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  1. I got a cheap shock collar off ebay. Worked a treat for my dog. Used to chase anyone on a bike and ran after sheep once. I got the collar any sign he was going to chase a bike a wee shock sorted him out
  2. Welcome to the forum. What type terriers do you have ?
  3. Hi John. I'm in grangemouth. Have to say you won't get any land that way. No one knows you. Haven't introduced yourself said how long you've been shooting or if you have land you are willing to share. Need to go chap doors, speak to people friends of friends sort of thing.
  4. Terrier View Advert Lads looking for a digging terrier. I'm not too bothered what kind. Advertiser Big rowie Date 21/01/24 Price Category Working Dogs and Livestock

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    Lads looking for a digging terrier. I'm not too bothered what kind.


  6. My dogs identify as ferrets so can still crack on.
  7. Saying how it is isn't being an asshole. If they act the twat tell them. You've shared your shoot now they think they can do things more like their way. Don't need jumped up idiots anywhere near you as good guys will have enough and move on then you are left with idiots. I tell the lads at work this is how it is. Company makes money they make money. They try bark orders or say I'm not doing this or that just remind them how it is. Everyone knows their place and it's better that way
  8. I never even thought of that. Well hopefully it's worked this time
  9. Yea I was told that too wait 6 week. I waited till next again season. Got him done couple month ago now so be right this season. Well I hope anyway
  10. To bloody right I was not chuffed. Payed good money for bugger all. Then all the kits to go with. All up duff at same time only had hob and 1 jill to work for a while
  11. Hope so to he's a big hob and I'm looking to breed smaller ferrets for rat holes. The fist jill I had him with never took but put with rest cause I thought it had worked for him ended up with 4 litters from the bugger. There's a thing called the jill service on Facebook the wife found and folk up down country pimp out the vasectomy hob each time way they get money back and means you don't have a big cost. If it doesn't work out and he still gets them up duff then I'll just do that. Can't stomach spending more money on 1 ferret
  12. Think mine was 120 here in falkirk. But vet didn't do him right and had to get him done again. Went to same vets and got a vet from farming back ground and new about ferrets still gotta try him out tho. If he still gets them up duff not spending anymore on him
  13. Do you think if a bitch has a litter with a cleft palate do you think it'll happen again ? To the same bitch or is it just soda law ?
  14. The pup i had in litter had his nose mixed up as well and done what I thought needed done. If it grows and doesn't work out it'll be harder to put down. Especially if you have kids about. My kids would want to keep it and would be uset
  15. Good luck mate whatever you do with it. Let us know if you keep it.
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