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  1. Pestclearuk

    Female harris hawk drowns squirrel

    What did you treat the cuts with and never seen that thumb on the heart trick before
  2. I make my own snares and use several companies for ferrules,swivels etc but just wanted to know who you lot use or where you purchase your parts from please thanks in advance
  3. For shooting I use the nite site viper and can’t fault it but was looking at getting the nite site spotter xtreme for lamping with the dogs,does anyone use this and what’s your opinions p,ease or what would you go for. thanks in advance
  4. Can anyone help or advise me please on how to preserve the deers feet to make coat hooks as I have absolutely no idea where to start apart from with a real deer’s foot lol many thanks in advance
  5. Sorry to sound completely useless but I have no idea how to start a for sale topic and I am useless with this site,sorry but can anyone help me out please,many thanks