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  1. That's my plan in the long term live in it permanently rent the house out have a little income travel all over at the minute just a dream luckily I have got my truck license don't want to put you off was a pain in the arse passing the truck test
  2. Got his name wrong will accept my mistake
  3. I'm thinking of get an horsebox truck and converting it into a massive camper she doesn't seem keen on the idea keep telling her it's me towing the caravan round the country
  4. Remember working at grace scaffolding health and safety bloke was a right prick no scaffolding experience whatsoever loved sacking lads funny when his job was about to go came down telling the lads expecting sympathy I said be like all the lads you sacked you didn't give a f**k about them
  5. Well the bitch as come in season the youngest lad had an idea to stop the bitch getting pregnant think I will get her some tighter ones
  6. My vote must still be in the post or the dominion voting machine didn't work
  7. Is this like them polls for the nations sweetheart or the polls for most influential people
  8. Think alot of it is new trends when I was younger everyone was into ecstasy and whizz all about having a good night now people walking about thinking they Tommy Montana
  9. It's a pandemic in itself watched plenty of my mates f**k their life up on it
  10. My families my world if anyone tried to do any harm to them they would be dealt with
  11. My brother was a smack head from an early age dead for 41 heard enough shite off people in our village we should of helped him or done this for him the man robbed my family blind had more than enough chances to sort himself out chose the easy option
  12. Would wipe out half the government and the royal family
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