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  1. trigger2


    You still running kerny92? How you getting on with it?
  2. trigger2

    Heres another one by eck

    I would love to see a pick of the deerhound x chihuahua. Lol
  3. trigger2

    Meet the drug lords/the real narcos

    Some crazy shit goes on there. That body with its head arms legs and penis cut off just dumped in the street just shows they ain’t afraid to do anything to protect there patch.
  4. trigger2

    Burnt dogs feet

    Oh ok. Perhaps I didn’t write it very clear. I’ve known it be that f***ing hot outside it’s caused the tarmac to start to melt in places and stick to my foot wear. Although it’s been that hot I’ve never known it cause the dogs feet to get burnt from heat off the concrete or tarmac.
  5. trigger2

    best all round lurcher?

    I’ve got the one left here mate he will be 8 in feb, the Mali x just simply didn’t have any top end don’t know if it was just the way he was bred or if it was due to a injury he picked up in the garden as a pup. He chipped his tibia cress and possibly damaged his cruciate ligament. Lost the other one this year at 13 and half years old rip old lad. The Mali x is in a pet home he’s settled into living in doors well by all accounts.
  6. trigger2

    best all round lurcher?

    I agree. The last 3 dogs I’ve had have been out lamping with me from pups watching learning none of them made a sound whilst out working.
  7. trigger2

    best all round lurcher?

    What’s the excuse for a dog that yaps when brought on when mature. There’s plenty of them and not just the beddy cross
  8. trigger2

    Wasp nests and stings

    A lot work gone into that nest. Bet you soon sorted that out.
  9. trigger2

    Burnt dogs feet

    I can well believe it would stick to the dogs feet but I couldn’t be sure about the burning part. I know sometimes when I am out jogging on the roads that the tarmac is that hot it’s gone soft in places and it also sticks to my trainers on occasions in the past.
  10. trigger2


    It’s been suggested a straight whippet, it would deffo help keep the size down which you say you are after. With so many breeds in the mix I think a grew would give you more chance of throwing bigger pups with the greyhound influence from the grew combined with the deerhound and greyhound influence in your bitch.
  11. trigger2

    Dogs growth & height

    I wouldn’t think your too far out with 26.
  12. The dogs would be well adapted to working places like that and read the bolting game well, IMO with what little time I spend ferreting It’s good to watch dogs doing there thing working places like that.
  13. That’s some nice scenery.
  14. trigger2

    Big numbers in one night

    53 and a goose off a water logged field, same dogs had 50 and a partridge as well. Think he was just showing off when he caught the goose
  15. Not a 100% on this but 26 springs to mind that’s bolting to the lamper and digging a few from the ferrets.