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    Uru, Thank you for a nice write up regarding Ike. PM sent.
  2. For those interested in the podcast it might also be available for free download from iTunes Store in your region(it is in Canada). Thanks.
  3. Thank you very much. V.
  4. Geoff.223, That is a great use of the keyboard to illustrate. We mount a lot of scopes at the business I work at and that is the way we use the allen wrench. V.
  5. Hi, I have been lurking here for a while before joining. My main interest is in hunting dogs. Born and raised in Europe with competition rifle shooting background. Currently work in firearms retail sales in Canada. Thank you for opportunity to learn more.
  6. Slipper, When you say high magnification,how high would you like it to be? Are there any other considerations regarding magnification range, tube diameter, objective size as well as parallax adjustment? Do you need a BDC turret or BDC reticle for a specific 223 load? How much are you looking to invest? I have been involved in shooting industry in Canada for 9 years and have dealt with questions like yours on daily basis. Hope I can be of help. Best regards, D.
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