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  1. belucky

    2018 yougsters

    Belgium import
  2. belucky

    2018 yougsters

    Couple of pair of shamo
  3. belucky


    Some of you fellas may remember I put a post on this site on 27 Jan 2014 asking if anyone could fix me up with a pair or trio of hennies, anyway a member OFF THE TEATHER put me onto DUSK TILL DAWN who fixed me up with a trio , here are a couple of pics of what I have bred down from them , THANKS GUYS
  4. belucky

    2018 yougsters

    Cuckoo hennie
  5. belucky

    Few gamefowl

    cracking birds there . really like the hennies
  6. belucky

    2018 yougsters

    Bangham asil stag
  7. belucky

    Started well

    Griffon Vandeen pups
  8. belucky

    Various Jack Russell's

    think hes retired now steve66 , jamies using the brother to my pup {two years older} doing really well I hear .
  9. belucky

    Various Jack Russell's

    Young bitch out of Jamie's BROCK I have high hopes for her
  10. belucky

    anyone for venison

    any chance of the recipe for the burgers mate
  11. belucky

    2018 yougsters

    Trio of 2018 hints
  12. belucky

    2018 yougsters

    A little muffed cuckoo hennie
  13. belucky

    Queen's Dog To Be Banned

    This test seems to be quite accurate down to pinpointing what actual bitch was the springer, to be honest the main reason I wanted her done was I intend to use ftc rollafields redbud on her in the summer with the intention of keeping a dog and bitch back for myself , the stud fee to use him is £700 reduced to £400 if your bitch is tested pure , I'm going there regardless
  14. belucky

    Queen's Dog To Be Banned

    I have just had a right old sickener regarding this kind of thing , I have just had the wisdom dna test done on my cocker bitch, I own and bred her dam, I own the sire , I owned her grandmother,, it turns out my bitches great grandmother on her dams side Is an English springer spaniel ,, nothing I can do to about it ,, according to the pedigree the person who bred this "springer" used a ftc cocker onto there bitch , they have a kc prefix so I might try and track them down that way , a pal of mine has had a similar experience lately also with a cocker but says the kennel club wern,t any help .
  15. belucky

    Punch lines