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  1. Just started growing chillies this year too been a sorry state after dogs got them lol. They wont be doing that again
  2. Stayed in a few all over the place. Family love them. Alot of them no electricity. Last one was called the bus stop as they are converted buses. Was brilliant log fire just outside bus was a log burner jacuzzi. Well worth it. Next place is near Inverness next month an family cant wait
  3. Wouldn't get far with prices of fuel in uk . Sweet motor tho. Love pickups myself
  4. Yea chow chows are meant to be aggressive. Same with them shar pei dogs with the wrinkly faces couple near me have one and couldnt trust a kid or another animal near it untrained nuisance dog.
  5. Couldnt of said it any better myself. I think its folk that dont know how to look after the dogs. An they grow up wild
  6. But would yous say it's the dogs fault or that the twats that own the dogs and have no idea how to raise them ?
  7. Johnny cash Beef stroganoff John Smith's Axe
  8. Yeah some sick cnuts. They dont even see anything wrong with that. There ain't white privilege anymore, we cant say bugger all without offending blacks. Whoever it was that said that about the kid, I bet nothing at all is said to them
  9. Got yourself some audience there too
  10. Yea I did see there was no reports of attacks from them on humans. It is nice to have the wildlife an i would like to see them in scotland. As for other countries with much larger areas than scotland just wonder if it work as well here. Like the scottish wild cat would like to see more help for them
  11. A think it make a mess of most dogs. Well most things it comes across to be fair.
  12. a thought they would be a pain in our small area. By attacking sheep and whatnot? Possibly humans ( hopefully eat some anti's) Dont get me wrong I like to see wild animals. Tho not if its messing with farmers stock an could be a threat to people
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-scotland-tayside-central-53801923. Just seen this on phone news. How can people think introducing animals like lynx, wolves an others a good idea ?
  14. Depends if I'm with my kids I wait for green man even if no cars just to show them I do it. Kills me standing waiting tho.
  15. Bang on mate much appreciated
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