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  1. Blue one looks like an old ford pop
  2. Iv decide im going to give if a go myself..
  3. Im looking to give this old hedgehog meat cleaver a new handle.its not something I don't feel I could do my self.can anyone recommend someone who could do this for me..
  4. It’s not just the physicality of the game ...it’s the no back chat ,only the captain can speak to the ref..no poncing about moaning like football..
  5. It was the Best start for my lad as a six year old , not just the playing of the game but the respect etc that goes with it ,entirely different to football,try it I think you will be impressed
  6. Have a look into rugby for him gnash..
  7. Lol after every comp we always go for a good feed...
  8. Congratulations to you both, great times to be had together..how does he do in the gi ?
  9. are you saying theresa pure reid bred dog still alive i doubt it very much
  10. Wigan because of poolstock cricket club ...
  11. lee


    I’ve been wearing them for years work and play. nice and light very comfy...
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