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  1. Just seen this on my misses Facebook. WHOS THE DADDY
  2. I haven’t seen the fight but read a report on it this morning if the reports accurate then well done fury, I thought it would have been a different outcome though.
  3. That’s made it look a bit smarter Ray.
  4. What’s with fury wearing the sunglasses, can’t he look wilder straight in the eye. Going from that clip wilders got the mental edge on fury going into the fight. wilder to win.
  5. I’ve given ibuprofen without any problems in the past, I also use the kids calpol seems to work also.
  6. I've got wooden kennels each panel I made out of 1/2" ply inside with 2x2 frame filled with insulation with a tounge and grove board on the outside. Deleted nearly all photos of work in progress. Still got some more work to do too them yet. I painted the run floors with factory grade rubber floor paint thinking it would be easier to keep clean which it was. Trouble is it's like a fecking ice rink for the dogs when it's wet.
  7. If one of those 2 women in that picture are harrial2 then I think a trip round there and demonstration with a hands on approach on how to handle puppies may be needed
  8. Interesting vids, my boy has just watched them with me he’s only 3 and half he loved them, he wants to go get some fish now
  9. trigger2


    . We’re both size 7 feet
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