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  1. Got to say I am impressed with their resilience, seem hardy little birds and growing well. Conscious that they take 10-12 weeks compared to the cobb / cornish type bird which take 6-8 and consume a lot more feed. Not sure if I'm better cost and quality wise running a bird that grows faster and consumes less so I can give it a better quality feed, or a slower growing bird and cheapest feed. Also like Aussie whip says the commercial types seem to sit around whereas the sasso does seem to forage well, which in the warmer months might give them more off the grass and bugs.
  2. I am just finishing up my first batch of meat birds, ended up with sassos as thats all i could get my hands on locally. They have done really well in a movable 'chicken tractor' type setup on grass from 4 weeks even with some cold nights. I want to do more batches in the future with a similar setup, but during warmer months. What breed does everyone use and what are the pros and cons? Where about do you source your day old birds? Many thanks
  3. I've got a young springer pup about 3 months old on raw food, seems to handle chicken wings easily. Got a load of meat birds to process in a month so will have all the heads and feet are these any good and do they need any prep like chopping or beaks/claws removed? many thanks
  4. I will have a look for those materials then. Personally for a working knife anything over about £40 seems steep unless it was something really special, I want to use and abuse it and am conscious i have lost a few over the years. I have a mora fixed blade that a love but I don't use much because of how awkward wearing a normal sheath is, a small fixed blade in a horizontal sheath on front of my hip would be perfect but most don't come like that.
  5. I prefer a locking knife really seems more practical, I only really come back to the wenger as it was a gift and its compact. Any specific recommendations there is so much out there.
  6. Carried a wenger swiss army knife my brother gave me most the time for the past decade, carried a few other sturdier knives but come back to it as its nice and small in the pocket and does most things i want but can be real pain needing both hands to open it halfway through something. So I'm after a reliable folder i can open and close with my left hand. Doesn't need to be anything special just hold a decent edge a while about 3" blade seems sufficient for most things. Thank you
  7. For the most part the hedges are more open, lots of thorn but been flail cut for so long the bottoms aren't that dense. Obviously there is a mix of everything but most ground is that way walking distance from the back door which is where the daily work will be.
  8. Its a mixture really, I'm on the Somerset levels so its a lot of open fields and hedgerows a few bits of woodland dotted around on the sloping headlands. That black dog with the white chest is lovely looks proper keen, what breeding is it?
  9. We are looking to get a pup soon once we've got a kennel / run sorted. The most secure location we have is against a south facing block wall so I am conscious of the heat in the summer. I am thinking that if I build it with the sleeping area against the existing wall and the long open side facing west that will be my best bet as it will only get direct afternoon/evening sun. I have only built one set up before at 9 x 5' which was ok. Is there an optimal size or layout that works best? Going to lay a concrete slab with a channel drain, probably a single course of block then wood frame with gal
  10. Sounds an interesting mix that, have you done it before? Be interested to see a picture of those pups.
  11. Thanks for all the advice guys, she seems most sold on cocker types at the moment, i'd like something with a bit more speed but like I said she doesn't go much on the slightly built lurchers which is a shame. Be good to get out with someone and see how its done. Got a bit of thinking time I need to get the kennel built yet.
  12. Haha ok, never had a lurcher before. I love the idea of a whippet type. Why are bull x such a bad idea?
  13. Thanks Allan, no illusions about keeping the freezer full. Are their any particular breeds that would work well in this situation? Personally i'd love a beddy whippet but the wife likes slightly chunkier dogs although I might get a bull x past her.
  14. Is there anyone in Somerset area that could show me the ropes? Me and the wife are finally in a position to get a dog, I'm not shooting enough to warrant an all out gundog so I figured something for a bit of bushing and occasional rough shooting might be a good option. Looking through it seems most are running multiple dogs and flushing to lurchers, is it worth doing with a single dog and if so what would you recommend? Thanks for reading.
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