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  1. Cockers and springers where the same breed not so long ago. Out of a litter of pups the small dogs would be picked for woodcock shooters, hence cocker and the bigger dogs of the litter would be used for springing game, hence springer. A sproker is prob what the traditional spaniels looked like in years gone by. As for all the mongral comments. I'm a lurcher man originally so crossing breeds for gaining different attributes in the litter of pups makes perfect sense to me.
  2. does anyone know of any coming litters in the next couple of months of either of the per-mentioned mixes in the north or midlands. from york will drive anywhere within reason for the right dog. must be from good working stock. would love to be able to see the parents.
  3. i agree with the age thing lads. i think people who don't know you would be more ready to put there trust in an older chap who may seem to have more experience. I have asked over a dozen farmers for permission in recent weeks. ever people who live in the same village as my girlfriends father and they still seem reluctant to give permission. some asked me to leave my number but ive heard nothing. i have permission with one farmer with a large farm who i originally had permission off to use my air riffle for rabbit control. ive been going there since i was 17 and im now 22. id love more land and am trying all i can think of to get it. One of my colleges at work has a father who is a game keeper, I have offered to go on a beat with him and i'm going on the 27 of dec. this way i hope to get to speak to him and show him im a responsible young man and see what he says. Also i dont think a bit of money hurts some times. In my opinion if you ask for permission and go with fifty quid in your pocket it might just seal the deal. what fifty quid for endless nights of sport.
  4. My type of dug, cracker i agree its in good condition that dog stroller coats shineing and well toned . credit where credits due well done what breeding went into this fine animal mate. its a belter
  5. Me and my pal have been informed of an evert happening on sunday the 25th of sept 2011 somewhere near Barnsley (south Yorkshire). I can't find any details of it online though. If anyone knows anything please let's me know. Most grateful for any info. Cheers lads
  6. I'm thinking of getting a collie greyhound pup but would love some feed back about, and pictures of the breed. Thankyou to all that post.
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