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  1. Looks as though it had enjoyed itself.
  2. Mate of mine has a half cross . Really steady . Uses him for beating , picking up ,out with Terriers and on the lamp. I think if the ACD was nt so hard to get hold of it would be a more popular cross .
  3. Try her mate. It’s the only way to find out.
  4. Thanks Trev. It’s not something I d normally take out but my lad thinks the world of her and she keeps surprising me for her size.
  5. She s about 10 mnths old .. Don t remember the lads name to be honest.
  6. Is this something you have experienced yourself
  7. I fetched her at 8 weeks old. Pretty sure it was Wakefield area
  8. So in a litter of generation bred bull greyhounds you could pick a pup knowing what size shape it will make as an adult dog
  9. It’s just a different way of writing a fraction with a denominator of a hundred . Does nt have to be 100%
  10. I would never have considered kennelling a whippet after having heavy dogs for years. But my lad pestered for one and I eventually got her. It’s like taking my Terriers out but not having the worry of em going to ground. Easy to introduce to the ferrets great with stock and very intelligent bitch. Her downfall will be her speed but fingers crossed she ll steady up
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