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  1. Long story ..it’s still mine but at someone else’s house.
  2. Got one when they were at Cradley heath ..
  3. lee

    Glass back???

    Stem cell.Very big in sports and the rich...
  4. Blackmag. He was very well off before all this edl stuff started.
  5. Max never went over a greyhound. Dogs down from him did but not max..
  6. Looks a great place to have a walk
  7. Is this fella still about? looking at getting some old traps for the man cave ...
  8. Quality . just my cup of tea those
  9. Can you wear these round your neck with a lanyard like the Garmin..
  10. lee

    The two we kept

    Think we have the litter bro to your pat springer here tyla....
  11. I use aco drains and a bottle gully to stop this mate...
  12. Simple really Conor put it on him. hardly had time to take it to ground did he lol
  13. Did you actually watch the fight ...wanted to stand and trade with him.......?
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