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  1. Cracker born hunter looks well looked after
  2. Has anyone had experience with these was offers one for 600 never used and was wondering how the fair as a spotter as such
  3. Too many people want there names to be known ..there not happy to just tip away with there dogs they want everyone to see they dig they want everyone to like there photos ego is an awful thing in this game and sadly doesn't help with certain pictures but I'm sure there will be backlash because I've a negative comment towards the want to be known terrier men
  4. And I wonder why we have so much hardship with people against hunting ......I can imagine by the writing whst sort of fella has put that up
  5. Any where did your dog come from mate looks like a pup I gave away up the country
  6. She was a clever bitch dug some stuff too ...dug the brother sammy under a garden shed one time with false peds one of the oddest digs we had cousin didnt mind the floor been busy open not thst he had much of a choice
  7. Took a lot of lads under your wing false peds showed them right from wrong to be fair to you cant fault you on that and gifted alot of pups for nothing also
  8. Longest shift I ever put in and it hasn't been dug since that day hardly risk it agsin
  9. Fine dog what way is he breed looks a fine strong dog built for the job
  10. If you dont mind thank you very much I'll give him a call and suss it out cheers
  11. Im not bothered mate travelling from Ireland so where ever would be the best I'm clueless as to where there are or what areas are best to be quite honest
  12. Hi lads just wondering where or who to get in contact with I'm looking to shoot a muntjack buck doesn't have to be gold medal not worried about that I'd be looking at 2 days shooting maybe 2 bucks and a couple of does just looking for info prices have my own gear and insurance stalking a good few years now have plenty of experience thanks
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