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  1. Greyhound bitch in season need stud dog one of the above post picture
  2. I know its not facebook but dunt know no1 with this cross all bull cross or it seems
  3. Been a member for years ant asked owt n [BANNED TEXT] i do all i get is daft shit said only wanted to know adart whippet x greyhound how fast they burn out thats all really but ask a daft question get daft answers cheers take it no one runs or as run them
  4. what cross would you use pre ban ??? My 3/8 5/8 bull xs would burn out on day time roe after adart 400m or 500m just thinking of whippet x greyhound for speed what you think what cross?? And i did say daft question
  5. Hi daft question but do whippet x greyhounds burn out as fast as a bull greyhound only asking as I've only run bull xs
  6. what dog breed is best for rabbits? e.g greyhound bitch and pictures of your rabbiting dogs cheers I need a good rabbiting dog and dunt know wat to get.
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