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  1. lee

    Title race

    Wilf you going to the kids ibjjf in dublin ..
  2. Where would be the best place to look for a sharp innova silencer adaptor or complete rifle with one fitted ..
  3. lee

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    I stand corrected on bens age
  4. lee

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    The difference is the kids were younger than all the examples people are giving, and the parents were going out on the piss
  5. lee

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    Ffs they were 18 months and 3 . If you was left alone at that age then yes ...
  6. Is he making money now from all this carry on ? becouse before the start of the edl he had shits loads of it.......
  7. Shows how wrong you are then .......
  8. You don’t believe it. I take it ?
  9. lee

    Show us yer boots

    I wear pilgrims good boots.....
  10. lee


  11. lee


    As far as I know if we are talking about b.k s max he was never bred to a greyhound.....
  12. lee

    skull boiling

    Don’t need strong peroxide to do a good job...
  13. lee

    Rettendon range rover murders

    Was that with “exodus” fireman
  14. lee

    Buying bands off eBay

    Try hth off eBay Ben preistman .. Iv been using his bands a good while and there lasting ages .80 25/20