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  1. BIG TRG

    SE England to Scotland.

    Same here mate
  2. BIG TRG

    SE England to Scotland.

    Cheers for the recommendation fella, working mans price and great service, they had them up two days after I rang them
  3. BIG TRG

    SE England to Scotland.

    I’m not too far outside Glasgow too mate so will give them a try, cheers.
  4. BIG TRG

    SE England to Scotland.

    Very kind offer mate I’ll see what the lads saying, he’s no got much room and there starting to drive him mad fighting, getting to that age, I might have to do it sooner if I can’t get anyone
  5. Anyone know of someone who does this trip regular or fancy’s a bit of cash to bring two pups up, or most of the way? Cheers lads.
  6. BIG TRG


    Two pups one for this season one for next, the packs sick of the red f****r chewing them already
  7. I have kennelled a friends bitch in heat next to mine and it has worked once in the past.
  8. BIG TRG


    Never owned or worked a terrier with a pedigree in my life mate, not the circle I want involved in nor care about
  9. BIG TRG


    Nope, dogs 11 years old in retirement
  10. BIG TRG


    not Henry but the names not a million miles off sounding the same, colour comes from bitch bit of bull blood on her side she’s exact same colour, threw a couple blacks too.
  11. BIG TRG


    Ellis dog over mates bitch.
  12. BIG TRG


    Patterdale mate, bit of bull blood not far back.
  13. BIG TRG


    Dog pup, struggling for a name, suggestions please lads
  14. BIG TRG

    Bitch in pup

    One mans shite is another mans treasure