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  1. Did my bitch ai this year twice 12 and 14 day took she had 6 pups there ready for there new owners now just 8 weeks old
  2. Looking for 3/4 greyhound 1/4 coille stud dog if you can help post
  3. That's first question I was going to ask people if anyone posted back I've a few questions to ask but nobody on this site as a good stud dog by looks of it most be running alot of bitchs ? ? I've got one dog in mind but wanted to see what's out there mayhave found sumthing
  4. How big of a stud dog tts wise could I use over my bitch she's 21.5tts?
  5. Thanks thinking of sumthing like this
  6. Looking for stud dog to go over my bitch she's 21.5 tts 1/4bull 1/4grey 1/2whippet she's 4 and half years old good ferreting dog/ lamper she's lacks top end speed. Looking for a racey working dog around 24/25tts as want to up sizes abit if you can help coment or inbox me tell me about your dog and pictures
  7. Greyhound bitch in season need stud dog one of the above post picture
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