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  1. Might just go with cheaper wax jacket then...
  2. All I know atm is that its low ground, most likely driving pheasants.
  3. I also love this jacket but its more shooter than beater and twice the price of the monsoon or ventau.
  4. For beating, picker up which is best, they seem similar to me with good review. This video is what has me interested in the Shooterking as its quite a rouged test for which it did very well. But there hasnt a bad word online for the monsoon either. I prefer jacket over smock.
  5. I plan on doing the dsc 1&2 anyway. Also heard from some that they got an open ticket for deer on their FAC licence when they had completed these courses pre-licence application.
  6. Yeah I've checked some places out they charge you £100 per bullet shot plus charged by the size of deer you take, plus guide fees or tips id assume. Seems excessive considering we are told recreational hunters aren't doing enough to tackle the population problem. Maybe if it wasn't around £1000 per bloody stag people might shoot more.
  7. I thought i was right eye dominant last night when doing my own though up test, this video here confirm's it. Only right eye open, the coin stays in the triangle, only left eye open and the coin is gone only the green instructions are visible. Maybe abit tw@tful since I'm left handed.
  8. Whats your opinion on it? Yes it seems humans have a subconscious dominant favorable eye but does it really effect your shot? Some say it doesn't, and the methods used to counter this myth (ie closing one eye) makes you a bad shot...
  9. Yeah I watched a YT testing different pellets (not with the walther) 9 brands hit around 10.5-10.8 and the Exact Diablo hit 11.5. Alot of pellet reviews shows Exact Diablo as a top performer.
  10. I thought it would he good to go as its the manufacturers declaration?
  11. What you got? And anyone got a Walther Reign? Looks to be the most powerful sub on the market at 11.95ft/lb, and its bullpup..
  12. Yeah I'm thinking a nice black lab.
  13. Taking 12g shotgun cartridges as an example, 28gr/1oz, looks to work out around £70-80 for enough powder (1lb), primers and steel shot to make 250 (plastics you can reuse to a point). Given that the cheaper factory ammo slab is around £55-60 and the top end stuff over £100, where do you find your reloads fit in interms of performance and value? Are they better than the cheap stuff? Is price on par with factory ammo or better? Also for rifle rounds, ive read reloads are typically more accurate at longer ranges, but more accurate than what? The cheapest? The best factory ammo? Where do you
  14. Also, do gundog rescue centres allow you to rehome one for working purposes? Or are they generally against it? I'm just wondering if there could be good finds in these rescue centres. Over the prices ive seen for 2yr old pretrained dogs being £6k+ at specific training centres..
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