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  1. tom.

    Green Tripe Really Only 8% Protein??

    thanks mate, what veg do you give?
  2. tom.

    Green Tripe Really Only 8% Protein??

    I get tripe from a local small scale slaughter house, its straight off the cow with bit of grass stil in it. I hose it down and cut it into terrier and lurcher sized pieces, i also get sheep heads which i chop into pieces and bits of cow fat, meat and bones. So they get bits of all this through out the week, but was wondering if they need anything else in there diet, some dog biscuits or veg, as they seem to be constantly eating grass.
  3. tom.

    Favourite Films.

    Hostel or saw, if you're not to queezy.
  4. tom.

    Odd things

    dug to my bull/greyhound a few months back
  5. tom.

    deer book......

    still waiting for mine, and the terrier book
  6. my bitch at about 10 months
  7. just wanted to know how regular a dog needs to be wormed when eating raw rabbits ect, i know boiling or freezing gets rid of them but gonna feed straight from the field. so how often? thanks tom
  8. tom.

    bit craic (earths)

    we ve one called three lips as the farmer has three lips i remember that one deemac, he really does have three lips and has an uncanny resembalance to brian clough if my memory serves me right. some ones from round my area are, the hotel, deadmans, cave town and yoda's gaff.
  9. TV3 is an Irish channel mate, don't think you can get it in the U.K
  10. tom.

    bull x grey x whippet

    she is about 5 now, her sire was bull/grey whippet/grey and dam was a whippet/grey
  11. tom.

    bull x grey x whippet

    thanks folks here is another from the end of last season
  12. tom.


    another pic of the pup
  13. tom.

    bull x grey x whippet

    double posted
  14. tom.

    bull x grey x whippet

    this is my bitch bull/whippet/grey