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  1. Love the look of son, all crackers tho mate!
  2. Yeah... Lovely looking pup mate, hope all goes well!
  3. Kennel blind.. Mc hull your saying your just being honest about whippets? Wales1234 hasn't got whippets? I may be wrong
  4. I heard his mates collars better made too..
  5. Looks a nice pup mate, been keeping an eye on youtube
  6. Some back legs on that!
  7. Just been watching yo Galgo on Amazon prime.. actually really enjoyed it. Worth a watch if you haven't already it's pretty hunting based
  8. I'm not passed of age yet but I definitely get you... I'm joisting out for a new build on the same land I once shot bunnies with a crappy Trago Mills air rifle.. Kinda sad when you think about it! Reminisce and smile, the only way
  9. Thanks mate, he sure is. Keeping me on my toes, probably most energetic pup I've had
  10. The little scamp is nearly 13 weeks now, thankfxxk. Getting him tired in days... Full of character n beans, see how he is coming too site with me Monday
  11. I'm waiting for it.. I saw the photo he sent you and this reminded me straight away... Padlock on my pants now, bricking it
  12. https://youtube.com/shorts/XCfubk5gKDw?feature=share when did you make this Carl?
  13. My old presa x was a b*****d to a pup I brought home, within a few hours he knew the score. I get you know your dog more than anyone else but stick at it for couple days maybe, at least before accepting defeat?
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