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  1. To be fair to the American Cocker most people who have them/breed them would not claim they are anything but a companion/show dog. They were developed in America as a show dog and haven't really changed much in the last 40 years. They are only in the Gundog group because of the name. Generally they are a happy healthy long lived breed with a lot of character.
  2. I'm sure for a few there is a money motivation but for the most part I can assure you it isn't true. The best in show winner from 2012 had one litter of a single pup, where's the money in that. Very few people will use that dog that won last night at stud because most people within the breed hate the Kennel that own/bred him. If you have got a minute search the 2017 terrier group on youtube scroll forward to 33.16 minutes and tell me if she was motivated by money?!
  3. Still there yeah, same shit different place!! Might have to take you up on the offer. I doubt it, everything will still be shit! Don't know how to do links, search this :Terrier Group Judging and Presentation | Crufts 2017 and go to 33 minutes in, see if you recognise anyone!
  4. Bring her over next year, will sort you some tickets if you fancy it. Gundog day will be on the Sunday, sure my girls will act as a guide for her! Did she watch the terrier group? Hey hey, long time no see !!.......how yous all doing ? That's a lovely offer, so you know what, I may just take you up on that......let keep in touch. If you find yourself in ireland you have to come and see us She will have the terriers recorded.......will I have a look? Good thanks, have a look, you can find it on youtube as well. You should, I hate the bloody place but the girls love it and if y
  5. Bring her over next year, will sort you some tickets if you fancy it. Gundog day will be on the Sunday, sure my girls will act as a guide for her! Did she watch the terrier group?
  6. There was at least one dog in one of the groups yesterday that can do, has done and will be doing more of what she was bred to do. The handler has probably seen and done more than some on here too!!
  7. Should be an interesting six nations, would be very surprised if any team does the Grand Slam. Bit disappointed with England's selection, particularly Haskell at Openside. All the fuss that has been made about Robshaw not being a true "7" and then that lumbering buffoon gets the shirt!
  8. lilvixen

    Van Gaal

    From what I can see LVG has got to go, but as has been said earlier is there any proof that Giggs will be any good? If the club needs someone that knows the Man U way then why not the manager of the club that just beat them 2-0?! Mark Hughes has had his ups and downs but that gives experience, he's got Stoke, with limited resources, playing half decent football and he would be in for the long haul unlike Mourinho or Guardiola.
  9. My good lady hasn't had a job in the ten years we've been married but with three daughters at home full-time she works harder than I ever could! The eldest two are home educated and our four year old has global development delay so certainly can't see her getting a Job for at least another ten years. Personally I count my blessings everyday that I have a wife who spends so much time with her children but I would be climbing the walls if we had to swap roles!!
  10. Some wealthy people have imported the Australian type jack russell from Australia, and other countries that got dogs from Australia originally. They have asked the Kennel Club to recognise the breed and that is what is happening. People in uk with dogs that fit the Australian breed standard will be able to add them to registry.
  11. Considering Tuilagi initially got 5 weeks for kneeing a bloke while being tackled, O'Brien was lucky with a week. Just hoping we see him again in this world cup! Agree though he should have had a proper go
  12. Going to be even more important Irish see this game out or they won't get beyond quarters missing those two and O'Brien will be cited.
  13. Cuthbert will be a permanent fixture from now on, Liam Williams has been ruled out for the rest of the tournament with a foot injury.. Lloyd Williams or Anscomb and hook as fullback. Anyone but Cuthbert . Cuthbert. What a deliberate knock-on and then looked genuinely shocked to be sin binned! He spends most of the game looking confused. How Shaun Edwards hasn't throttled him I don't know!
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