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  1. PMul

    We will remember

    Did I miss something? What happened to the 11 hour on the 11 day in the 11 month? A time to remember.
  2. That doesn’t scare you? Jail for exposing some that was already common knowledge.
  3. Lol you guys will regret not killing everyone of them.
  4. Any criminal charges I may of had are long behind me. I could say I’m leading the next revolution and hey it’s the internet it must be true! Instead of a dick measuring contest, how about you take a look around you. Do you see a population of warriors? Do you see men equal to those of 1914? Do you see the descendants of those who fought at Rouks drift or Dunkirk? The vast majority are subjects that have been and are subjected. If this doesn’t describe you, do something, anything. Don't complain you’re hands are tied by lesser men.
  5. That’s the kind of weak reply that shows your not capable of self reflection. Carry on hissing like a house cat looking out the window while the dogs take over your country.
  6. Lol. Warriors don’t let “pussies” tie their hands behind their backs.... just sayin.
  7. PMul

    trt treatment..

    Fair point and well taken. I have my blood tested every month and I am actually a little above the “normal “ range now. (Id double it given the chance lol). I have been on TRT for a little over two years now and things have levelled off. Someone refered to “male menopause “ jokingly... They are right. At some point every guy slows down, loses interest, gets soft(every where)... I decided it was too soon for me. I like how I feel after lifting weights, hitting the heavy bag or a tidy little blonde lol. I intend to carry on doing what I enjoy until (as my friends say) something interesting kills me.
  8. PMul

    trt treatment..

    You are clearly an intellectual authority on these matters. It would be foolish of me to argue with you. Have a great day!
  9. PMul

    trt treatment..

    For me, it gave me the energy to want to work out. This isn’t to jack you up. It will get you off the couch and give you the will to lift. From my research, jogging/running depletes T and lifting/ hitting the heavy bag helps increase it.
  10. PMul

    trt treatment..

    I use a product called Androgel. Its a gel that you apply to your torso. It is the easiest, but most expensive way to go. Most people think TRT is for limp dick syndrome. It does work for that, but just as important, it is a boost to your over all wellbeing. Make no mistake, if your over 30, your T is depleting at an alarming rate. My energy levels are better now than 10/15yrs ago. The soft body and lack of interest in things that used to get you going is because your T is depleting. Id advise any man over 40 to get his levels checked and improve his lifestyle.
  11. PMul

    trt treatment..

    Yes, what do you want to know?
  12. So f#*k\#g typical. Were saving the roosters from cruelty, by killing them. I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy the company of game chickens and game dogs. Most of today’s generation will never see or understand the things of old.
  13. My gun is within easy reach as is my fire extinguisher. I don’t spend much time worrying about home invasion or fire, but I am prepared for either. I don’t think I’m Bruce Willis either, but would have liked a crack at Demi......
  14. To me it’s less about culture and more about freedom. Ive just loaded three semi automatic rifles iinto my truck. My 15 yr old twins and I are going to the range after they finish their chores. After an hour or so of them trying to out shoot their dad, we will go for a coffee / ice cream somewhere and ( hopefully) I will remind them I am still numbered 1. Why would anyone want the government (our servants) to hold all the guns? i just can’t understand that thought process.
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