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  1. Ketchum don’t want to spoil it with fast glow in the dark raceing rabbits just something that will move and squeal then when it is ready to lamp it knows what’s at the end of the beam
  2. Go to local fur n feather buy a cheap brown rabbit one night take them out to the middle of a grass field put the rabbit down walk away 20foot and lamp it so the pup sees the rabbit then slip the rabbit is not going anywhere after a few slips go home and either eat it or feed to ferret
  3. no you want a packet of aldi chicken noodles and a chicken cupper soup boiling water even i can make it
  4. cheers for all your feed back lads lasses and other persons
  5. i am looking on 6 or 7 different sites daily and the only site that ive seen any on is that site last week there was a black 2 year old dog ftchxftch in wales but i am after a pup
  6. thanks jessdale ill give him a bell today
  7. Looking at Pup’s advertised now and before there weren’t many workers mainly pets things are that bad on the land now who but the older end are still at it most would rather watch it on YouTube no jail then
  8. they will have left it as payment for the nights lamping its good of you to let everyone know theres somthing about your way
  9. Cheers for the heads up on that I know a lad who has his stuff and took a bitch to the xfactor dog and kept all the Pup’s orpenshaw told him he could sell him some pups as has a waiting list a mile long
  10. No not yet but thinking about emailing him thanks
  11. Yes directly out of two ftch I missed a litter last year on Pets4Homes
  12. hiya lads im looking for a cocker dog pup but i am after a ftchxftch bred if any one knows of a future litter not in a rush cheers wuz
  13. cheers lads thanks for that
  14. hiya lads n lasses we have a couple of foxes about the small holding we are just on the out skirts of a village ive never hunted fox what i am thinking is snare can see two good runs and the snow has confermed what is using them how high to set them and is it legal cheers
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