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  1. are you saying theresa pure reid bred dog still alive i doubt it very much
  2. Wigan because of poolstock cricket club ...
  3. lee


    I’ve been wearing them for years work and play. nice and light very comfy...
  4. lee

    Dc 40

    Got to be black...
  5. lee

    Dc 40

    no mate for a dc 40 a bit different to ones iv had before. As it's got two holes in it for fixing on to box
  6. lee

    Dc 40

    Unfortunately not I’m afraid ..
  7. lee

    Dc 40

    I’m looking for a black replacement strap for a dc 40 any ideas where to get one from...
  8. Long story ..it’s still mine but at someone else’s house.
  9. Got one when they were at Cradley heath ..
  10. lee

    Glass back???

    Stem cell.Very big in sports and the rich...
  11. Blackmag. He was very well off before all this edl stuff started.
  12. Max never went over a greyhound. Dogs down from him did but not max..
  13. Looks a great place to have a walk
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