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  1. Just moved into a new place, was a cow shed many moons ago and there are several crawl space/ lofts got mice and evidence of rats in all of them. Not sure if the rat droppings are fresh though and someone has poisoned previously. What is the best way to clear up both pests at the same time? I have trapped loads of rats and mice using fenns and breakback traps over the years but never both at the same time. How do I confirm if I currently have rats? The fenn tunnels I have won’t exclude the mice and they will rob the bait or fire the trap. All advice welcome. Thank you.
  2. Thank for the reply Phil, I think i will give it a go on a couple of traps and see how it goes.
  3. Notching the trigger sear into a night latch seems to be quite common practice by american trappers on their foothold traps. Does anyone use the method or find it helpful for fenns? It seems like a good idea that simplifies getting a repeatable sensitive set using a positive mechanical stop rather than tapping until it looks about right. Any thoughts? Rob
  4. Thanks jok, that a nice little sheath. I really like the look of the heavy thick leathers but like you say these will be harder to work in many respects and very expensive to learn on I would imagine.
  5. Have seen some fantastic leather gear on here over the years, I fancy having a go at making some stuff for myself. What is the best way to start off in terms of tools, materials and projects. I would like to make a really sturdy belt and a nice sheath. Had a look at some videos and these projects seem doable but I am aware that skilled people make things look very easy. All advice greatly appreciated. Rob
  6. I ended up getting some genuine Fenns from the trapbarn website, they only do their own 'improved trap' in the MK4 size. Must say the price for the Fenns was competitive and the service was really fast.
  7. As above really. I use Fenn and Springer MK4s in the past, only Fenn MK6's. There seems to be little difference in the power or effectiveness that i can see, but I only have 10 traps in total so I am a mere amateur and I have never seen a solway trap in the flesh. I need to get some more traps in both sizes. The solways are coming up a bit cheaper than the other two, are they as good or is it false economy? If these aren't the best option, where is the best place to buy springers or fenns to get a good deal? Thanks for you input.
  8. The fenn is a brilliant trap and properly fenced as per regs poses no greater risk than any other trap. I have used them for years and not caught a non target species just fencing with sticks, however weldmesh seems even more secure so I thought I would try belt and braces. The kittens aren't in the immediate area of the trap but cats wander. What size is the hole on the boxes you are using for these other traps?
  9. When making tunnels for fenn traps for catching rats what size do you make the hole in the fencing at the ends? I have some heavy gauge weldmesh which is 50mm between centre so roughly 45mm gap, is this appropriate? Usually use sticks but there are a few kittens in the area and I won't be very popular if i kill one. Thanks Rob
  10. i will give you £25 posted if its still available
  11. cheers for the response. i have a hw 90 as my main gun and a ratty. i have done up an old meteor for plinking and i and just doing this one up for fun really i like a bit of tinkering and gun smithing i am going to re-do the stock as another practice before i do my beretta shotgun. i know gamos are a bit pants but its more of a challenge then, i think i might have to many air rifles too ... has nobody come across these problems before?
  12. thanks a lot tegater, i have time on my side thats no trouble. it would be good to do the work myself
  13. ok much appreciated i was being hopeful i could do it on the cheap. any idea of the price?
  14. i have an old gamo magnum 3000 which has a little issue it intermittently releases in a slow ticking instead of firing, that is when you pull the trigger, the piston creeps forward and ticks as if the spring or piston is sticking. when it fires cleanly it is fine and has good power which suggested the piston seal was good. so i fully stripped the gun and polished and deburred the internals and greased as appropriate and inspected the seal, the problem has reduced but is still apparent. the spring was warped somewhat and having looked at an exploded drawing it appear the piston weight is at th wrong end of the spring suggesting tampering by a previous owner. i am going to change out the spirng and correct the positioning or the piston weight hopefully curing the problem. It also doesnt catch back on the trigger when cocking so i think the trigger needs a little more adjustment. Has anyone else had these problems and if so how have you cured them?
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