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  1. Getting back to the Appleby bit , police have just lifted two big caravans from melmersby, evicted the occupants, evidently there coming down hard on them before they get to the fair
  2. Me and my pal are camped at Alston right now , pulled in yesterday, traveled up every year together for last 20 years , camp at Hexham first night , carts bog 2 nd night , Alston for two nights then on to ousby , 90% of lads that travel this route have gone straight through to Appleby, evidently there is a field opened up early close to the fair ? So the town is rammed already
  3. I love this section of thl some really knowledgeable guys on it , re the fury v usyk debate ?? Personally I think the fury v wilder fights have taken ther toll on both men ? They were wars !! IMO prior to these fights fury would have comfortably beaten usyk c you all seen how easy Dubois stopped usyk with a decent body shot ? We all know it was well above the belt ( or where the belt should be , ? ? Parker v wilder ? I have always rated Parker and always said he needs a different/ better trainer ? Now he has one , Would he have beaten a pre fury wilder ?? Maybe not ?? Anyway enjoy the chzang
  4. Cracking chicks mate , well done
  5. A good turnout for the show , some nice lurchers and terries on show , was nice to see a few grafters amongst the terriers
  6. He’s from Singapore as far as I’m aware
  7. On the off chance does anyone keep these birds ? I would like to buy some eggs if possible
  8. belucky

    EFL L2

    Absolutely unbelievable turnaround, hope they can keep it going through the playoffs,
  9. belucky

    EFL L2

    And that machine aka donny keeps rolling on
  10. belucky

    EFL L2

    Happy days mate
  11. As far as I know he’s 1/2 Irish 1/4 yank 1/4 Oxford muffed hennie
  12. belucky

    EFL L2

    Always had a soft spot for donny, lived down there when I was a kid , Edlington? The old man was a pitman and worked in a colliery down there , still fancy they could make the playoffs if they keep performing the way they are
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