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  1. Has its bad points also, i seen the post on Facebook and start to read the comments, and all the dogooders with their undesirable comments about visual work wear on one of the terriers. Dribble out of their mouths. Bit of luck they're returned
  2. I see you using the term game as they come, how do you define game as they come
  3. Are you on the pharmaceuticals man... You're conversing with yourself
  4. Yous can't even dig fox without hassle in Britain never mind racoon
  5. All in good taste but Plus you do love a good heated argument
  6. No pal nothing working and a pup with some good dogs in the lineage so we'll see what he becomes of late next year
  7. I pop on here from time to time on chance a seen good write up that's in good taste but there's still good topics, and pictures, and then the wind up merchants and the American lads killing each other its great for the head sometimes good to see that your still doing your thing. Wish you all the best with the rest of the season
  8. There was a good few a fella liam Delaney another lad fatman and smasher was frequent at that time
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