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  1. fatlad

    How to tell a good ferret

    I mostly use hobs now they kill alot for the first couple of seasons then slow down as they get older most of the ground I work is 3ft at most I want them to stay till dug out we dug out about a third of what we caught last year
  2. fatlad

    Minshaw dogs

    Most of the hares I've run were lamped but some of the daywalkers I've seen don't think anything of a kick up or strangely always have a pup to start in the summer
  3. fatlad


    If you say so You obviously know best
  4. fatlad


    This one of mine 5 yr old now and I've had no complaints about him just a noisy dog in kennels so lives with my sister
  5. fatlad


    There's still good Lakelands about Ian church's have a high percentage of good workers from them I've seen alot from his line work he shows his dogs but he works them
  6. fatlad

    New Arrivals.

    I've seen a 3/4 reverse bred collie greyhound take hundreds up the dales plenty fast enough she was no good local on the lamp but took loads of bolters local to me he knew her limitations and worked her to suit her style, she took fox as well single handed the farm collie sometimes came with us and he took loads of stuff on the moors and blocks of woodland he really was good for bolters near woods no fear would just plough in and grab them never seen him run stuff on open sets though
  7. fatlad

    Odd couloured rabbits

    About 25 years ago some lads let some grey rabbits go near me all the ones in one place died off but the other place they let them go are still there see a few every time we ferret there
  8. I had one pure saluki caught a bull grey only pup in the litter was really good dog took loads of fox best was 4 in a night wasn't built like a saluki really powerful dog unfortunately had to be pts had throat cancer I would have another if the chance came up
  9. fatlad

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    I don't know his surname was a really nice man I know the pup my mate got was for a stud fee over a 3/4 need beddie whippet was a really good bitch but sadly stolen
  10. fatlad

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    I remember that lads from collie curse his dog didn't look much different from plumbers dogs I remember seeing a lads beddie greyhounds wrote in the countryman years ago he was called Gary I think they were really nice dogs my mate got a pup off him that day let me take my little Russell out bushing rabbits for his dogs to run putting them out of sedge grass terrier caught as many as she put out was buzzing till they said I had to carry everything my dog caught lol really nice dogs he had very bidable and easily controlled
  11. fatlad

    Pups for 2019

    I'm going to be getting a pup in the summer had to rehome my last bitch started dropping everything day and night she gone to my little sister's had a few nice offers still not sure which to try but two litters not on the ground yet
  12. Mine is good but I only want a lamp for rabbits does me a couple of nights easy
  13. fatlad

    Pups out of troy

    They coming on well them pups how old are they now
  14. fatlad

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    I seen one ferreting that was supposed to be from plumber was out of the same litter as the bitch he wrote about in the country man's merab I think she was called dog I seen was a really good ferreting dog really tough sort of dog run rough ground with no problem
  15. Is there any litters planned for this year I'm looking for something with collie in will be used mostly for ferreting and a bit of lamping