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  1. Just these 2 little Sh1tes left, 9 weeks old
  2. Glad your happy Chunky, was great to meet you and your good lady, i think the pup is going to be in good hands, best of luck with her Kevin.
  3. Sold that one to a taxidermist and not seen any since, looked as though they would have been fun to take with the dogs,
  4. Sh1t, this is not working as i had planned, the first pic of the brindle is the one i am keeping , hopefully the next pics are what chunky has a chance at.
  5. Well lads pups have done really well, only 4 left at home, 1 i am keeping myself and Chunky off here is traveling all the way from Devon tomorrow and coming to pick out one , hope he thinks its worth it, we shall see. This one went tonight
  6. here's a couple of decent Beddies,
  7. So do i when we want a few, 2 hrs out the other night with the thermal saw 3 Rabbits
  8. They are that Mr Lloyd, how's your wasp season going ?
  9. A few in the garden today, little sh1ts are all over the place.
  10. i only have the bitch, the dog belongs to a lad over Keighley, but love to take you up on a ratch about sometime
  11. there might be a odd one spare, if your serious pm me
  12. MK 4 all the time for Rats as Socks says MK 6 is too big,
  13. they love getting under the over hangs on the peat hags if i remember correctly
  14. Ran em to ground a few times, best one i remember was over 40 yrs ago in a wood , problem was we had a terrier running with the lurchers and it got to the hole before we did and followed it down, now i have done a fair bit of terrier work over the yrs and i will tell you now this dog took a hell of a pounding before we got it out, we had to kill the hare as it was mauled on its arse end , allways sticks in my mind this creature really deserved to live.
  15. Merle only on the bitches side
  16. Up to now planning on keeping this one, but we will see.
  17. I have not found a pipe that they fit in properly yet, 6 inch is too big 4 inch too small , I thought they were not legal for squizzies over here, could someone put me write on this please?
  18. This was my other work mate for the last 10 yrs i was going to tell you about but sadly she was killed on the road last night, today has been shit
  19. Mine are part of the team
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