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  1. PMul

    badger ham

    Tried it once, very greasy. Didn’t try it twice...
  2. Get them here often on a really cold night. Believe it or not, if you clap or shout, they will shimmer. and yes you can hear them cracking sometimes.
  3. Too much Badger... lol
  4. I've been considering selling my working dog library. I have most of the popular titles, Just wondering what their worth. A few of them are, Bullyson and his sons (1&2) Dogs of Velvet and Steel Thirty years with Fighting Dogs The Colby book (can't remember the title) Rocca's books (As above) All of Plumbers (the original print) Lots of other titles, Hounds, Country pursuits etc. Anyone interested? Make me an offer.
  5. Agreed. That's why I suggested getting a flit pole (cheap fishing rod) as well. IMO (if done right) the e mill will put a solid bottom under your dog, the flirt pole is there to increase the heart rate and get the dog used to control his breathing. A trainer should be careful not to hurt their dog with either.
  6. Looks nice, but save yourself some coin. Buy an e.mill and a flirt pole.
  7. for the guys that think you can’t take on a government.
  8. MOLON LABE mutter f****r....
  9. I've drunk a few pints in the Pica dog (The Greyhound). Bought my first Lakeland off John Cowan and my second off Cyril Tyson. Cyril became a personal friend of mine, and must have been in his mid 50's when he'd pick me up from my home and take me to the newly formed Cumbria Terrier Club. He'd feed me half pints of light touch all night and it never cost me a penny.... I was 14yr old at the time! lol. I'm 58 yr old now and live on the other side of the world, but still remember the pride I had when my two old terriers where awarded working certificates and me only 15 yr old
  10. Did I miss something? What happened to the 11 hour on the 11 day in the 11 month? A time to remember.
  11. That doesn’t scare you? Jail for exposing some that was already common knowledge.
  12. Lol you guys will regret not killing everyone of them.
  13. Any criminal charges I may of had are long behind me. I could say I’m leading the next revolution and hey it’s the internet it must be true! Instead of a dick measuring contest, how about you take a look around you. Do you see a population of warriors? Do you see men equal to those of 1914? Do you see the descendants of those who fought at Rouks drift or Dunkirk? The vast majority are subjects that have been and are subjected. If this doesn’t describe you, do something, anything. Don't complain you’re hands are tied by lesser men.
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