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  1. trigger2

    Hard men...

    Very lucky indeed, memory is not as good as it was but other than mate I am here to tell the story
  2. trigger2

    Hard men...

    I’ve got one very similar to that gnashes, they removed 200mls of abscess of my brain that was some pressure build up I can tell you.
  3. trigger2


    I hope this is true and borris carries it out. Let’s get out and start moving forward, it may be hard for a year or two but in the long run we will be better off imo. The remainers need to except things and let us get on with.
  4. trigger2

    Plr 500

    I’ve used one for a few seasons now and get on with it just fine.
  5. trigger2

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    How do you find those collars Dan? I have put me name down for one
  6. trigger2

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    That’s a lot of money for a pup of any sort for the hunting game imo. How’s the pup coming along?
  7. trigger2

    Hello from Shropshire

    Welcome. What part of shropshire you from
  8. trigger2


    Have you tried adjusting the distance the bulb is pulled out/ pushed into the lamp that helps with getting a better spot along with the head adjustment. I always used a horizontal filament bulb in my lamp but then again I only used 30 watt bulbs.
  9. trigger2


    Just crack a joke about it in front of the lads on Monday and move on. carry on with your poker nights and just don’t invite him if you honestly don’t like him that much for doing something under the influence, surly the rest of the lads don’t need to stopped from having another night out because of one mans actions or in the case lack of action leading to him pissing his self lol.
  10. trigger2

    F.A.O billhardy

    Yeah tomo the sire is the brother too the Mali x I had
  11. trigger2

    F.A.O billhardy

    Nice looking pup that postie, what bitch did he go to?
  12. trigger2

    That's More Like It

    Very true. If they dont like it and want to go about dressed like that then they can do it in there own country.
  13. trigger2

    Dirty Rotten Cow!

    I was just about to start a thread about this myself. Personally I think life should mean exactly that, at the age of just 23 with minimum to be served of 32 years the bitch has got a chance of some life out side of prison. IMO She should remain behind bars until she dies.
  14. trigger2


    Pull the rubber cover off the switch mate. Theres a little like nut underneath undo that then the switch will push back into the handle. Take the little orange bit out of the bottom of the lamp handle and there should be enough wire to pull the switch out of the lamp.
  15. trigger2

    Flat roofs

    I think you can by rubber roofing at a reasonable price if you shop around, if that’s laid properly you won’t have any problems.