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  1. First picture is it’s brother from last season, second is obviously the goldie
  2. No mate it’s a goldie mule , from a roller hen , I will try get a decent picture of the goldie , think it’s a satinette of sorts
  3. Hi all , I put the same ask on a different section but won’t hurt to ask on here ,, I’m looking for a 5/10 shot magazine for a bsa armatic .22 lr if anyone has one laying around or could point me in the right direction
  4. Just on the off chance , does anyone have or know where I can obtain a five round clip for an old bsa armatic.22lr ? Thanks
  5. 5/8 greyhound 3/8 gwp been a good bitch to me
  6. Hi you can contact me on 07788973052 if your still interested in mixer thanks

  7. Tried messaging you mate must be a problem your end
  8. Well lads and ladies it was johns funeral today , as a lifetime member of the d&nwtc and as terrier man in general I can say I have never been as embarrassed /sad in my hole life , the turnout consisted of mainly johns church/ catholic friends , at a rough guess I would say no more than twenty dog lads and wife's , this was for a man along with Barry wild ,who by the way travelled all the way to consett today have fought for and made / kept things legal to enter a terrier to ground today . Barrie thank you for the gift to young esme
  9. I thought this would be the appropriate section to post this. , John passed away peacefully on Friday 25 June , John amongst others founded the Durham and Northumberland working terrier club , he will be greatly missed .
  10. hi all , im after a nice hennie stag or cock bird if anyone has a spare one ,, would ideally prefer muffed but would take clean faced , atb
  11. the best clear / variegated mules I have ever bred were reverse bred,, I used a yellow fife cock onto a goldie hen ,
  12. hi, I have a 2004 rodeo 3.0 pickup , does anyone know if they have an in tank fuel pump ? cheers
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