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  1. Thanks for your help fellas, got some drontal on order.
  2. Yes of course would treat for worms whatever the diet, and he’s fully up to date with wormer from birth, but not sure the brand I’ve been using is the best. (Beaphar)? Will be changing brand for his next treatment so just wanting to know what people find the most effective to use as I hear raw feeding can be more problematic with worms.
  3. Hello, I have 7month old dog which I feed on raw meat and tripe, mixed with a good quality dry biscuit and a bit Chopped veg thrown in now and again. He’s seems to be thriving on the diet but I’ve been told or I’ve heard that dogs fed on raw are more likely to have trouble with worms. Is this true? If so I would like to know what is the best wormer on the market to keep the problem under control? I have two young kids at home and really want to minimise the risk of the dog passing anything on to them. Thanks.
  4. Hello, would just like a few pointers from the more experienced members than me on the best way or their particular methods of breaking terriers to livestock? I have a relative that keeps poultry on an allotment that would let me take my pup through, but he’s 5 months now and like most working bred terriers he’s feisty and excited by fur and feather. I wouldn’t want any nasty mistakes to happen so any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hello there. I have a jack Russell pup coming in the next few weeks when he is ready to leave his mother. He’s from working stock and I am hoping to try him out when he’s ready. I would just like to get some advice or pointers from people on here as to what sort of diet you think is best for working terriers? I Want to keep him in best condition I can, strong and healthy. All comments very much appreciated.
  6. Wow thats a very generous offer. Thank you very much Jok. I’m sure he would love to try them out.
  7. yeah they look like decent bino’s them. He can’t fail with those surely!
  8. My eldest son is coming up 7 this year and is starting to show an interest in wildlife and the countryside around us. I’ve told him I’ll get him a set of binoculars. It would be great if anyone here could give me any advice on what might be best to start him off with? Size wise, lenses, and magnification etc. Do they make binoculars specifically for children? If so which are best?
  9. Thanks, looking forward to getting back out there again.
  10. Hello, I’ve just joined the site in last couple of days. Used to do a bit of rabbiting with my uncle when I Was a youngster. He’s no longer with us sadly. I’ve had a had terriers and ferrets in the past. And am looking towards getting a pup again sometime soon. Would like to try out a spot of ratting, see if my kids take a liking to sport. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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