing is about having the wife in kennels is she will be glad to get out a couple of times a day to cook and clean in the house.
  8. Farage has been the best leader we have never had. Farage has done alot for this country he deserves some reckonition, unlike that dick Hamilton.
  9. I for one am bloody pleased to be out, I think boris and crew have done a decent enough job because farage hasn’t yet been complaining about it as far has I am aware. Let’s see what sort of job the government can do about COVID now there’s one less thing to worry about with brexit.
  10. This item is now sold, sold, sold. Thanks for all the interest
  11. I’ve cleared some space now so should be able to receive pms. I’ve tried to pm hodge but the option isn’t on his profile perhaps he needs to clear some space for pms also
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