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  1. aults. I ve tried all sorts over the years mate. Straw and shavings blocked the drains when washing down . It’s whatever works for you and all dogs are different. I ve got an old terrier bitch that whatever you put in her box be it straw, blankets ,paper she ll just sleep on top of her box.
  2. When I first built the kennels I put carpet on top and the 2 big dogs pulled it off. Now if the dogs were curled up on the carpet they d pulled off fair enough. I then went and got a load of blankets from the charity shops and again all pulled off and dogs just messed on them . I ll trust the dogs judgement
  3. I agree , but dogs curl up to get warm. Watch a dog in the sun or in the house they stretch out . On the raised beds under the heat lamps the lurchers lay on their backs or sides stretched out never tucked up.
  4. All the kennels are enclosed inside a building so no wind rain etc. The terriers have boxes but the lurchers sleep on raised beds . If u place blankets , carpet etc on top they ll drag em off .
  5. They re good mate . Easy to clean, dogs can t drag em around and when it’s cold just stick a heat lamp over em
  6. Try to socialise her around other dogs. Every bull cross is nt guaranteed to be game . No matter how well it’s bred
  7. Kind offer mate I will certainly consider it thanks
  8. Good on ya Penda. Lovely gesture
  9. Good honest reply mate. That’s what I’m cautious of. If I could find a proper grafting. 3/4 bred I d breed the 5/8 litter but to be honest ringing lads all over there’s not one been mentioned doing what I would expect it to do.
  10. I’m not knocking em or writing em off just been down that route . Done half x to half x as well bird , I ve kept and worked lurchers for a long time just always fancied breeding some genuine 3/4 breds
  11. Have got chance to use a nice steady one that’s had a bit of work but is about 6 now and never lined a bitch . What bird says is what my reservations are for using him. Half crosses are like land rovers and take the knocks especially when they chase something flat out into a wood for example. Never run a 3/4 bred so not sure what to expect
  12. I know exactly what u mean mate. I still have access to heavier dogs if needed but for the last 20 years I ve always been tempted to try adding the greyhound , but was always cautious about losing the fire in em. The bitch lacks nothing but pace so I’m very tempted to do the cross.
  13. The greyhound in mind works mate . Thing is with a bitsa lurcher or racey bull cross u can throw all sorts. Been there done that
  14. Just waiting for an old half cross bull greyhound to come in season. I ve always run quite heavy dogs but am really considering putting a greyhound over her . Jake s right in what he s saying , on big fields these heavy dogs struggle on the turns. Top end is no problem but they get turned inside out. No good having a massive head if they can t catch what’s in front of them
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