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  1. I ope you don't mind me joining the chat It usually happens when you add white English bull terrier to the mix Cheers Butchers456
  2. The gene pool for good working terriers is getting smaller and smaller especially with black terriers They may do some earth work but no good for owt else n I've bin there got the T shirt Butchers456
  3. Line breeding is another name for being in bred n what ever way yer look at it that's what it is. Butchers456
  4. Line breeding is another name for being in bred n [BANNED TEXT] ever way you look at it that's [BANNED TEXT] it is Butchers456
  5. Hello there I ope you don't mind me joining the chat . Yer terrier is very similar to a terrier I ad years ago By eck she was Very very hard she was the hardest I ever had .She took no prisoners I must say they don't make em like that anymore . Cheers Butchers456
  6. I've ad a few black ones up till this last one they've ok n good but I got mi last one word of mouth n never sin the dog or dam Its a bit Inbred It's no good for what I do n its terrified of Everything I don't say that lightly n I mean everything So if I go back to Border Lakeys there's less chance of being Inbred I've found that Border Lakeys av a more sense I'm not interested in breeding I always got mi pups of the people who I went out with but when a couple of em died n disbanded we all went separate ways . Sorry to go on a bit Cheers Butchers 456.
  7. Ello there I ope you don't mind me joining in I had a black a terrier with all them names wheeler nuttal in n I won't be going down them roads again I m looking for a replacement now n it's making me go back to Border Lakeys Cheers. Butchers456
  8. Ello out there Can somebody tell wy this ph every time I write something it cums up banned text it's doin mi Ed in I'm not swerin or owt Cheers
  9. Thought she must of bin a jacker I was going to say sometimes they come round I've been with people who are far too astie n got rid bin past about only to come good I've seen it happen a few times Thanks for taking time to reply
  10. Don't no why it's comes up with banned text about not swor or owt
  11. Hello there it's not the Hs it all the letters n numbers the to small n close together n mi fingers to big n cracked every time I write something I av to go back n do it again bit of a ball ache n plus I don't no [BANNED TEXT] alf these symbols are when somedy sends me a message but hay ho it's all good fun Cheers
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