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  1. fatlad

    3 Legged Worker

    My young dog lost a front leg when he was 10 months old he was ok working drains struggled in tight areas he turned out to be quite hard but was unable to dodge attacks and got a bit damaged my mate took him on as a pet as I don't think he would of lasted long
  2. fatlad

    Massive albino hob ferret

    I've worked big hobs about 9 years now was given one at the start of the season off a guy who has some of the best land I've ever been on said it always kills rabbits deepest I've dug on his ground is 1 ft grafts really nice seems to really push rabbits out and you can use him all day long smaller ferrets seem to tire by mid day
  3. fatlad

    Dropping rabbits

    She marks really well I ferret with the keeper most weeks who said he would take her if she doesn't change he said he isn't bothered she can just travel with him when he feeds up and stuff do her own thing and see if that helps
  4. fatlad

    Dropping rabbits

    I thought we were getting some where with her but I'm not sure now catching and retrieving all morning then started to catch them and then letting them go again I give up she's like Jekle and Hyde but when she good it's unreal one of the keepers might be having her as a marking dog
  5. fatlad

    Dropping rabbits

    Rabbits all looked fine she was out this afternoon ferreting and brought everything back to hand unmarked never dropped a thing see how she goes tomorrow morning
  6. fatlad

    Plummer terrier

    I'm not sure he said a name but I'm not sure but what ever there from they work well good noses on them and always busy suit him and what he does
  7. fatlad

    Dropping rabbits

    I think she's due in season August so I don't think it's that, I don't think it's a trust thing she retrieves everything else even a Charlie last week and it's not all the time just odd times she will not catch them again once she has caught it once
  8. fatlad

    Dropping rabbits

    Tried it she doesn't really try with another dog running with her by herself she will hit hedges and cover no problem just hope it's a phase
  9. fatlad

    Dropping rabbits

    My lurcher bitch has started to drop rabbits odd times just before there in my hands and won't catch them again she lets them run away and she runs along side just nudging them as if she wants to play with them has anyone else had anything like this the bitch is over 2 now she is pretty soft mouthed but has taken stuff with teeth before
  10. fatlad

    Plummer terrier

    I've been rattlng with a few plummers nice dogs no better than my Lakeland bitch the lad paid a lot of money for them but like he said he paid the money because they were what he wanted he just likes the look of them he digs a good few things with them he got them from some one in Scotland
  11. fatlad

    Dedito boots

    I've wore dedito boots for 4 years now beating ferreting and digging really comfortable still watertight and soles good
  12. fatlad


    Yes one was a Hancock bred about 93 don't remember what the parents were the other was bred by them from a half cross they had not Hancock bred and a collie they often took ferreting and digging was really game dog the lad who had them was from near leyburn
  13. fatlad


    I've seen good 3/4 collies catching on the tops down the dales day and night little bitch caught 34 one day working sedge grasses out and 22 was the highest on the lamp I saw her do she was often out run by bolting rabbits but as a dog for finding and catching her own stuff she was hard to beat
  14. fatlad


    My mate had a reverse 3/4 bitch years ago was a really good dog for the ground we were running in on was outclassed on golf courses or big arable fields but she was rarely outclassed on moorland or woodland she was pretty good with teeth as well
  15. fatlad


    I think I would try one the ground in running now would suit me and there bred worker to worker as well