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  1. Looking to upgrade the silencer in my tikka .243 was looking at Stalon or wildcat what others do people recommend?
  2. Would you not be tempted to go the other way out the old boy over a pure saluki ?
  3. Couldn't agree more,have you ever ran her on grouse ?
  4. They may well be I don't know and if the person buying them thinks their worth what they're paying and their happy it's none of my business
  5. A well bred one with papers here would set you back a nice bit well into high hundreds
  6. When working woodland they will keep in check I mean obviously not as close as a springer but will never be too far away ... I think their very good dogs good coats very trainable dogs
  7. The man I shoot with breed them and has had his own line for 22 years .... They run the hedges no problem and will stay close enough as of yet I've never had them bounce birds always hold the sett ... But God they can range when they want on the hill
  8. Heres a few pictures of mine from today the bitch is just rising 2 and this is her first proper season did nothing last season and the dog is six and has a lot of work done including work on grouse ... The two are fast dogs the bitch being slightly faster I have big hopes for her This is the dog The bitch []http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag137/AndrewBeirne/2015-12-18%2014.33.23_zpss5eojgrv.jpg[/img] I do apologise about the quality they don't stay too still for long and was holding a gun too
  9. Are they falling out of popularity due to the likes of Brittany's or GSP GWP ... Personally I think they are very good dogs but saying that I only experience of hunting over English pointers and springers other than the setters... I trained up. My own bitch this summer she only has 4 birds shot over her but was very trainable took to retrieving no problem stay command no hassle,they have plenty speed to cover open moor when necessary I don't see why they aren't more popular... I'll put pictures of mine up tomorrow once I'm on the laptop
  10. Aye have three lessons booked nd a clay trap bought so be practicing on them and pigeons over barley/wheat fields
  11. cracking looking dog hes a credit to ya
  12. I think there fantastic dogs fabulous range and will stay setting for as long as you let them good retrieve,we work 3 but one isnt fully started yet she's only learning her trade
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