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  1. Hi lads and lasses quick question for use any input much appreciated. I have a 15 month old springer he's mad to hunt will retrieve a tennis ball no bother won't lift a dummy ,tried him on cold game he runs to it then plucks feathers off it , shot a pigeon for him he done the same thing .I'm just wondering is there any way of getting him out of this or is he just a hard mouthed dog ?
  2. Thanks for the reply , Do you think I should start the cold game in the yard first before bringing him else where
  3. Bit of advice needed please . I have a 10 month old springer he's a reluctant retriever .in my yard he'll retrieve every ball for me flawlessly ,but my PROBLEM is when I take him out to the field he has zero interest in retrieving ,he will run for the ball pick it then look at me drop it and continue sniffing around .
  4. Any contact details for him
  5. Any teckle pups for sale or coming up interested
  6. Any teckle pups for sale or coming up interested
  7. Wasn't the gun more so the rails and rings .there was never a problem with the scope that was on it previously
  8. what did you take from my post that led you to think the scope is goosed ? And I was zeroing the scope at 100mtrs not silly paper targets also the scopes mag is perfect for what I want it for
  9. Thanks for the help lads I got it sorted now,I changed the rings to Burris signature rings the shims sorted the problem so I'm good to go now
  10. Thanks for the comments so far ,it's a .223 by savage arms scope is docter 8x56 and I'm an inch low maxed out
  11. I need a bit of aadvice as I'm relatively new to owning rifles ,I was zeroing my rifle today and I'm an inch off the height I want it set at and no more click left on the scope ,what should I do
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