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  1. I get the lepto jab yearly just for my peace of mind got a little bitch here had a mild dose of it at 5 months old she only pulled through because she had been jabbed a few months before so the lepto jabs a no brainer for me as I do quite a bit of ratting but I know a lab died in 3 days licking a feed bag a rat had pissed on
  2. I've used one for last 2 years last longer as you don't need extra oil in the mix
  3. My mate was wanting me to put his deerhound first cross over my collie greyhound bitch in a couple of years but I think the pups will be far too big for what I want now as his dogs 31 to the shoulder
  4. I've got a little bitch here first ever spaniel and never known a dog so chilled out around the house pleasure to be with she is coming up 4 but she is from working dogs I've heard of some with show blood in being a pure pain
  5. Morton I've known churchy since I was 11 and he always had decent dogs yes he likes showing his dogs but they see a lot of work as well if his dogs were shit the hunt would f**k him off straight away you seem to have a real chip on your shoulder about North East lads I've had a few from him over the years and never been disappointed with any of them the little bitch I've got now is about the best I've had and she definitely never cost alot you obviously don't know the lad or his dogs just want to bring people down
  6. Morton how do you work out that the North East has ruined the working lakeland you really do talk some shite
  7. Im in a higher risk group i stopped in for 6 weeks then thought f**k it i can't do this anymore i was going stir crazy I've wore a mask and gloves since I started getting out again more people are going to die from other stuff than the virus its about time they told GP, S to get off there f#cking arses and start doing there jobs and see patients i can see a nurse at the doctors but a big sign on the door absolutely no face to face doctors appointments my mate has just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer they said 2 months maximum she has been trying to see a doctor since April the hospital said
  8. I don't lamp much these days but do alot of ferreting with the dogs I expect the dog to work with longnets and mark 100% ive had to untangle quite a few of my mates dogs from the longnets I think getting a really good rabbit dog takes alot of work I like just having a mooch about the reed beds and watching a dog find its own rabbits and catch them in cover and definitely don't think every dog is cut out for it
  9. If you like the dog's you pay your money and take your chance ive got 2 off churchy both work, quiet in kennel and not hyper when not working I would never show a dog but ian puts lots of work into his dogs stripping coats on them when my dogs coat is messy I often pop round for a coffee knowing he will end up doing her coat lol
  10. I'm certain chipper is still alive he walks with a frame now think he had some type of meningitis
  11. He wasn't found guilty he said he was guilty and the chairman knew that he had admitted he was guilty but still played him
  12. Sunderland should of been thrown out of football when they allowed Adam Johnson to play again he was suspended until they realised they needed him to keep them up with the owner knowing full well that he had already admitted what he had done to that young lass in his interview with the police but was still happy to have a nonce playing for him as he needed him to play
  13. I would really just be looking for parents that do alot of the type of work your looking for if you're wanting a dog for beating try and find a litter off something that does alot of beating all season ive seen dogs on grouse moors that couldn't be used on a shoot where a dog was needed to work closely and vice versa dogs bred from field trial winners are usually alot more expensive and usually no better than a pup from good honest workers the difference is usually they have a really good trainer behind them I would just look for something bred from a worker ive got my first spaniel she has ju
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