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  1. Would 2 Jill's be ok to have kits together in the same hutch or should they be separated?
  2. Does anyone sell dead rabbits in the County Durham area?
  3. Do you keep her on the lead or on the stop whistle when something bolts? Cheers
  4. Yeah mine tends to chase the odd rabbit but she's getting better, I'll not let her retrieve I'll keep her watching it might steady her more, cheers bud
  5. Thanks mate I'll take that into consideration, I think it'll steady her a lot more sitting and staying all day. Cheers!
  6. Do you think it will steady the dog if she's made to sit and stay or will it make her want to chase when out shooting? Cheers
  7. I've never really shouted at her for doing it but maybe she's picked up on my fustration.. Both me and the dog need educating still. Thank you for your advice it all makes a difference to see peoples different ways.
  8. I have a ess bitch 2 year old and would love to get her out beating this season, whether it be working her or just on the lead this season. She has a very good hunt drive, brushing out any bird, rabbit in her way. She comes and sits at my feet on command and walks to heel but the only problem I have is her actually retrieving. She'll run and pick the dummy, bird or rabbit up but won't actual retreive. When I call her back she will leave it and come sit to feet or sometimes lay down playing with it. Can anyone give me some advice of how I can learn myself and her to retrieve?
  9. Does anyone know where I can buy a mk3m magnet to turn off the collars, I've bought a ferret finder off a mate but no magnet is there. Can anyone help? Thanks
  10. Where abouts in the north east are you?
  11. Will the two hobs be ok in the same hutch next year breeding season if they've been brought up together? Or will they still fight? They're out of the same nest.. Cheers
  12. Cheers mega hunter I will try that tomorrow.
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