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  1. fatlad

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    I've got a pup I never bought it from him but my mate did just his other dog didn't get on with her so I let him have the pup I had coming she is 6 months old and easy to live with she is marking sets pretty accurate my mate said it was pretty clean when he was there
  2. My dogs don't do well on redmills gain record breaker is good dogs took to it straight away
  3. Got a well bred flesh fed albino hob free to good home I'm in county Durham
  4. fatlad

    Ian Church Lakelands

    He has some good dogs and puts alot of time into his dogs I wouldn't say he in it for the money last pup I bought off him he told me to name the price
  5. fatlad

    lee duffy of borough

    Duffy was a pure bully I met him a few times at kickboxing shows he was just pushing into one of Goldfincles shows he threatened the door men and was going in when Tony Trimble told him and his mate to f#ck off he just turned around and went Tony said he was a terrible bully around boro but he said he was scarily dangerous
  6. fatlad

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    That is a really nice litter look in really good condition
  7. fatlad


    I don't think anyone was saying you can't have a decent ferret unless you dig I won't keep small ferrets as the sets I work have large tunnels and the rabbits just dragged them around I was offered a large hob years ago now and it was problem solved yes I dig alot more on some sets but they are shallow so I'm not bothered, my ferrets suit me and what I want
  8. fatlad

    Collie greyhound

    He is a nice dog and a decent size
  9. fatlad

    Collie greyhound

    Rabbiting man that's a very nice dog what height is he
  10. fatlad

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    My ferrets are getting dug to every set by January not that we being noisy but its only ever one hole non of mine ever get dragged around a set don't matter what they eat dry or raw doesn't make a difference
  11. fatlad

    Mooching lurcher

    Most lurchers will hunt up if given a chance I think its more how there brought up than what cross you have
  12. fatlad

    New estate car

    Don't know much about hybrids but I don't think I would ever have one my mates went up in flames on Wednesday at work his is a Toyota but the lad who picked it up said he picks at least one a week that's burnt out the electrics
  13. fatlad


    What makes you think a rat can't turn in a hole obviously you have never ferreted any rats they don't force themselves like a cork in a bottle they usually have enough room to run through them in danger
  14. fatlad


    Our team you say your ferrets are greyhound ferrets and bred for rats you said she hasn't even worked rabbits and still bred from her ive only ever bred off Jill's that work rats, working animals should only be bred from after a few seasons work and yet you still slag lads off who offer you good advice about time you shut the f**k up and listen to some of them
  15. fatlad

    Collie x

    Yes not very good will try and get some better ones tomorrow