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  1. My boss has just asked me why I come out in a rash every time he gives me my wages, To which I replied its because I am allergic to f***ing peanuts
  2. RIP the duke. Wonder what’s going through Harry mind the way the last few months have been played out with his relationship with his family.
  3. I got no qualifications from school, I was only allowed in Monday Wednesdays and friday for my model student behaviour. On a Wednesday a group of us were taken up the town to read papers and learn how to apply for jobs. The member of staff would stop at the shop and get our fags for us and we just f****d about. School got me a work placement Tuesday and Friday. My kids come home from school and I don't understand much if any of there work. I would rather not teach them at all than teach them wrong. I guess there's a good many parents who would struggle as much has me. Fortunately for
  4. I would lose the sauce, I never have any sauces with me breakfasts. The bean juice does the job
  5. Worlds gone f***ing nuts. That picture is just that a f***ing picture, it don't show any of the events leading upto that point. That red head could have deserved to be treated like that and more. Women can be abusive violent fuckers. They want equall rights then cry when the get treated like a bloke ffs. What gets me there was talk of wanting the female police officer in charge to resign over the handling of it. A bunch of f***ing women who want equall rights trying to get one of there own pushed out, WTF
  6. Megan is full of shit imo, Harry reckons he is really happy with his wife she managed to deliver his son safely. Wow thats all he got to say shes done to make him happy lol.
  7. Independence in the e.u f**k shes funny
  8. Weeks ban for talking about someone's misses lol. On a serious note i agree some folk do take it a little far at times.
  9. Ideally you would need to pick a dog pup to edge your bets on having a bigger pup from the litter then i should say you will be around your mark give or take an inch
  10. Now sold sold sold sold. Thanks to all those who inquired
  11. Back up for sale has buyer didn't come through with payment.
  12. He was well pleased. He asked to go which made it all that more rewarding for him.
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