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  1. I was going to use a mates paterdale but the lad who bred my bitch has a dog I can use he a really nice dog got some Middleton but bred pretty similar to the bitch and got a really good nose aswell
  2. I'm going to try and take a litter from my bitch she usually comes in middle of March to beginning of April she a Lakeland really good nose been dug quite a bit but more used for rats will let you know if she gets lined up
  3. We started doing the outside of a pig farm yesterday were getting 4 or 5 out of most sets ended up with 37
  4. My terrier was just diagnosed with an enlarged liver I feed her raw and when I checked online most information stated that white meat was better for her so she is on chicken, Turkey, fish and rice and tripe once a week they did a full blood test and everything was fine he said she might of always had it she is getting a scan done early next week as I'm wanting to take a litter from her and would rather be sure its nothing that could harm her changing her diet seems to of worked though
  5. Ive got 2 off rabbit fever they catch plenty if set right
  6. The keepers I know all kennel there dogs because of the number they have one of them has a spaniel in the house he says he has a better bond with her as he is with her more but I don't think it makes much difference to how they work
  7. I feed my cocker mostly raw with cooked frozen vegetables she is working 3 times a week beating this is her first season she gets mostly lamb as its fatty and she doesn't seem to drop the weight as much she is my first spaniel it took me a while to work out the best food for her i had her on gain 28 and raw but she was just putting on weight she is just on raw now but some of the lads just have there dogs on wagg and they look good think it is just dependent on the dog
  8. I've used the clusen one for a couple of years now still going strong good for rabbits but I find it hard to spot stuff with the red filter for it think it's to do with the led as I can see stuff ok with filter on my striker
  9. Ive had dogs with collie in their makeup most of my life only ever had one pick her runs but I think some of that was down to the ground that we were running she only really done it daytime in 4 fields really and all had big setts in never did it on the lamp always hit the hedge after stuff just depends if you want a dog running everything you see no matter how far away sometimes it's the person on the other end of the lead should decide if its worth running a long run at something with a slight chance of a catch or finding something better
  10. Some hob ferrets are just bolting ferrets if you want to keep the young the same as your bitchesI'd use a hob that works the same and can kill a rabbit I keep big hobs for work but probably the best worker ive got is average size quite chunky but they bolt or die depends how your hob works if you get what you are looking for
  11. It's a similar coat to what Hancock's mr Jones had my mate has two off him they both have very similar coats to him can I ask what is the difference between a Welsh and a border collie
  12. That's got some coat on him would he throw a similar sort of coat over a greyhound
  13. Ive had mine ferreting since 7 month old she is 100% reliable marking holds netted rabbits don't think she is ready for lamping yet 10 and 1/2 months old she sometimes yaps in heavy cover if she can't get through and has put a rabbit up I rarely go lamping now so can live with the odd yap
  14. Do sprockers work in a different way to a cocker theres one goes beating with us but I don't get to see it work as he is always at the other side of a drive
  15. Yes had to have him put to sleep a couple of year back he got throat cancer was a really good dog a real shame
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