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  1. I had a bitch out of spike like you say iron hard on teeth but bunny's live back to hand took them off her and put them on the ground run off like they never been caught at all
  2. There you go brother x sister first them mother and son I had a dog her out of spike he was his sire grandsire and great grandsire and he was a real thing
  3. It's been done many times in the past and will in the future brother x sister mother x son father x daughter aswel
  4. Wasn't pie the bullx put to his own sister to produce the likes of dee spike and other siblings extra didn't do them any harm I've done it with terriers with no problems as a one off if needed them bullxs I mentioned and the terriers were all top draw grafters
  5. Forgot to say it's white in colour like dandruff but it a type of mange
  6. Mate of mine bred some borders when they were a few weeks old they started to scratch and full of dandruff he took them the vet's put some of it under a micro scope he couldn't believe it it was moving vet said its what they call walking dandruff little white mite I only no of two cases they treated it with frontline then cleared straight away try put some scrapes under a micro scrope or magnifying glass if you canget old of any see if it moves if not try frontline won't do it any arm that's what the vet gave my mate
  7. No these lads won well after salty and sooner ran lads dog that won a few years later then the son of it won a few years later to them boys went on to bread some good couring dogs I've a dog here load of top coursing dogs in is ped some of the best match dogs close to him not way back
  8. The lads I no that won ones dead both well none lads they won years ago when it was called Callender coursing club both them lads are still well none one was a top terrier man aswel in his day if he were alive he would of took on cos he liked to see what's out there win or loose talked me alot about dogs lurchers or terriers what line you running or what they bred down from
  9. What comps have you won or what dogs you ran against cos what your saying there's nothing better out there than you got cos you said you would run anyone anywhere I no lads that have won comps with there dogs this thread was about a bullx bitch not a saluki greyhounds if your dogs are as good as you say come on then tell us all what you have won or beat with em
  10. Ha ha I would of took him up on is offer if I had the coursing dogs still but I ain't still no a loads of lads that would spank his arse though there out 3 times a week
  11. Does it f**k easter weekend in it cos it's a bank holiday long weekend
  12. Iam asking what you have run out of interest cos your saying yours are the best with what your saying I do t give a f**k about your dogs I ain't got coursing dogs anymore but had some of the best bred ones in the past and no lads that have won the comps they put there dogs in have you won anything was asking a question that's all and you get shirty about it
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