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  1. Bull crosses are eager to please and piss easy to train. If people saw a good well trained one on the field they would be pleasantly surprised.
  2. He looks well . Bit of coat is always good
  3. He s just over 3 year old now . Really steady dog and lives for work . For his cross he can move. He lacks on the turns but I can live with that
  4. Cheers , He s reverse 5/8 x 3/8 Bull Greyhound
  5. I ve been feeding csj from wynstay for a year now . All the dogs do really well on it. They do a 20% protein called that ll do £13 a bag or tripe mix which is £22 .
  6. Very calm and grown up reply there dilly. I’m proud of you lol
  7. Was just gonna say that the majority don t know anything other than the garden till 12 mnths
  8. I d retired him then he was 12 but was nt having any of it. Used to howl the place down when I took the others . He s 15 in July and still not ready to pack in
  9. Cheers. Yes there’s a run of kennels then in the other section is a worktop area to do the grub
  10. Recently moved somewhere quiet so put all mine inside now .
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