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  1. Fury one and only chance to beat usyk is by way of knockout he was never going to beat him going the distance and leaving it to the score card. Fury knew in his heart of hearts he couldn't beat usyk that's why he's avoided him for so long.
  2. Buck aint that big I know lol
  3. Going by that pic I wouldn't mind being 23 lol
  4. I remember the lad mate. He was the one I give a lamp too and you gifted him a coat. We never seen him again lol
  5. He was a good dog buck. It was a shame to see him looking so old the other week.
  6. Cha ching ££££££££££££££££
  7. Mine would have done the same thing mate lol
  8. Llyen x smaller but nice shaped. That's 1 of last years lambs to the left.much nicer sheep than the Dorsets. Much calmer and easier to work with.
  9. That's the idea of having the beltex over the ewes. It keeps the lamb size down a little and they fetch a bit better price from the butcher. I will eventually go get around to keeping the llyen cross. High lambing percentages then. Texel x mule they are big exceptionally long ewes
  10. I got 6 Dorsetshire which are 5 year old and are going this year as I am changing over breeds. I've got 2 texel x llyens yearlings 2 texel x white face Welsh mules which are yearlings too, and 3 of last years ewes lambs out of them which are 3/4 texel 1/4 white face mule. I am going to stay down the texal cross route and use the same breed of tups each year. I only had the Dorsets last year and brought the others in a month or so before tupping I am lucky with the tups as there's a farmer just down the road who breeds some top glass sheep and he hired me the tups.
  11. I am going to start lambing end of February. Just hope i haven't slipped up and the weather is bad has I lamb outdoors. I've gone for pure beltex and a charollais x beltex tups this time around. Hopefully have a nice easy lambing.
  12. I've herd that aswell. Just had a clip sent me with a bloke talking about 2 chaps who had been caught harecoursing and the police give them a 2 year ban keeping lurchers. No courts involved, Would post it on here but dint know how lol
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