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  1. Blueboybilly

    5 month old Cocker chasing low flying birds

    Thanks Wyman I have stated to teach him the stop whistle so hopefully the next time that it happens he will understand the whistle and stop!!!
  2. Hi guys, i have got a 5 month old working Cocker who is proving to be very game but he has started to chase low flying birds and despite me shouting he won’t stop chasing it until he realises that he can’t catch it!! im keen to correct this issue with him but I don’t know what to do. Has anyone got any experience with this issue who can pass on some advice? Thanks BBB
  3. Blueboybilly

    Is Lamping Unsporting?

    Southern Rabbits aren’t any harder to catch lads... Northern Dogs are just faster than their southern shandy drinking counterparts
  4. Blueboybilly

    Cmon Scotland

    Fair play to Scotland. We were out muscled and out witted by a team who were superior on the day. Well done Scotland - well deserved
  5. Blueboybilly

    New Hob

    Hi guys, I got a new job a few weeks ago. He’s a very small type. When I introduced him to my current job (who is very big) they seemed to play for 30 seconds and then the big Hob pins down the little Hob and looks like he’s trying to kill him. i always break it up and they live I separate hutches because of this reason. My qquestion is: Will this always be a problem or is there something that I can do to help them get along??? BBB
  6. Blueboybilly

    Hob scruffing Gill

    how do I deal with this long term?
  7. Blueboybilly

    Hob scruffing Gill

    Okay understood - so what do I need to do then? Separated them permanently?
  8. Blueboybilly

    Hob scruffing Gill

    Okay will do. But do you know why he is doing this to her?
  9. Blueboybilly

    Hob scruffing Gill

    Got my first ferrets this year and noticed that the Hob was scruffing the Gill this morning. At first I though that he was trying to mate her but when I got her out of the hutch I noticed that he had wounded her and she has a scab where it looks like he has done it before. The ferrets are ‘this years’ and the Hob hasn’t been Vsexed yet. Does anyone know what I can do?
  10. Blueboybilly

    Getting fed up

    I've got to say: I was convincing myself that numbers were down after reading stuff like this but actually, numbers are just down in the places that I have been looking. I spent last few weeks trying to improve my outings by going to the fields that surround all of my usual spots and was pleasantly surprised at the decent number of rabbits that I was getting on.. The sweet spots change and its up to me to change with them. And you know what - I've bloody enjoyed it. Proper hunting as far as I'm concerned - exploring and re learning the lay of the land then linking it up with the other bits that already know! Sometimes you need a bit of a kick in order to make improvements and that's exactly what I've done. I hope that others can get out and manage to do the same! Happy Hunting! BBB
  11. Blueboybilly

    Getting fed up

    Was after rabbits not pigs!!
  12. Blueboybilly

    Getting fed up

    Might be a long shot but does anyone know of any particular spot in the Yorkshire Dales that is worth a visit? I’ve fancied a weekend up there for a while. I used to live in Harrogate but I never had a running dog back then which is a shame!
  13. Blueboybilly

    How long can I leave my ferrets for?

    My wife has now arranged for a house sitter who will come and live in the house while we are away so she will look after the dogs and see to the ferrets too. In all fairness I hadn’t considered the ferrets knocking the water off or the water freezing Thanks for the comments guys BBB
  14. Hi guys. I have a 1 week holiday booked in the Winter and was thinking about how long I can leave my ferrets for. I have 2 young ferrets and I know that they will eat a rabbit from head to toe in about a week and if I leave 2 water feeders these will easily last longer than a week. To date - I haven’t left them for longer than 10 hours without going to them, getting them out, cleaning out etc so I don’t know how long they would last without me. Im kind of thinking that if I gut their hutch and leave them a frozen pigeon and a fresh rabbit on the day that I leave then they would be fine but that would feel a little cruel. Would love to hear other people’s opinion and what they do. BBB
  15. Blueboybilly


    Mine are 6 months old and I took them both out on Friday and Sunday. Both bolted and worked the warrens very well. My Hob was over keen (basically wouldn’t come back to me and kept on going to ground when I got anywhere near him). But the Jill was steady as you like. A little hesitant at first but bolted 3 rabbits and was happy to come back to me frequently. Couldnt be happier with them