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  1. 9.5 steels mate and sorry but i couldnt tell you what bands very new to cattys and their understandings just the ones that came with it mate. sorry atb Tom
  2. Top man mate would appreciate that thank you can’t fault it
  3. Thank you mate very much appreciated top man buddy
  4. Hi lads looking for a bit of help maybe a long shot I know but worth asking I’m looking to add another terrier pup to the kennels come the summer time as having plenty of work coming for them and looking to source one from good stock purely earth work in mind if any decent lads have a planned litter please could you keep me in mind and maybe get in touch I know it’s not easy as most are spoken for by mates etc but I’m not in a group of lads with the dogs or I don’t have the opportunity of such pups unfortunately just me and my dogs just looking to get into some decent dogs with decent work you
  5. cheers lads appreciate the advice lovely set up that lurchers Atb BT
  6. My thinking exactly mate concrete sounds like the only way for it Thanks again Atb BT
  7. thanks for the reply tony Was looking to put a like half drain pipe at the rear for it to run into on a slope to then run away to the soak away if that makes sense haha. i think i prefer the sound of concrete tbh no gaps etc Thanks atb BT
  8. Looking to build a new set of kennels lads got a space of roughly 9M x 3M, so looking at putting 2mx 2m runs up leaving me a 1M in front for access and standing etc. looking to build them out of run panels solid on back and sides then gates on front and then having thermo boxes in the runs and a roof covering the complete runs. what do you lads think is best to put on the floor ? concrete base or slab it. at the moment its just overgrown hardcore/chippings. was thinking concrete with a slight slope towards the back of the kennels to drain away. what price would i be roughly looking a
  9. the young pup kept still for 5 minutes coming on well atb BT
  10. Fortunate enough not to see many people where I live and exercise the dogs tbh we are lucky to see the postman twice a week and even he struggles to get past the collies at the end of the lane and we have had the same postie for as long as I can remember those collies are horrible b*****ds and I love a life of not socialising with to many people
  11. Was an absolute pleasure thanks again mate appreciate the chance to rehome them little beauties Atb BT
  12. Picked this nice little cheap cartridge bag Up off eBay for 8.99 ideal for nets nice small and light got 30 nets in here or even just a few nets locator etc if you want to go light without big game bags etc thought a few lads may find of interest cheers BT
  13. just a few pics of young Rambo. Just a contribution to the site for you lads to see and me to keep to look back on. He’s enjoying exploring the garden and a tiny introduction to the rabbit skin ball atb Lads BT
  14. The mrs put up something for me last night was bloody lovely she wont mind me saying shes far from a decent cook and really not keen on game etc but roasted a nice partridge shot in the morning bit of bacon wrapped around, some sweet potatoes mushrooms and tomatoes came up lovely and an empty plate fair play to her atb BT
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