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  1. Thought it would be off at any distance if it was bent I've told him I'll sort it. And as for being a chancer I've started with a lightning and built up to the p15 from a gamo coyote what's wrong with that
  2. And then I put some pellets through it And it shot ok Colin fired it in his garden and it shot ok wasn't sure it was after I fired it. Like I've pmd him saying I'll sort it but did shoot fine in the garden
  3. The barrel was shooting ok when I tried it I the garden hitting a can so thought must of been how we were looking down it my tablet is constantly logged in so will look like I'm online soon as internet is opened if it's no good bring it backand secondly I'm no chance getting things off here and selling them on I've built up from a bs a lightning on freeads so wbat . I've sold a Diana for a pal and he's put an advert on for tuning since he lost his job as an engineer typical thl though everyone jumps to conclusions like I say if guns no good I'll happily come back for it ?
  4. It's the Subaru doing the work not their dogs I've seen some of those dogs over that way run supposed 4/5 a night i took some lads out walking one night and they were useless without a Subaru and a gallon of fuel couldn't get a bend out of owt. I had a beddy whippet grey bitc h pulled 3 for em
  5. Your over Doncaster you've no chance Subaru lads have ran out of foxes and done the bunny in ????
  6. Probably doing there little handshake now singing their songs
  7. Makes you wonder about the judge been a nonce too too many like this happening now they should just be executed they will never change they were born wrong uns and will die wrong uns no amount of therapy or counselling will change em
  8. She's a pain in the arse lol getting some size about her now still going though plenty of time left to grow i walked in the house with hat and hood up on big coat she nearly had me the twat told her to get down and tail was wagging all over me then
  9. There not much louder fac my pals has same shroud as kind and cant really tell the difference with a pellet in its louder dry firing.
  10. If your pals got traders hell have mid access where you can put cars on and off database get him to put it on if your fully comp and covered third party to drive other vehicles say you've borrowed it if you get a tug I've had traders last 5 year and never had any bother they come up as insured once put on mid and ask him if he's got demo cover if he has your covered either way you can tax a car online without mot too I've just done it
  11. It'll of got up and wiped itself out getting through trees I've seen a couple do it
  12. Be easier part ex for bullpup won't it ? Bullpup kits are around 350 from b.a.r
  13. Haha think we all will of been close mine was a webley raider 10 shrouded Birmingham gun I got off a company to try with their own scope in 2004 shot 17 bunny on some permission but was a horrible drizzly misty day up the dales as scope kept fogging up with covers on took em off then they got wet had a big polecat in a drop trap near car i went to tail it and the cnut got hold of me I was going to shoot it when it was hold couldn't get it off when it did let go whippet had it couldn't see a thing through scope after wrestling about with it left covers off ?? I'd just had enough then dog would
  14. Wait til I miss it'll be a muddy size 9 stamp ????
  15. They do but a.22 I think would be better than .25 at 30ftlb but with his key mags at about 21grain in .22 and 25 grain .25 I couldn't get my head round it but thinking about it and other opinions think it could be a bit low
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