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  1. fatlad

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Nearly all pups will adapt to the family they are living with the pup I've got now sleeps all day not manic or anything like that when not out she is a border collie greyhound from Hancock's and settled into the routine straight away out twice a day all dogs will adapt if given a chance she has a really high prey drive but she is easy to live with at home this is probably the most thought out litter I've seen on here for years good luck with them lads
  2. fatlad

    Border x lakey pup

    Havnt done it for a couple of years now but had a few out of it in the past there always seems to be a few around the caravan place
  3. fatlad

    Border x lakey pup

    My bitch dropt in there last year luckily was a quick bolt as theres a busy footpath there now
  4. fatlad

    Border x lakey pup

    more than that about 86 i think maybee earlier i was still at school we seen him at heighinton pipe
  5. fatlad

    Border x lakey pup

    Always liked border Lakeland my mate had a little bitch from Wales was the best bushing bitch I ever seen had 22 rabbits in reeds up the Dale's best border I ever saw was churchys
  6. fatlad

    Kelpies as a stud,

    They are a really healthy litter well done and good luck to all the lads with the pups
  7. fatlad

    Border x lakey pup

    That's a nice pup
  8. fatlad

    My pup

    Thanks she 7 months old now I've started giving her half record breaker with the puppy and sapling she is shaping up nicely
  9. fatlad


    I've seen a few plummers ratting they were nice dogs 2 of the plummers had good noses the other one was more of a catch dog it just seemed to know when a rat was going to bolt he had a bit of Lakeland in him had a really nice coat smooth but a bit thicker and coarser than the others I've had my dogs ratting just as good as them with just as good a nose but mine are easier to kennel and quieter at home the lad with the plummers was always out with them trying to tire them out think he got them through Dave platts friend not 100% though
  10. fatlad

    Pre Season

    I feed dry and raw dry In the summer with the odd bones and chicken thighs and a mixture in the winter gain record breaker one day and beef and lamb mince And bones or a rabbit the next with fat added to it it works for me was always told not to mix the 2 together as raw and dried food digest at different speeds I keep them pretty fit all year round I start increasing the fitness in early August
  11. fatlad

    David platts

    I've never seen one of d platts dogs working but met a lad that swears by them said they will do anything if you can leave them till at least 2 years of age before starting them and I'm afraid most people won't wait for that long
  12. fatlad

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    i had a line bred collie grey she had beardie and border in her with a few dogs from hancocks in the breeding she wasnt the best dog ive ever had but always gave 100% i was offered a pup from the same line last year but couldnt take a pup on at the time, he added a dog from mr jones last year and is really happy with the results the pup ive got now is from hancocks as my mate bought her but his dog attacked her a few times and just wouldnt accept her, the thing with hancocks you got what they said they were sally told my mate they werent really socialised but she was fine after 2 days of the kids playing with her
  13. fatlad

    My pup

    My pups just turned 6 months now she's a first cross border collie greyhound about 22 inch just been feeding her gain puppy and sapling and chicken thighs at what age is it best to move her onto a adult diet I've never used puppy and sapling before I'm still going to feed raw aswell just wanted to know what age to use adult diet I've always fed raw before now
  14. fatlad

    My Collie Curs

    They look well John
  15. fatlad

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    I've got a pup I never bought it from him but my mate did just his other dog didn't get on with her so I let him have the pup I had coming she is 6 months old and easy to live with she is marking sets pretty accurate my mate said it was pretty clean when he was there