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  1. Has anyone any information would they be recommending them for deer stslking pros cons mostly forestry I stslk with open hill
  2. They were good digs different sizes shape so suited the cover over her seam to be easy managed too
  3. Cracking head on him and looks a well used tool fair play
  4. Will have a litter on the ground soon enough hopefully just keep in touch
  5. Hi all just a quick one is anyone on here from wexford is there any clubs for duck shooting down herein in my local club but no ponds and no birds released either ..it would be for duck shooting I'd be interested syndicate or club any info for next season would be really appreciated thanks
  6. Hi fennman I dont keep griffons personally my mate does I'll ask for you I keep the springers
  7. Craacker of a dog on the right nipper they dont make to many like thst anymore
  8. 2or 3 years ago we went over to a fella called ian and it was some of the best shooting I ever had to be honest lots of geese got a few duck and pheasants with him also prefer the duck shooting here in Ireland to be honest but 1000s of geese
  9. Cracking looking dogs there boys nice to see some good photos on here of genuine dogs
  10. The south of the country and goats I was looking at 3 groups well over 100 on the ground sunday collecting trail cameras some very big heads see alot of pucks this year compared to last year could see them on the open hill or forestry but they will have to be thinned out this season way to many in it
  11. Ireland would be ideal we have 2 leases mountin 5 thousand acres and we could give 3 days on it hunting
  12. No problem sorry mate south of Ireland stsrting back September 1 till paddy's day every Sunday wrong side of the channel for you
  13. Cracker born hunter looks well looked after
  14. Has anyone had experience with these was offers one for 600 never used and was wondering how the fair as a spotter as such
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