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  1. What ever that link was for the Boxing on sat night has completely fcked my computer up, any one else had same problem
  2. This one was near Windermere
  3. caught one a couple of yrs ago
  4. I should have been going over again in september but have had to knock it back
  5. The coon hunting is great
  6. Almost had one of these shipped over
  7. Love to come,but just looked, hell its a long way
  8. I got myself the Vulcan 3 on FAC , its some piece of kit, its doing the same shot on shot at 60 yds
  9. Well up to now my seasons been Sh1te, set off really good and turned to crap, i did more in 1 week last yr than i have done all this summer, did one the size of a golf ball last week with the Queen and grubs
  10. Been in the Bass pro at Vaughan a few times, great day out, my mate bought a rifle in sail last time i was over
  11. Thats the one, never used it as they are not certified, what do you think of those sail shops, not as good as Bass Pro
  12. Cumbria, done 5 today and have the same booked in for tomorrow all ready
  13. Done about 40 all ready, going to be a busy summer i hope
  14. Still have the old Deben but wanting to upgrade.
  15. Looking to buy a locator, any tips ?
  16. more chance of my A hole healing up than shagging that ugly Fing cow
  17. the brindle pup was 7 months old in the pic, the red bitch its mother is the staghound cross from over the pond,
  18. Just might catch one of these LOL
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