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  1. I never mentioned dog thief just had a comment and boom out of the blue guess ya can have an opinion on something yourself has to be all one sided sad that it always comes back to violence for a view on a subject and I spread nothing either grape vine
  2. And didnt you bring a man to the man ..and now you've fallen out with the man hes the worst in the world very quick to slag others once its said about you all hell brakes loose ....and I still dig all those dogs in earths I didnt show you thankfully
  3. Serous power behind them magic with what they can do nearly start wars with there mentioning to some when all they are is just another line of terrier
  4. It would be cheaper to stab it and shot it on the hill local we lease good amount of stsgs on it this year took 6 so far more so the heads that were not grate left some nice sika alone and couple of red stags ....rearly shoot does on this lease maybe 2 or 3
  5. Has to be one of the nicest terriers on here Elise a proper looking type a credit to you pity theres not more like it
  6. Nice little team looks like they did the job
  7. Have seen 2 woodcock in the past week would be nice to see one tomorrow but I wont hold my breath hopefully there will be a few more about best of luck too all tomorrow and safe hunting
  8. Make sure you get papers with your strady god knows they dont work unless you get the peds right and you'll need them to sell the pups 500 each will be a good price
  9. Off to a good start this season looks like a hybrid seam to get a good few off this hill
  10. Very nice healthy looking pups a credit to you ... the sire a chocolate dog
  11. Glyn I have to give it to you some of the nicest pups on this forum and healthy looking balls of fat it's a credit to you....I'll just take the big lad in the middle you can keep the rest
  12. Nice looking bitch mate what way she bred looks a nice handy bitch
  13. Cheap terrier anyway in my opinion everyone knows big names big money
  14. If it's for just brushing would you not get a little teagle
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