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  1. Good to hear cheers pal fingers crossed their still available
  2. is the berreta and bettinsoli still for sale mate ? thanks Tom
  3. The youngster coming on great, a real character with a great temperament nothing stupid or senseless just takes everything in his stride
  4. Mammut Element Barryvox is the one currently using been spot on so far not missed a beat, had a pieps sport in the past was always spot on too, B&F i wouldnt like to rely on atb BT
  5. Not to sure sorry mate didnt really look at them tbh as have one for sale myself just noticed there was a lot there
  6. Not a massive selection mate tbh just the odd few rifles when they have them in, worth a visit now and again to see what they have, alot of BSA lightnings when i was there last.
  7. Quick zero this morning and we’ll happy with this 30m H&N ftt 8.64 gr nice little 6 shot group really pleased me, not done any pellet testing yet or anything serious just zeroing and a quick play. 2 shots on bottom was from zeroing atb BT
  8. It seems that way mate, ive owned a fair few rifles and honestly so far this is really taking my liking. keep looking im sure there is a bargain out there for you
  9. He loves a cash deal as you say he knocked some of this mate so couldnt argue
  10. will do mate so far really happy with it nice and easy to use, and feels comfortable for me, will test it out fully tomorrow. yeah thats where i picked it up from mate had a few bits at decent prices from him in the past, its a handy little place
  11. Hi there gents, been sitting in the shadows quietly popping in the section now and again missing shooting a lot so been looking for a new rifle for myself for a while to wander the firlds with the dogs over the summer. Although cant justify spending the money needed for what i wanted at the moment i was still eager to get out again so popped into the local shop for a gander, picked up a nice looking nearly new .177 Gamo gx40 with silencer and bipod for £270 which i thought was a deal, 10 shot so ideal for what i want and felt really comfy in the shoulder so for that price i was happy at least
  12. Hopefully they stand by him and he keeps his badge, all too often decent doorstaff get their badge taken for far less than this, came close to losing mine last year for a open palm push after being bitten handled the issue well in my eyes atb BT
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