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  1. hi, I have a 2004 rodeo 3.0 pickup , does anyone know if they have an in tank fuel pump ? cheers
  2. its a setter mate , she wouldn't suit a short tail
  3. Seven months old bitch showing promise
  4. bullit was bred by a fella called Malcolm cox from luton , out of his bitch tanner to ken goulds stormer , there may be stuff still around bred down from stormer but not bullit ,
  5. A blast from the past,, just dug this old photo out , from the 80s I reckon ,, left to right JESS , MUCKLE , BULLIT
  6. Some of you fellas may remember I put a post on this site on 27 Jan 2014 asking if anyone could fix me up with a pair or trio of hennies, anyway a member OFF THE TEATHER put me onto DUSK TILL DAWN who fixed me up with a trio , here are a couple of pics of what I have bred down from them , THANKS GUYS
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