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  1. Spot on rob, give wounds a good hard scrub, get some sort of spray on whatever suits everyone uses different stuff, I use terramycin keep clean and keep an eye on, jab only when infection starts as it’s the same as humans, the more you use the less effective it becomes then you can be in the shit. If infection does start I give a jab of pen&strep and it comes right. Just my opinion and very rarely have any infection or issues.
  2. This page needs made Uk and Ireland only, if they ain’t calling there dogs hard grafters for chasing big soft rats to ground and up/through trees there on this fukin greeting about something.
  3. Fair play buddy I’ll leave them to you
  4. Wouldn’t put my worst enemy’s dug into that never mind mine, be there days
  5. Totally different mate, most will give a noise through frustration, running about in and out barking on scent is what he is saying the issue is
  6. I work for a pest control company mate
  7. Can’t beat a bit of ratting mate, exact same scenario here, two big chicken sheds, take about 200 every 6 months from this place, invited a lad off here, him and his mate came along was a cracking few hours
  8. Hi guys, I’ve got a new bit of ground, 5,000ac with a lot of activity about, could do with a small pack coming in at the end of the shooting season to have a hunt and hopefully help find some holes I’m unaware of, bit of fun nothing serious! Got my own terriers. central Scotland, PM me if anyone is available, cheers.
  9. I also believe no harm is done having a pup chained up around a dig, in the box, around the other dogs and gear, not come to any harm for me personally, and like said before beats being behind bars all day. Horses for courses and different things work for different people, wouldn’t leave an Earth a pup walked out without trying an older dog, too curious but that’s just me
  10. Be lovely to see abc get his c**t kicked in on video, instead of being on here bitching and talking a good dig go do a bit
  11. Good man! Your entering methods is not entering them bell you themorn.
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