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  1. I run wirehaired vizlas and ive seen one or two half decent weims but the Swedish stock is excellent
  2. clicker train the dog. its a completely different approach. find a dog trainer who does it and learn,
  3. I have two that have had young at the same time and ive splt them up from the youngsters as the kits are weaned and need handling. one jill is fine the other bites the handle of the muck shovel I have to use to stop her attacking my hand. She will be fine in a few weeks. They are amazing little b*****ds
  4. Brittany is an hpr breed fast and furious and they don't miss much but you need to be training them before they are born as they are dynamite. Clumbers are slow and steady spaniels. Totally different jobs in the purest sense but with good handling the bittany can do the lot
  5. I have two one is just 6 months the other 4 year old. Cant fault them they just need loads of work
  6. I use my wirehaired Vizsla when we are shooting ferreted rabbits, he marks holes and works the rushes before we start ferreting. He sits and doesn't chase when rabbits bolt and he does get to retrieve most of them. He has been known to chase rabbits in the beating line but I don't make a huge thing over it and 9 times out of 10 I can stop him no bother. He is rock solid on hares and deer and we often stand on shoot days with roe deer running past us and on the moor during the grouse season he just watches hares away
  7. stop letting him hunt and chase he is only 6 months old you have no real control of him yet or are you ever likely too if you keep training him this way. Brittanys are the worst offenders at hunting up and going deaf. At his age he needs loads of fun retrieving practice and fun obedience. you are rushing and will end up with a pest of a dog flushing everything in the next county. Work towards entering to hunting seriously at 18 months
  8. I have never seen one work and even show/pet dogs are pretty uncommon in the North east at least
  9. if you change all of your commands/training ground etc and really think about it you should get a workable dog. Take her to a trainer and learn how to get what you want
  10. I know people who shoot and use the hawk with their dogs and they have no bother
  11. Thunderbelly the hunt point retrieve breeds are collectively known as HPR so the likes of vizsla the germans , brittanys and the whole host of French type pointers
  12. I know everybody has their bias but a good HPR will work a lab or springer into the ground and do it every day! day after day after day.
  13. Yes mate he does not as close as a spaniel but he is within 30 yards and I can stop and turn him on the whistle if I want him to work closer. He is never out of control. I think he just likes to be in contact but I play to this by calling him in now and then to work a bit of cover for me and I think that exercise means he is expecting my commands
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