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  1. I mew him through the dogs aswel as your grandad pete I worked with ya grandad on the bins new him well and bruce live in the same town as you if you still live were they did I've got bullcrosses lurchers now
  2. Anyone no if it's on again this year
  3. Yer he has they are smart pups and we'll bred deffo do the job there bred for my dog ain't no slouch he can get on em quick and do the job
  4. Yer Jake and Queenie is the sire and dam to my dog spoke to the lad last night their all spoken for bar two dogs he said everyone paid him deposits for them aswel there 7 weeks old this Sunday coming
  5. Is it worth going because no one nos if its on now because it's not well advertised spoke to a load of lads that go to it even they didn't now it's on this year any of you lads going
  6. cheshire hunt show is it on this year
  7. That bitch just had pups no problem 9 in all
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