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  1. I use rabbit fever good quality I use 6z though as lots of bracken where I use them he does some nice 3yrd stop nets aswell
  2. I like the beardy crosses I like the way they work and actually find them really easy to live with I've got a first cross border greyhound first one I've ever had with no beardy in it she is not as easy to live with but isn't really any bother to be fair never seen a kelpy cross but have seen some beating last couple of years really clever dogs
  3. I paid 250 for a cocker pup 3 years ago from a keeper it's my first spaniel and they have helped me with any training problems she is just worker to worker bred he has bred 5 generations but has avoided trialing dogs as they usually have no off switch
  4. RIP Mr Winch really nice man
  5. My one I use now is a petrol leaf blower certain that it was about 70 quid from ebay had it 2 years now don't really need extra oil in it as pipe fitted to exhaust so it forces fumes down the holes seems to work better at getting rats out of holes and under pallets and scrap wood will get a picture later
  6. We're both her parents first crosses she looks a really nice type
  7. I can honestly say that I have never weighed a ferret but I still say that a large Jill can get anywhere in a rat set that a tiny Jill can
  8. I've used ferrets for years on rats I use average to large Jill's I've seen a couple of ferrets banged up a bit but not much but I've seen a small Jill forced out of a hole really damaged a large Jill can get anywhere a small Jill can in a rat set but just don't seem to take as much damage
  9. I only really keep hobs now there bigger than most people would work if they kill in its a case of digging one hole to get them out I've got a couple of Jill's but they sometimes get dragged around setts I can't understand why someone would keep tiny ferrets for work a Jill of any size will work a rat and suffer alot less if the rat decides to stay put
  10. I get the lepto jab yearly just for my peace of mind got a little bitch here had a mild dose of it at 5 months old she only pulled through because she had been jabbed a few months before so the lepto jabs a no brainer for me as I do quite a bit of ratting but I know a lab died in 3 days licking a feed bag a rat had pissed on
  11. I've used one for last 2 years last longer as you don't need extra oil in the mix
  12. My mate was wanting me to put his deerhound first cross over my collie greyhound bitch in a couple of years but I think the pups will be far too big for what I want now as his dogs 31 to the shoulder
  13. I've got a little bitch here first ever spaniel and never known a dog so chilled out around the house pleasure to be with she is coming up 4 but she is from working dogs I've heard of some with show blood in being a pure pain
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