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  1. dazbrowne 13

    beggers in your town

    what a load of shite life as a different outcome for us all most people are a pay packet off poverty just wait whilst you miss them mortgage payments be sat with em with your own bowl just make sure you keep paying your taxes so some mp can live their privilidged life
  2. dazbrowne 13

    dog tracker

    dog tracker View Advert anybody got a dog tracker for sale or want to swap for a bellman and flint box and collar message me with details cheers daz Advertiser dazbrowne 13 Date 06/01/19 Price £1,234.00 Category Other Fieldsports Equipment  
  3. dazbrowne 13

    dog tracker


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    anybody got a dog tracker for sale or want to swap for a bellman and flint box and collar message me with details cheers daz


  4. dazbrowne 13

    working dachshunds

    thanks for the pictures victor my mum as two of these just house dogs
  5. dazbrowne 13

    Galgo Barbucho Patagonico

    that's a fine looking dog pal
  6. dazbrowne 13

    What’s the best tracker system to use ?

    been asking myself will have a look at one of those bb cheers
  7. dazbrowne 13

    dog tracker

    has anyone got a dog tracker and collar for sale north west area cheers
  8. dazbrowne 13

    clear out

    is there anything that deletes old adverts of things for sale or does it stay forever
  9. dazbrowne 13

    out with mum dad and terriers

    yes the lad likes getting out gave him one of the pups see how he gets on with it
  10. took the lurcher pups out with the pack tet the lad off his xbox
  11. dazbrowne 13

    Happy Sunday folks

    Looks a cracking day pal like the Black and Tan
  12. dazbrowne 13

    Any lurcher pup about

    Had some lurcher pups on here myself bird had to put a price on them to prevent anyone taking them just to sell on would of gifted one to decent lads who would work them didn’t get a single reply on here even just to talk lurchers fair play Derry lad hope the pup turns out well for you Shane
  13. dazbrowne 13

    New vid from the weekend

    Great video pal dogs and ferrets look good
  14. dazbrowne 13

    Ferret finders

    Had a mk 2 box once couldn’t get a collar from anywhere sold box for 40 quid on eBay
  15. dazbrowne 13

    New recruits

    The breeding is saluki bull grey x pointer greyhound I will get some pics up of mother and father