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  1. A litter would devour a sheep carcass in a day. If it was as easy as that there wouldn’t be a fox left in the country, just my opinion mate, I’ve been keepering 10 years and wish that was realistically possible
  2. In an ideal situation for us dog lads yes mate I agree, but 5/6 litters on one estate would eat you out of house and home, it ain’t as practical as pulling a trigger.
  3. Your better with duck mate, wait until the keepers been round and fed them a heap of wheat, takes half an hour for them to get above head height, dog will course it like a hare, only end result tastes better
  4. Not all about the sport mate a litter of foxes could soon ruin someone’s Livelihood and career, a few of the low ground bits we do the keepers stop shooting them once birds have learnt to roost as they do minimal damage once birds are in the trees, then he leaves them for sport with dogs
  5. Screw a board of wood just inside the bin 3 inch below the hole and sit a baited fenn trap on it
  6. Bet they’re good at keeping yer plates clean and couch warm
  7. Father and son, he had a dig yesterday morning then lined my black bitch at night, a terriers dream
  8. Sounds good bud, flat out this time of year getting ready for the glorious 12th, but soon calms down and will get something organised
  9. Not work but seen her a couple of times mate. Yeah I could imagine head like a breeze block.
  10. She’s a nice strong bitch and looks nicer in the flesh, if he had put a very big pure greyhound over her I’d of had one.
  11. Mine has a run round the whole kennel block and a box and is purely for guarding, she needs kept busy, energy levels are unbelievable, but she’s well worth having with people taking a liking to stealing dogs, ive gun dogs, lurchers and terriers and feel very safe leaving the for the day with her there.
  12. Not crossed mate no, only 5 months so ears aren’t up yet and black is yet to fade a bit, very well papered and drive like nothing I’ve ever seen.
  13. Sorry bud I maybe should have explained a bit better, by yapping I mean whilst running, not far behind something and can’t quite get there I’d imagine they’d yap through frustration but maybe not mate you’ll need to let me know
  14. Imported from romania. No pet bred shit, but fuk me a hand full and more
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