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  1. got a collection of hunting dvds for sale lads all work fine in proper cases looking for £80 posted for the lot not looking to split cheers Fox Hunting with lurchers by day 1-4 The lamper a cold wind blows The lamper one man and his dogs The warrener Terriers and running dogs at work Andrew edwards rabbiting days Night and day with the yorkshire ratters Another night and day with the yorkshire ratters The ultimate ratting set Air rifle hunting (not sure of title details) Digging the dirt part 1 and 2
  2. Well what can i say mate either than bloody hell you truly are one of the good ones my friend yes im pretty gutted atm but as you know family is first mate ...i appreciate your offer greatly mac hopefully once your done with it the funds will be on the plus side if im not living in the baharmas with my lotto winnings thank you again mate a true gent as always many thanks Tom atvb
  3. still got these 2 rifles for sale lads had plenty of time wasters as usual but need these gone will do both rifles for £600 if your not going to show up with cash for them DO NOT bother messaging me cheers looking to sell my hw 110 .177 as need a little cash rifle is in great condition no problems at all shoots perfect comes as i bought it a few weeks back with hard case bipod 2 mags and hawke varmint 4-16-44 with weaver mounts looking to sell my pride and joy the world famous vhtv sfs tuned hw 98 in .177 bought this from my si a while ago now she is in great condition shoots as perfect as ever been stood in the cabinet for a bit as not getting used comes exactly how i bought it with adjustable butt plate and cheek piece with sling and a hawke sport hd 4-12-50 scope just look at some of the vids on youtube to see what she is like no pics atm .. south wales collection can meet locally cheers
  4. no its still avalible and its the 110 which i beleive there is only 1 size id say is karbine and in a sporter stock synthetic
  5. hopefully looking to sell with the rifle pal but if it doesnt go then ill let you know
  6. yeah i thought it would go for a decent price no need for greed just try and get some money back for it
  7. yet your right there pal for sure ..im doing okay thanks mate and your self ? i appreciate that offer a lot thanks buddy your a top star
  8. cheers pal yes gutted its going but needs must thanks
  9. no its still avalible atm
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