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  1. Themole

    The next bull x

    Too slow
  2. Themole


    Yeah he has style when I'm scent looks real nice
  3. Themole


    How do ye find them bought one the weekend 8 months old have to springers find them good for woodcock which I mainly shoot .i just always wanted a cocker little smaller but he seems to like the cover
  4. Themole


    Don't knock my borders there sensative little fellas but hard workers unreal big names but it's a secret like I said nice looking run and dog
  5. Themole


    How did you no I own borders clever out I can't tell you how there bred your not in my click and long enough to your your another pleb in iy for a year or two but I bet you no Russell's are more game than my old borders so I give in you no more about me now I'll stop incase you no about our click on and nice pat pity about the run and dog looks very well worked
  6. Themole


    Kerny id say you have a right good job and the world of knowledge of every terrier I bet you no more about my dogs than I do ...do you hunt at all or have you been flat out on YouTube you no everything about everything you complain about lads keeping it to themselves imagine a plank like you with a working Wheaton you'd have it all over Facebook service for you service for him we that keep to ourselfs on what ever way we hunt ....is to not to show one hit wonders like you everything which will be out of hunting in a year and stop you ruining it for every other man now start golf will you please and im sensative so no name calling too old now for that childish shi.
  7. Themole


    Kerny you've too much time on your hand get out there get a full time job and leave lads alone if lads keep it to themselves it's because of plebs like you who no fk all and would love the attenction of having one with 50 pictures to get a few likes just get out hunting keep it to you and your friends stop winding up lads enough wan..rs want to ruin out sport
  8. Themole

    Working Glens

    Fella in tip has one a bitch working from stuff up Galway direction I'll ask a friend if I see him and will get back on to you if he gives the go a head
  9. Themole

    New Season In France

    What's with the shoes blaise if you don't mind me asking
  10. Themole

    Let’s see your bull x pups

    Thanks hoping he'll have a little bit of speed to him hard to get with the first cross but time will tell he'll have his uses
  11. Themole

    Let’s see your bull x pups

    Hector the First cross expecting grate things from this fella
  12. Themole


    Very nice pups looks like they'll do the job
  13. Themole

    New Season In France

    I think that man is saying to himself I should of took up glof
  14. Themole


    Fine pair Dave really strong looking heads nice
  15. Themole


    If there's workers off any dog and it's black and has a pedigree surly there in the state's sure every black dog out there is from a certain strain