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    Chris froome

    Sad to hear he's had a bad accident and going to be out for a good while , so no tour de france this year for him , would have loved to seen him win again just to piss the froggies off
  2. steve66

    British D-Day Memorial

    Also the Duke of wellingtons regt
  3. steve66

    Fight of the century ?

    No chance of it happening cruz is 56 , though id love to see him knock biebers head off
  4. steve66

    Normandy Landings 75 years ago today.

    Always amazed how the country pulled together and mobilized during ww11 , everything from the steel works, coal to keep the country running , munitions factorys ect , all those who gave there life fighting , certainly a humbling time and I have the deepest respect to all those involved
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    Old Photo's

    Fully agree fireman , I had a border mostly oxcroft blood in the 80's that looked like a staffy with a coconut coat on and over sprung ribs
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    Old Photo's

    Borders look more like lakeys , longer in the muzzle than todays borders , thanks for sharing bosun
  8. steve66

    Litters planned or due

    Dogfox wouldn't have put up with this pish he would have been limbering up in asda car park by now
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    Probly scared he might not be able to fidle his taxes under a pro brexit goverment
  10. steve66

    Next Tory Leader?

    The whole things dead locked and f*cked , the next pm will only have the same problems as maybot and I can see a general election coming and that'll be the death of Brexit
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    Never mind the stags head, he,s pinned santa to the wall , must have shot him as he flew over
  12. steve66

    saying mike ashly has sold nufc

    wonder how much comes backwith advertising and sponsorship ?
  13. steve66

    New Reel

    Thinking of getting a new reel for barbel fishing to go with a korum rod , just wondered what other people are using
  14. steve66

    sunderland v charlton,predictions

    Our first season under new owners and a new manager , to be in the final of the play offs is a result in itself , usually were fighting relegation at the end of the season , so as they say onwards and upwards and look forward to next season
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    Mount Everest

    K2 supposed to be one of the hardest to climb
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    Property to let
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    Been a great series , makes you wonder about the one in japan afew years back and the damage that could have done
  18. steve66

    Free solo

    Free solo on 9pm on channel 4 Thursday night , good documentary about rock climbing , well worth a watch
  19. steve66

    Funny Joke Thread

    Bad tennent refuses to leave
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    Think were about 20% English and 80% foreign of a workforce of about 800, not rare on a weekend to be the only English lad in our department
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    Brexit party got my vote
  22. steve66


    Probably because most that work in warehouseing arnt british
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    Sadley Nikki Lauder passed away certainly one of formula ones legends
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    Sadly universal credit has a lot to do with the rise in homeless , not fit for purpose