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  1. Well done . Nice strong compact little bitch.
  2. Nothing to do with being less of a digging man . I used to be out a lot over a lot of ground and had 2 steady workers and 2 mute mid tube jobs. My mate had a few dogs so we alternated . If I only had rough dogs I would have needed a lot of dogs to get round the digging I did. A rough dog will obviously get way less graft than a steadier dog who can be dug a few times a day . But u have to work with what u have. If someone wants to keep 20 terriers good luck to em. Each individual dog won t get the digs under his belt unless the owner has a shit load of digging and no work or nagging mrs lol.
  3. There’s loads of digging and lamping lads selling dogs for big money . Has been for a while now
  4. My lad has a bitch 20 tts flies into cover no problem. They re a good bit of fun to have out. They re a cracking rabbiting dog that sometimes do a bit more than u expect
  5. Loads of lads I know are doing it selling all sorts. If joe public keeps buying em then the prices are gonna stay silly
  6. Fawn dog was half cross about 23 - 24. Rock steady and loved his job.
  7. They re given bad press . All my straight half crosses lamped off the lead. All worked with ferrets and were spot on with stock. Handled from pups they re no different to any other cross. In fact they were the quietest dogs I ve kennelled. Work wise just regular exercise and working. They don t need any more than any other Lurcher type
  8. What size is he sully. And what size were his sire and dam
  9. My lad has a bitch 20 tts and after bull crosses for years I thought she d just be a shivering puny thing that won t like the cold . She s lamped in heavy rain ferreted in the snow and showed no signs of wanted to get back in the truck. She s a busy bitch and thrives on work. Ratting , lamping ferreting they re a good honest little dog with a lot more stamina than I imagined they would have . She ll crawl through brambles and crash into any cover. Marks rabbit and fox to ground. They re cracking dogs for small game and are rapid regularly picking up rabbits before putting a turn in
  10. Cracking looking little Bitch mate . How s she bred ?
  11. Or a beddy whippet greyhound seen a cracking game little Bitch only 22 tts but fxxx she was rough .
  12. Axiom key 30 will do you fine mate. I tried a mates pulsar 38 and 50 and they re over kill for a spotter for a dog. Think mine was £1100 . Took me ages to decide to fork out all that till u realise how much ground it opens for you
  13. I would recommend the d max . Had one for about 5 yrs now. No trouble at all with it and nice to drive. And classed as a commercial so get it through the business. Enjoy the new ground mate . I d keep it to myself and say nothing to nobody . Took someone I thought I could trust to some good permission that took some getting on with similar rules . They went back on the deer and caused me loads of hassle. Sadly after all these years the people I would trust with ground etc I can count on one hand
  14. Me and my lad were talking about how things have changed last night . I used to do Terriers for a small foot pack and preferred lurchers catching em but did have a few guns come with us. Terriers were in the quad and no one came nosing what we were doing. The banter was brilliant no bitching just enjoying the day. If you shot and missed or worse still your Lurcher jacked on a fox then you had to stick the piss taking for the rest of the day but all banter. If we went away on an invite always popped in the local for a pint covered in dirt stinking of fox . I used to pick my mate up and his well
  15. Old boy I used to Terriers for had a few Terriers running with the hounds. He used to let them go to ground and walk off as pups. Not something I d do but none of those Terriers would stay to ground . Excellent little bushing pack if we only had small planting’s to do . And really push hard in heavy cover
  16. That’s the only thing with buying pups in and know nothing of the parents. Not knocking these in anyway. But one mans tested is different to another’s . Hope all the litter works well
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