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  1. added a few new ones in there since i last posted
  2. Thought you might be interested in this little lot
  3. could be blowing about in the wind, seen it before.
  4. Any cables running up the roof, aerials etc?
  5. Just as Nicepix said, light file on the burr on the hooks
  6. I have one, glad i didn't invest in 2
  7. Hammered by myxie again, hardly a reynard to be seen locally,
  8. I've come back but i bet you never knew i was here in the first place
  9. Well i have just come on and saw how many pages there is and haven't read any, so are we having the jab or not ?
  10. It seems like a lot of shit to shovel with 32 dogs to me
  11. Did you get sorted out, if not send a message


  12. great thread mate, interesting, keep it up
  13. You should be looking for access points and trapping at these from outside if practical, then get extra work from proofing
  14. the warfarin squirrel bait is for indoor use only
  15. Wire brush , then black hammerite, dont over do the wire brushing.
  16. Clean em up and see if you can find something like this to mount them on, these are some i had over in my collection , put them up in the beaters cabin where i go
  17. The Yanks love em, they recon there better than our barrels, [BULLCRAP ], i have half a dozen [donated by a customer }, had a play with them and never caught a thing, and your totally fcked without the setters
  18. Had a few over the yrs, not dead yet
  19. Broke the mould when they made the likes of Jack, rest in peace sir
  20. could take you out for a day, won't be this season, not got boat on with all this corona sh!t, and busy as hell with work at the moment, we could arrange something next yr
  21. Its not for me, its for a mate, he used to do a LOT !!! with terriers, he is just wanting something anywhere between 18 and 21 inch for kicking about with, he works on forestry contracts and lives in the middle of forest country, he does not want something any bigger because of the Deer
  22. Looking for a bedie whippet pup for a mate of mine, i donrt want one of the pet crap thats now become so popular, needs to come off proper working stuff, cheers all
  23. Bloody great them Kanny, makes my Char baits look a bit mediocre, You should call them KANNY'S KATCHERS .
  24. I have to agree with Dido about the food outlets if they had had that many rats they would have been closed down, i was a bit worried when this covidd sh1t started all the holiday cottages, hotel, guest houses and caravan parks that i do shut down, they will still of had problems but no one to spot them , when every thing opens i am going to be rushed off my feet. With every one being home the domestic stuff has gone crazy, loads of Rat Mouse and moths, and now the wasp calls are coming in at 5 or 6 a day allready, another good thing for me is we dont have to compete with the council as o
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