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    And that's why I believe coppers should be armed , the days of Dixon of dock green have long gone and so has the respect
  2. steve66

    peaky blinders heads up

    Taboo was something else , enjoyed it hopefully itll be back on soon
  3. Think he's got a bad case of little man syndrome
  4. steve66


    Interesting topic , anyone into using resistance bands ? only used them afew time but quite like them
  5. steve66


    To good the refuse for a quid , stapple diet for use safc supporters
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    I was diagnosed with diabetic at 10 years ago , so I cut out the carbs and sugar as best I could and went from 17st to 13.1/2 and felt a lot better for it though its not always easy especially when eating out
  7. steve66

    What the f**k .......

    that's exactly what I mean max
  8. steve66

    What the f**k .......

    Romanian roma community are well know for it , kids just pissing in the playground because that's all they know , you want to go you go
  9. steve66

    Eyes to the skies

    Good pics zandy , nice to see a pic of the saab draken
  10. steve66

    lee duffy of borough

    Think he meant the swale
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    That's a shame , played so good roles over the years RIP
  12. steve66

    Cannabis oil

    some size that Mac , is it just to produce oil ?
  13. steve66

    Starting to think dogs and go-pros don’t mix

    Which go pro was it stoney ? ive just a cheap ebay copy , so well see how we go before upgrading
  14. steve66

    Starting to think dogs and go-pros don’t mix

    Keep thinking about putting one in a swim and baiting up be interesting to see the fish feed
  15. steve66

    Safety work shoes/trainers

    that's the only problem with buying on line you cant try them on
  16. steve66

    Oldest dog on thl??

    Got a seventeen year old pat , still a nasty little shit so hes doing ok
  17. steve66

    RIP Geoff Fletcher (Sowhat)

    Just been reading this on the non ped race page on facebook great shame to hear of his passing , he owned some good dogs in his time certainly be missed RIP
  18. steve66

    Safety work shoes/trainers

    Sounds about right for warehouse work ebay do some good light trainers can't be doing with boots
  19. steve66

    Safety work shoes/trainers

    Some good trainer types on ebay very light
  20. steve66

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    So , is it true he's trying to get political asylum ? would that make tommy a asylum seeker
  21. steve66

    Light Spin Rod Advice

    Ive a Wychwood rod that I use with micro lures great fun for knocking about with taking perch and rudd not had a trout yet but that's on the cards , could do with a smaller reel to balance it better though
  22. steve66

    Is it a bird!

    At least his deaths not in vain, they have skinned him out and made a wet suite
  23. steve66

    Is it a bird!

    Police have identified him him, he's called Amin......., amin ya flowerbed seemly he's a down to earth chap lol
  24. steve66

    Rod pod

    Thinks of getting a rod pod for the river , korum one looks ok for the money just wonderd what other people recommend
  25. steve66

    Rod pod

    From what ive seen they seem right enough , ive been just using bank sticks , fancied a change this season