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  1. I had a swarm of them hanging round garden bought larsen trap set it. Not seen a Magpie in garden since donno wtf I've done
  2. Drugs everywhere in my part of Scotland. Just as easy as shopping here delivered to your door. UK will never be rid of it. Such a shame Had shit upbringing and I got into it drink drugs fighting stupidity at best. Thankfully my wife soon sorted me out good and proper Keep myself to myself. Any junkie gets too close to house or family gets told to f*#k off. Nice easy life long may it last hopefully lol
  3. That hot in Scotland we are sweating our tits off
  4. Welcome mate just down road from you I'm in grangemouth
  5. Where about in Scotland are you ? I'm in grangemouth
  6. I'm in falkirk area if that's any good to you? have a litter ready to go in a few weeks. Also have another litter ready to go in 4-5 weeks ?
  7. Welcome mate I'm central scotland but family is from shetland. Welcome to the forum
  8. Does look good like. Got rabbit and pigeon in freezer was going to make a curry or a pie at weekend. Starvin now thinking of it
  9. Good read that. Good on your lass. Great to hear ferrets are good shes done a fine job of taken care ae them
  10. Wouldn't say english are hard up but agree with you. We get alot of free stuff just majority forget we get freebies so to say
  11. Well rugby is a different matter lol. It would be a dull place if we didn't have that rivalry banter.
  12. I wanted out of EU, Not out of the UK. I think we are better off united. Lads say we can survive on our oil, Boll*cks to that, it fluctuates too much and they are Idiots if they think "get away from england and rejoin eu". It's all the mongo down and outs that think that's a good idea. They dont want to be governed by Westminster but happy to be ruled over by the EU, doesn't make sense to me. I don't get the feeling Scotland hates england,eapecially after the referendum. As a scotsman I certainly dont. I have banter with my English mates. Call them all sorts and they do the same to m
  13. Never had a preference. Just depended on temperament. Tho Got dog n bitch the now an dog is my preferred out of 2. Bitch still a pup tho. Game as fcuk but just want to eat everything she catches
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