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  1. My best all round dog was a 5/8 x 3/8 . We were out a lot at night, then he was out with the terriers Saturday and a foot pack Sunday’s . Whatever you threw at him he d do it . Was a handy dog on an earth and lamped off the lead, really obedient. When I put him down to old age I had dogs with a higher bull percentage ie first crosses and reverse 5/8 x 3/8 . All game but none as good all rounders as my old dog . I tried 3 3/4 gh x 1/4 bulls. They could all shift but had no bottle . Yes you d have foxes with em but they were vocal when they got bit and fxxxed about with stuff when a bit sore .
  2. Well done . Nice open places as well . Most of ours is hedgerows at the minute
  3. Wish our Morrison’s priced like that. Beef bones are £4 and lamb bones £3 . No where near that size tray either
  4. Well done . Like an old boy used to say to me . They learn nothing in the kennel
  5. I would nt hold my breath mate tbh. Is there nothing decent about by the dogs litter brother or sister
  6. A mate of mine sent me a terrier down and sent a bitch down to be mated to him. The dogs 10 and put her in pup. A vet said to me once if the dog has been used regularly he should still throw pups to an old age
  7. Thanks. I think he s putting a half cross over her next year so be interesting to see what they make. How did u rate the bull whippets compared to a small half cross bull greyhound
  8. Good luck with her. My lads got a bitch with that line on both sides of her breeding . She s a decent bitch . Dives into any cover and has good nose amd stamina for a little whippet
  9. How did you rate the beddy whippets ?
  10. Well done . Nice strong compact little bitch.
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