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  1. Which ever Estate or guide you choose will most likely want you to have a go at a target so you get a feel for the rifle, and give you an idea of where to aim and what to expect. Take the day for what it is, irrelevant if you shoot something that's a bonus.
  2. £1 per 1lb is about average.£30 a carcass is about right.
  3. Final price reduction to sell.Complete package £575 posted.Having owned the Photon I personally this is a much better kit. Pm any interest thank you.
  4. View Advert Pulsar N750 Pulsar night Vision N750, boxed and carry case.Very clean condition. I have lost the instructions sadly,comes with eps3i battery pack but you will need a pulsar mount. Any pics I can email no problem this is just a library image for reference. Priced reduced.I have an add-on on the way. Advertiser AThomas Date 14/11/17 Price £575.00 Category
  5. Bump and price drop. £325 for the unit posted.
  6. Loads if I figure out how to attach again. This guy uses them exclusively in America,I have his book a great read. Pm your mobile fir some wats app pics mate. http://www.born-to-track.com/book/order-info.htm http://trackingteckels.com/
  7. Yukon-photon-xt-6-5x50. As new only a few months old. Was given as a gift, Used to zero thats about it. Boxed,cased with papers. £350 pisted. Also got quality 30mm mounts to fit Tika/Sako and a cheap ish ebay ir Torch,which does a bloody good job. Will do the whole package for £400 posted.
  8. Wonderful little dogs.See a few used in Europe tracking deer and boar,Fitted with a Kevlar vest,gps and away they go. Mine's coming on a treat.
  9. Had mine 6-7 years Think I paid £250 ish new 3'12 goose and general wild fowling gun.No complaints from me at all.
  10. Just checked my diary again, 5 weeks my mistake, but shes on fresh chicken mince every other day.
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