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  1. I agree, but both should be avoided in my opinion.
  2. You can get the other filter which uses that system but the filter I use is the other filter made by the same company which uses micro-ceramics.
  3. I couldn’t comment as my dogs aren’t old but I watched a video of a bloke who claims that dogs can live until around 20 providing its done correctly and depending on other factors obviously
  4. The coldstream filters reduce it by up to 97% as shown in the tests.
  5. I understand your point and its valid but to clarify my point I’m not suggesting if you give a dog tap water it will have an immediate negative effect and you’ll need to fetch the spade, I’m just raising my opinion to that from my own research tap water should be avoided for human consumption, and by extensions dogs as well. Obviously there are cases were this is not appropriate such as large animals and livestock etc.. but for such an easy and cheap change your animal will be better off for it as it will prevent the long term effects caused by the fluoride and other harmful chemicals in the w
  6. The easiest way is to use a filter mate but alternatively you can use bottled water, I was using bottled water but its easier to use a filter since I use it too.
  7. Look into the studies into the fluoride levels and then look at the studies.
  8. I’m not against rice or pasta but kibble should be avoided at all costs.
  9. Yes this applies to any animal, use a water butt and purify the water as best you can.
  10. Fluoride has no positive effects on the teeth its simply the Governments selling point. Providing your dog is given the correct nutrients it won’t have an issue with its teeth.
  11. I have to disagree with you. Have a look into the independent studies into the long term effects of fluoride and chemicals in the water supply.
  12. You have to ensure the correct amount of food is given and add a small amount of veg to the diet, green beans are my preference and add lard in the winter, if the the dog is struggling adjust the ratio slightly and the amount accordingly. Giving the dog a small handful of fruit can also work. Raw fed dogs out compete kibble fed dogs providing its done correctly. With a sport such as sprinting the effects of a pure raw diet will be less obvious than with a coursing saluki as the diet will make the difference
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