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  1. BIG TRG

    Raw Diet.

    6 dogs on chicken carcass and dry mixed, never had an issue and all in great condition, health and coats
  2. BIG TRG

    Couple Boxes I Threw Together

    Look good mate, you got time to throw me one together?
  3. BIG TRG

    Bad run of luck

    Ace, you’ll need a bit more than your 19 stone to ram that thing home
  4. BIG TRG

    Raw Diet.

    £5 for a 15 kg box of chicken carcass from the local chicken factory, a lot of meat on them still, beef trimmings from butchers and a mix of buiscuits, can’t go wrong and cheap as chips Gun dogs and terriers get this.
  5. BIG TRG

    borders or lakeys?

    Keeper friend has two border cross lakes, sore on the eye but stay until jobs done, what more can you ask, i like my black uns and know what I’m getting when I have a litter from them, consistent workers, too much shite nowadays
  6. BIG TRG

    What color

    None the less it’s a lovely pup mate all the best with it.
  7. BIG TRG

    What color

    My pup was the same he’s now 9 months and the grey has turned brindle, was black with gray down back like that now he’s black with a little brindle through him
  8. BIG TRG

    Foxes hit hard??

    Some of us do need to keep on top of them even this time of year, they can do a lot of damage to a keepers/farmers lively hood, fair enough keeping them for sport where they don’t do too much damage, but unfortunately we can’t all say that when thery are on farms with lambs and sporting estates. Dug a litter weekend past up in Scotland about 10 days old couple with eyes open couple still shut.
  9. BIG TRG


    Lost a good dog, wrong time of year I know but does anyone have anything available to use now, from Scotland, money here but will need a trial, PM me. Cheers.
  10. BIG TRG

    Human Aggressive Russell

    I think all terriers have that side to them in some form, you wouldn't dare take my old dogs food from him he would have you or another dog in a second if you tried,doesn't like sharing! but fine towards people any other time.
  11. BIG TRG

    Dog Transport

    Will give them a ring cheers mate.
  12. BIG TRG

    Dog Transport

    Bit off topic I know, but I'm looking to have a terrier courierd up from around Barnsley area to Glasgow on or any time after the 14th of June, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Tried in dog transport section and no reply for days.
  13. Looking for a terrier pup to be brought up from Barnsley to Glasgow on or after the 15th of June, any recommendation she or anyone doing that route? Cheers R.