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  1. And the driving refreshers course might be In need but I can’t remember the few days leading up to the accident or any of the day in intensive after ?
  2. Thanks mate.. I thought about another pup soon as it happend but that was just me trying to heal the situation. If something comes up I’d consider it but no rush? I never thought it be sat here saying I killed my dog etc but unfortunately I have..
  3. I can’t seem the get back in touch with his breeder.. if you happen to read this Craig please get in touch
  4. Gonna be looking for another pup in the future just not exactly now.. if anyones got some planned deerhound x types or something similar please feel free too message ? took a lighter workload hoping to give duke a decent season and really get him keen and going. I failed the c**t unfortunately
  5. So I’ve been too beat up to get on and say this. I was driving back from a night out with duke, kit and some fur in the back. hit a ditch and flipped the van 3 times and from what police have said he died quickly ? I had a rocky start with him, then built something special living on Dartmoor for few months with the little guy then taking him work everyday. He was something else, a dog I’ll never forget.. my heart is still f****d dealing with tho I have everyone in my ear that it’s just a dog, just a tool ? Yeah i tool that I f***ing broke for good ?
  6. There was an incident out of pure accident but got him off as I thought id probably escaped from a local farm or something
  7. I’m not sure I’ve not heard of anything like that happening here.. I’ve walked that woods for over ten years now and never seen one before. Apparently there’s a load in the woods by by local seaside town now too..
  8. I was out walking a wood local to me in the SW and this guy pops up.. Spoke to a couple people and apparently round here there been loads of pigs sightings in wooded areas.. He doesn’t appear to be a wild pig to me but maybe I’m wrong? Does anyone know why these pigs are popping up round here?
  9. Is there any news/update yet? More days that pass I think the chances are dwindling
  10. That’s amazing work.. Shame it’s a cat tho ?
  11. This greb bloke just wants to cause arguments, be a prick and purposely goes out his way to cause drama. How many more accounts do you need to make to keep pestering people. He misread a post and pm a load of shit for no reason.
  12. No offers from anyone I would even consider having him. Mate I’m not lowering myself to you again, just don’t bang on about your millions of earnings when you can work for 6 a week.
  13. Your actually comical bud.. not everyone can talk shit so naturally like you.
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