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  1. Recently just got this little bitch back
  2. Overall good things then by the sound of it
  3. I know a lot of boys have them and rate them highly how many of you do and how do you find them , considering putting a beagle or beagle basset over my cocker cheers
  4. Hi I kept two dog pups back from my litter could not choose between them know I have they're starting to out grow each other , and would like to place the other , both parents have been tested still grafting week in week out , looking for £200 he is jabbed and in top health they've been reared on the best of food both pups should make 25 /26 theyre 17 weeks now and 21tts already good home is more essential than the money idiots need ant bother plenty of pics etc of litter pups parents pm me and I'll sort a number out cheers
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