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  1. Cheers folks. It' the Panacur I got from the vet but was curious to know from some others. Few people have said not to do it hence my confusion / curiosity. Cheers.
  2. Evening All, Just had my spaniel bitch scanned to confirm she is in pup...and she is. Vet advised me to start worming from day 40 until a week after pups are born. I have had several people 'advise' me not to. What is the general consensus on here? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, I have been spending a bit more time with her these last few weeks to try and build a bit more of 'a bond' Like I say, not far from being spot on when on the lead / long line (apart from the releasing issue)...But when the line is off..... The fact she will pass the ball / dummy no bother when in her run got me wondering what was going on. She will come over and hold the ball / dummy up as if to present it to me when on the lead, but as soon as I make a move to accept it, the head goes down. I have always tried not to go straight for the dummy, and have always praised her when sh
  4. Thanks again Casso, I'll try getting her more 'at ease' with me. She is sly. You can see her watching every move from the corner of her eyes.....but the ears switch off Cheers.
  5. Thanks Casso, When she is on a long line she behaves 99% spot on! But still refuses to release. You can sometimes get it but more often than not she refuses to the extent she will bury her head down and put her feet over it! She always gets lots of praise (but no treats) when she does well, but she knows damned fine when the line comes off! I have 2 fenced off areas for her 'training' in the garden, where she behaves until that line comes off, with the exception of the releasing issue. I just happened to notice the release in the run caper the other day, so had a wee experiment with her a
  6. Looking for a reason for my dogs recent behaviour. When out training here, she will NOT release the dummy / ball whatever. Put her into her kennel, and she comes over and hands me the ball, and paws at me to let her have it - time and time again. Take her 2" outwith her run, and she's back to holding it again, with no inclination to release whatsoever! Another 'trait' she has developed is barking when returned to her run. Any pointers ? Oh, and why does she go deaf when more than 3 feet away? She is now 2,1/2 and her siblings are doing well with their respective owners. (wi
  7. Evening All, Just wondering what everyone's regime is with their dogs? I have a 2 year old springer who is out 15 minutes in the morning, mainly walking / heel work. Back out for a 20 minutes or so in the afternoon, bit of a run around, then some (attempts at) training. Another 20-30 minutes later in the evening again, same as afternoon, bit of a run around, then attempts at training. She is VERY head strong, but starting to see a glimmer of light through that tunnel. Am I over doing it (as some have said) or should I be doing more (as others have said) ? She is my 1st dog,
  8. That's the only thing left for me to do.
  9. I started my pup in a similar way from the start. Walking zig - zag and tooting the whistle. On a long rope, she will do this all day long........ But take of the rope and it's a different story, which I'm now trying to recover from.
  10. My one (2 years old almost) will do anything when she is on her lead. Take it off and it's a different story! She stops to the whistle, but has started coming back towards me before she finally does. Why 60 yards away? Just curious.
  11. Thanks, Not too expensive for medication then, but not fine the fact it was required.
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