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  1. fatlad


    Yes I meant smithy
  2. fatlad


    Did the dog throw alot of big pups or was that dependent on the bitch he was put to
  3. fatlad


    I spend as much time digging one hole and a rabbit or two but most sets are only 18 inches deep my ferrets get alot of work I'd rather have one that really tries to kill every rabbit in the sett and puts the effort in seen some corn fed ferrets just utter shite because they don't really know what there chasing my ferrets are large even the jills kill a few
  4. fatlad

    Small hob or jill kit

    Why do you want a small hob or bitch just curious
  5. fatlad


    I've got a litter if your stuck father 8 still grafting and mother 6 working 3 days a week through the season you can have what ever you want
  6. fatlad

    Jeremy Kyle show

    my mates ex took him on the show as he wasnt providing for there kids he was a squadie when he come home from iraq house was a shit hole bank account very low and found needles in house kyle wouldnt have any of it said he was a lazy liar and a disgrace , when the show went out it was like caracter assasination and edited to death his mam was there as she looked after his daughter for her told them on no account was her face to be shown done the bit with her talking and face blurred then kept on showing her reactions when the lass and jeremy were slating her son unblurred but with the same clothes on. when the lass was jailed for selling smack he asked to go back on the show they refused
  7. fatlad

    Dog micro chips

    He seemed so genuine I've blocked any pms from him if he wants to spout shit he can do it on here so everyone can see what he has to say
  8. fatlad

    Dog micro chips

    I'm shit with stuff like that will see the barn later
  9. fatlad

    Dog micro chips

    I don't know how to
  10. fatlad

    Dog micro chips

    everything is true from my point everything he sent in the pm was we and send some lads dont think he can fight by himself and like i said he was messaging me on whatsapp on the second sent a pic of his 2 pups dog was dumped last sunday the 5th he just a pure c**t
  11. fatlad

    Dog micro chips

    right Daz you peice of shit ive never ever beaten any dog in my life never would, that dog had passed all its test to go to the dogs trust yes she always been a nervy dog but never ever been beaten i was letting her go because i never had the work for her if i had of let them have her she wouldnt of been dumped, my mistake again its strange when you were telling me you had 2 new pups you never asked if i wanted her back that was on the 2nd may she was dumped on the 5th may. you said i can have it however i want it id prefer it in the open i have nothing to hide anyone is welcome to see how my dogs are kept so you can put on any website you want that i beat my dogs its simply you trying to cover for being a pure tool and dumping her, Right now for the threats your right i dont know you obviously or you wouldnt of got the dog could you tell me the who or what i am bit that really scared me, hopefully your not some dead hard gangster Daz i would love to meet up with you and sort this out we can meet up at aycliffe services i will even pay your diesel as you must be short of money other wise you wouldnt of dumped the dog and your more than welcome to send lads to my door as you said !!! heres the thing Daz i really dont scare easy so i wont take your name off this post here is something you might want to think about i can fight a bit obviously not as good as you though i had 38 thai boxing fights and won 29 i spared with probably the the best fighter of my generation Ramon Dekkers so i will happily fight you and who ever you bring up end of rant
  12. fatlad

    Dog micro chips

    The only good thing is they said they don't put any dog down and will keep till rehomed
  13. Can you all be careful if you pass a dog on that the ownership is transferred to the new owner I got a email on Sunday saying a dog I had passed on was found in Sheffield and it was illegal to dump a dog this dog went about October I did my part to change the details they never I messaged him told him where she was and passed his number on to the kennels he hasn't replied to any calls from them I rang up today and they told me a car was seen dumping her so that's why they were arsy with me I can't have her back as not got the work hence reason she went in the first place I wasn't going to put this up but it got me so angry that this was done so Darren cross your a first class scum bag and if our paths do ever cross again you will not walk away that's not a idle threat that is a promise! So be careful lads when letting a dog go
  14. fatlad

    Ratting, leyburn

    Ok will message you later just taking the dogs out
  15. fatlad

    Ratting, leyburn

    I'm from Chilton just along the a1