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  1. just had a delivery from dave harcombe of edrd , he has donated a years subscription to earth dog running dog , a copy of eddie chapmans book my hunting life ,and a copy of his book a terrier mans life vol 6 , these will be auctioned after the raffle is drawn, CHEERS DAVE
  2. the show should be a great event this year , lot of folk talking about it , in addition to the regular classes there is an ENTERED TERRIER class , the lads from the derwent valley gun pack have donated a nice shield ( the ESME WINCH memorial shield ) and a nice glass trophy for the winner to keep , also £20 for the winner and £5 for the reserve , all being well , john is going to judge this class himself , spread the word people , lets make it a huge success
  3. belucky

    lizard canaries

    hi , I'm after two lizard canary hens asap,, thanks
  4. belucky


    A good pal of mine will be looking for a registered working teckel stud dog in the near future , in the northeast if possible, pm please , cheers
  5. belucky

    Hennie stag

    He's a bit of a mixed grill Neil , I do know there is some yank in him .
  6. belucky

    Hennie stag

    Cheers Neil , I like the little bird , bred him from a creel hencock and a little black muffed hennie pullet
  7. belucky

    Hennie stag

    2017 hencock
  8. belucky

    Duggan Russell's

    brock is an old timer now , my pal used him on a handy black bitch a bit back , threw blacks and Russell colours , they made real good earth dogs , he done a repeat mating recently and I was fortunate enough to get a Russell coloured bitch pup (cheers paul ) so hopefully it turns out as good as the last litter , I had a Russell dog for a lot of years , half duggan breeding , he got me one hell of a lot of foxes , put him to quite a few good bitches but he never produced anything worth mentioning ,
  9. belucky

    2017 youngsters

    a fella rents part of my yard to store these, that top doesn't go with that dray , its to small , he has some nice ones
  10. has anyone had anything to do with this make of mincer , I think its a Hobart 22 ,, it seizes if left for a few days , got to put a 3/4 drive bar into the output shaft and help it to get moving , is there any oil/grease points
  11. belucky

    Barbour Stinks Any Tips ?

    this worked for me and boy did mine stink,, fasten up the zip and studds ,turn it inside out,, put some good quallity fabric conditioner in a spray bottle and spray all fabric , put in tumble dryer for 20 mins
  12. belucky

    Astro 320 Not Tracking

    well don't try that lads, my 320 is now disabled for use outside uk ,,,, I have just mailed garmin for advice Go on the gps4us website n click there live chat, n speak with them they should be able to get you out the shit mate just come off there site mate , very helpful but needed the receiver sent back , but would unlock for free , even went as far as to tell me there is unlocking software out there if your lucky enough to find it ,
  13. belucky

    Astro 320 Not Tracking

    well don't try that lads, my 320 is now disabled for use outside uk ,,,, I have just mailed garmin for advice
  14. belucky

    Astro 320 Not Tracking

    right lads , i have done the factory reset on my 320 , ran all the collars flat then recharged, then uploaded the garmin webupdater to my pc , then i have reloaded the 320 , im going to add the collars to the box tomorrow sometime and see how it goes ,( my 320 was only trackin 1 from 8 collars ) atb belucky