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  1. Does not matter which ones you use make sure you check them every couple of months they all block up with the baby and hand wipes, had to go back to 1 or 2 , nightmare.
  2. It was cancelled before covid because NAFFA went under and FHA grew about 4 times bigger to cope with all the fur so they had to cancel the convention. I was going to do a talk on ,how different things are over here, what traps we can use and what we can catch legally compared with them, and do a bit on rabbit control, ferrets, lurchers, lamping etc, and a bit on deer, then hoping to chuck it out to questions and answers.
  3. Interesting info Eddie, i had a good conversation with them at the FHA convention 4 yrs ago, i was supposed to be doing a talk at the same place this year but it was cancelled and not because of Covid,
  4. Met the bloke that owns that company last time i was over there
  5. i should have been there 3 weeks ago, i was going to bring all sorts back
  6. I got a trappers basket sent over from FHA Canada, they gave me a great discount , i paid more for import duties than the cost of the basket,hey add the cost of shipping to the value of the item they pay the duty then charge you extra for paying the duty before they deliver to you
  7. same as i have, i use them on fox and some rabbit snares
  8. You are not allowed to use any fenns on Stoats
  9. same as i have, i use them on fox and some rabbit snares
  10. now your talking , we will have to make some eddie
  11. i meant a pic to see what they are,
  12. The new trigger does look better , the traps would work a lot better on a run through if we could use them that way. LOL
  13. I like these Korro traps, but i altered the plates on mine
  14. No, that onei caught in Canada
  15. Case skinning does not take long probably about 20 mins but if you want the feet it probably takes that long for each foot
  16. Its the timing when they come out of the tan , breaking the hide at the [BANNED TEXT] point gets them nice and soft, a fair amount of work,some of these were done with white tan and others with a secret recipe that a certain person on here told me
  17. I have to be careful with what and how i set for the Greys , we still have Reds around us, love the tree guard idea, never thought about using those,
  18. Plenty of freezer meat there Wilddog well done to you
  19. Like i said, mk 4 do just as good
  20. they would be if they were legal for them, i have a few and found them no better than a good quality break back and not as versatile, a mk4 will do just as good a job on rats
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