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  1. As above anyone use or seen these dogs work or are they more for the show ring? Cheers
  2. In the 80s what was that animal called beaver type that was released in South England that people used to hunt with terriers
  3. thanks for advice everyone trainings in progress ill post any progress cheers
  4. ye cheers mate was using treat biscuits but hes wise to it now so going to start using bits of meat cheese see how it goes cheers
  5. Hi ive got a 10 month old saluki greyhound and up to now recall was going good until I couldn't let him run free due to him having stitches so lead walking only for 10 days and now whe nI let him run free he doesn't want to come back just wants to do his own thing and won't come near me, any advice appreciated cheers jim
  6. a don't see how people can let there dog get like that
  7. lurchers and longdogs by ted walsh best book ive read about lurchers etc
  8. cheers alot of good advice ill post how it goes
  9. Hi thinking of getting a pup sometime soon and just wondering what everybody reccomends as i'm wanting 1 for ferreting and bigger quarry, alot of people have said saluki but other people have reccomended collei greyhound cheers
  10. cheers good information there mate, what about from a pup how many times a day should be fed and whats best for them
  11. Hi just wondering what sort of diet is better for working lurchers eg from when they are pups to been adults in the fields cheers
  12. think ill be going there with the whippet bitch
  13. Any lurcher and terrier shows coming up in yorkshire soon? cheers
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