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  1. checked your page. nice work. now what would consider a good type for general use.for a left handed old fogey if your not an experienced shooter forget plywood catty,s, they will fall to bits after 2/3 fork hits, they may look the bollacks but don't last, sorry to nick if that's his business but in my experience, ply catty,s are great for those making them but not for people buying, a proshot bloodshot is £25 made from solid ally and will last a lifetime, fires flats or tubes,left or right handed and in any grip you like and in my opinion is the best starter catty out there, i feel a bit bad for saying it as I know there are a lot of people making money from it, but it's not fair taking money from people just because they are a bit naive, I think it also puts people off a sport when there new pride and joy ends up in the bin after a couple of shots, were as a well made catty can last a lifetime and even end up spanning a generation, just look at how many original milbro,s there are still out there, even a decent hazel fork will take a good beating and last years that's why they make walking sticks from it, so do tread carefullyThat's a load of bollocks. Correct grade ply takes fork hits great, it's a cheap but functional catty to get the correct form. There's no single catty or catty material for everybody. What suits one won't suit another. But ply is a great cheap starter option and stating they fall to bits is nonsense as long as the ply is quality.
  2. Ye that will be it mate. What I do is pre-tense the bands before you draw and try keep them level while pulling back. Rather than pulling back while the bands are slack as I think you'll tend to keep the catapult at whatever position it is when you start pulling rather than adjusting to keep it level.
  3. Looking for a smaller set either tinyloc or finntracker. Thanks
  4. Just an update. She's started gripping with her bad foot again and the swelling does look to have reduced slightly. She was using her foot to grab the chicks today rather than using the other foot only so some improvement at least. Plenty of rest and she should be ok. Just glad it happened this early on rather than during he season
  5. Message glynn thompson on facebook I believe he does hunting days with his eagles once the season starts
  6. What dosage am I looking at then mate? I've been told 0.2 ml ? But that seems nothing compared to what you're saying
  7. Think she's just pulled it baiting from the perch all the time but all her foots swollen up. Been given some metacam but doesn't seem to have done anything. Nearest avian vets is 2 hours away and I think she's out he office because I haven't been able to get through on the two numbers I've been given. At a loss
  8. Been giving it into the chick but not seen much improvement and trying to get her into the vets is becoming a joke
  9. Aye it's for the hawk lads so camt give aspirin. Been told the stuff they use for dogs is the only stuff they prescribe for hawks too. Can get the drops but need the tablets ideally
  10. Anybody able to get the tablets or have some spare? Thanks
  11. Can opener HDPE FOR SALE Canopener catty with simpleshot flip clips, original Canopener lanyard and brand new ttf bandset Can be shot OTT and TTF with the clips Rarely come up for sale £30
  12. Steel core bloodshot catty with micarta scales and ally pins made by myself. Not entirely happy with the polishing job, slight imperfections more as a result of the micarta but still a beautiful catty none the less Banded and posted £30
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