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  1. I don't lamp much these days but do alot of ferreting with the dogs I expect the dog to work with longnets and mark 100% ive had to untangle quite a few of my mates dogs from the longnets I think getting a really good rabbit dog takes alot of work I like just having a mooch about the reed beds and watching a dog find its own rabbits and catch them in cover and definitely don't think every dog is cut out for it
  2. If you like the dog's you pay your money and take your chance ive got 2 off churchy both work, quiet in kennel and not hyper when not working I would never show a dog but ian puts lots of work into his dogs stripping coats on them when my dogs coat is messy I often pop round for a coffee knowing he will end up doing her coat lol
  3. I'm certain chipper is still alive he walks with a frame now think he had some type of meningitis
  4. Good luck with the litter
  5. He wasn't found guilty he said he was guilty and the chairman knew that he had admitted he was guilty but still played him
  6. Sunderland should of been thrown out of football when they allowed Adam Johnson to play again he was suspended until they realised they needed him to keep them up with the owner knowing full well that he had already admitted what he had done to that young lass in his interview with the police but was still happy to have a nonce playing for him as he needed him to play
  7. I would really just be looking for parents that do alot of the type of work your looking for if you're wanting a dog for beating try and find a litter off something that does alot of beating all season ive seen dogs on grouse moors that couldn't be used on a shoot where a dog was needed to work closely and vice versa dogs bred from field trial winners are usually alot more expensive and usually no better than a pup from good honest workers the difference is usually they have a really good trainer behind them I would just look for something bred from a worker ive got my first spaniel she has just finished her first season so I'm no expert she is just worker to worker not many trial dogs in her pedigree just honest workers
  8. I thought ward used cowans dogs I'm not sure but that's what I was told onto the border cross dog he had
  9. Ive had 2 one just learned something and forgot it straight away she just couldn't do anything total rubbish lived with my mam till she was 14 the other got to 3 and started dropping rabbits and watching them run away again left her for 4 month but she just carried on doing it so rehomed her everything else I've been really lucky with
  10. I got a lepto booster as my dogs liver was enlarged and I put it down to rat bites as we done alot this year with them
  11. I'm not sure that would be for something like the hunting act I know 2 cases where it was thrown out because it wasn't obtained legally
  12. The police can say that they never got into the phone if it's in the possession of the RSPCA the only good thing is any brief in the country will have any evidence off the phone thrown out of court as it's hard to get a warrant to check a phone my sister works in the magistrates court and says that sometimes the police even struggle to get a warrant for that they usually rely on idiots letting them look at a phone but like has been said smart phones are a menace its not just the pics they store when and where they were taken but hope you get the dog back the RSPCA didn't have a warrant for you so can't have your phone simple as that make sure that your solicitor lodged a complaint with magistrates for theft of the phone and make sure that the complaint is logged but if you have been taking stupid pictures they will still be inadmissible in court
  13. Mine has only been ferreting this season she is a year now just letting her watch she Mark's 100% now real good attention span but very immature
  14. I was going to use a mates paterdale but the lad who bred my bitch has a dog I can use he a really nice dog got some Middleton but bred pretty similar to the bitch and got a really good nose aswell
  15. I'm going to try and take a litter from my bitch she usually comes in middle of March to beginning of April she a Lakeland really good nose been dug quite a bit but more used for rats will let you know if she gets lined up
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